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The Angaran Chronicles: A Poor Girl

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After defeating a vampire, the intense, ruthless Hunter Jelcine comes across a strange little girl...

Fantasy / Drama

Chapter 1

A Poor Girl by Benjamin Agar

Year: 2489 AHV (After Holy Victory)

Age: Late Industra era

Country: The Republic of Isstarrsia

Walking along the roadside, Jelcine frowned, stopped and looked over her shoulder. Her huge axe blazed into being in an explosion of white light.

‘Show yourself,’ she snarled down into the forest. ‘I am not in the mood for any shit.’

She was never in the mood “for any shit” but that didn’t matter.

For a few seconds Jelcine waited but was answered by silence.

‘Whoever you are! I am a Hunter we have the ability to sense magical auras, almost every being emits an aura, I know you are out there! So come out! Or I will find you! And...’

About two metres down the road, a bush rustled and Jelcine readied her axe.

A little girl stepped out. She looked about six or seven, but Jelcine felt she was older. The light, floral dress she wore was unsuited to this time of year in Isstarrsia.

‘You...You stopped the vampire,’ said the girl. ‘You killed the vampire attacking our town.’

Jelcine shrugged, it was a statement not a question.

The girl started to approach Jelcine, looking up at her with wide eyes.

‘Can you help me?’

The question took Jelcine off guard but she kept her composure.

‘Help you with what?’

The little girl’s eyes filled with tears. ‘My daddy...My daddy.’

Jelcine had never been particularly enamoured of children but she couldn’t help drop into a kneel and take the girl in her arms.

‘Your daddy? What happened to your daddy?’

‘Help, please,’ she sobbed into Jelcine’s shoulder.

Jelcine then felt the bloody, ragged opening in the back of the little girl’s head as the child went limp.

‘Shit!’ she snarled, picking the girl up in her arms. She had to find a doctor, she had to get back to town.

‘Shit. Fuck. Hold on, kid.’

She started running.

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Jordan: An easy read, it moves very quickly and towards the end it did feel a bit rushed and sometimes forced, but it’s an enjoyable read that you can be done with in an hour or so!

Ballysillan: Is this the end🤔 Gee I hope not because so much more has to happen‼️😔

Carine: Après quelques chapitres cela s est étoffé, c est beaucoup mieux ainsi, vivement la suite..j’attends avec une impatience grandissante

Diamond: I love this whole book so much and it is done so amazingly and the imagination is amazing!

raelynn: This book is good I would recommend to 20+

Lallabrigida: Great story. I couldn’t put this book down. I loved this story from beginning to end . It was just such a smooth story. It held my interest because of the compelling story as well as the two beautiful main characters. It proves how you can be sucked up by tragedies in your life or learn your...

Kaari: OMG the drama! Twists turn and plots seasoned with well written steamy scenes between multiple couples. I'm seriously obsessed

Kaari: Just finishing book 4 of this great series and will read 5 before the night is through

LFranklin: There are some good bones here. It’s starts into it pretty fast and then is over just as quickly. Is it a short story? If so well done. Would love if it was stretched out a bit more.

Weitere Empfehlungen

RUHI: I loved this, amazing 🤩🤩🤩Thank you author for another wonderful story 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Christina: I like it. Very compelling story. Great writing and easy to read

magicalbeard916: The book is amazing. I’ve really enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Jael Brown: In book two of this wonderful series we meet Bea. She is an amazing artist following in the footsteps of her father and studying art at a college in California. She gets commissioned to do a portrait and she believes her art career is really taking off. When she meets the vampire she will be pain...

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