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Golden Blood

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A blood so rare; it is like no other. Cassie Colti is half-vampire and half-mermaid. After her best friend Trystan runs away, Cassie realizes that she has nothing to stay for. At the dawn of a dangerous war, the two embark on a journey, only to find that they are at the top of the most wanted list. Why? Because of Cassie's magical blood. The two friends adventure through the magical world, which is full of endless magic, supernatural, lies, and betrayals, turn after turn. But just maybe, everything would work out at the end.

Fantasy / Adventure
Eesha Kulkarni
In Arbeit


510 Years Ago- Mermadia

The weather outside was stormy. Lightning zapped the water above. Even a mermaid swimming in these waters would be though as crazy, but Aquamaria didn’t care, she loved the stormy seas.

200 feet above her, was a large Mortarium ship. The Blood Ship had a crew of 20 vampires, they were traveling to Atlantis for official business. Traveling through these waters during a storm was against Emil’s better judgment. But, he was known for being overly cautious, so his companions ignored his advice to wait out the storm.

The waves were dangerously high, and the harsh winds were rocking the ship back and forth, it was as if being on a pendulum, going back and forth until you had no energy left. Being ferocious vampires didn’t seem a like a good enough reason to not be afraid of the storm, but young vampires were thrill seekers, thinking that they were invincible, and Emil was surrounded by these imbeciles. Being so far away from their homeland of Mortarium had weakened them, and there was a chance that they could die in a storm like this.

Lightning struck the water again, sending sizzling, yellow currents. Aquamaria had turned dodging these currents into a game. She wasn’t supposed to be out here, she could get in a lot of trouble; as long as her father didn’t know, she didn’t care. The girl was known for breaking rules, and she had become an expert at maneuvering her way from consequences.

A huge lightning bolt hit the water just meters away from the ship. Emil could hear his usually still heart beating. He had been in dangerous situations before, but they were never on water. There was another flash of yellow, and another. Staring at the water wasn’t going to help, it just made him more anxious. He slowly went back to his cabin on the other side of the ship, the ship was violently rocking back and forth making it hard to walk.

Along the way, he saw his comrades, who were all respectable men, playing cards and gambling millions away. He always found this kind of behavior disgusting. Emil had always held his head high, he strongly believed that one must act according to their social status.

Emil opened his diary in which he wrote every day. He found that writing his thoughts made him feel less lonely then he was. There was a lot to write, after living for nearly six-hundred years. Most of his life had been very lonely. His parents had both died a few hundred years ago, and being their only child, he had a lot of responsibilities. He had only recently annulled his political marriage and was escaping from his ex-wife’s wrath.

It was getting late, and the storm had no thoughts of quieting down. Emil slowly drifted off into a deep slumber, the still storm violently ranging on outside his thin cabin walls.

The sun was going to rise in a few hours, and Aquamaria knew that her father would be there in the morning to talk to her, she had to get home before then. She started heading back towards the underwater city which had been her prison from the day she was born.


Aquamaria jumped, startled by the loud noise. From under the water, she could smell something burning. Aquamaria knew that she shouldn’t investigate what was going on, her father was going to be in front of her door in only two hours, she had to get home before then, but her curiosity got the best of her. Before she knew it, her head poked through the water’s surface.

In front of Aquamaria were the remains on a ship that had blown up, probably because of the hot bolts of electricity striking the water, she thought. There was a man he was tall, with broad and toned shoulders, and his hair, it was the darkest shade of black she had ever seen. He closed his eyes as he lied on a wooden plank. There was a large red gash running down his back, and it was quickly turning a disgusting shade of yellow. The man was still alive after his ship had exploded, so Aquamaria knew that he wasn’t human, but it was still clear that without help, he was going to die.

All Emil felt was the horrible pain, everything hurt. He had felt a lot of physical pain before, but it had been such a long time that he had forgotten the sensation. He slowly opened his eyes, barely remembering what had happened, he had the vague memory of something burning. In front of him were the two most alluring purple eyes.

“You’re awake!” Sang the most musical voice.

“I’m hungry,” Emil said without thinking. He instantly felt stupid, there was a beautiful woman in front of him and that’s the first thing he said to her. She laughed a soprano sound that made Emil’s heart skip a beat. What was wrong with him today? He was a vampire; his heart wasn’t supposed to beat around strange women.

Emil slowly started to heal, the injuries that he had gotten were too much for his vampiric healing powers, so he needed medications. Eventually, all he had left from his injury was a white scar showing where the ship’s rubble had impaled him. As days went by, Aquamaria and Emil started to fall in love. Shortly after, Aquamaria’s father found out, and he forbid the two from seeing each other, but this wasn’t going to stop the lovebirds.

One night, Aquamaria and Emil ran away. They decided to start a new life in the nearby kingdom of Enchantis. They told no one where they were going so that Aquamaria’s father wouldn’t find out. Emil and Aquamaria got married, and a few years later, they were expecting their first child.

All this time, Aquamaria’s father had been searching for his daughter and her lover with no avail. He couldn’t believe that his very own daughter had done such a thing. Aquamaria had disregarded her responsivities and had run away with a man, not of her father’s choosing. No one could stay out of Aquamaria’s father’s reach for long. After finding the couple’s location, her father got a witch to cast a spell on her, and he put his daughter into an enchanted slumber for 500 years.

The clever old man knew what he was doing, he made sure to trick his daughter’s love-sick fool into believing that Aquamaria had left him. For years, Emil search near and far, looking for his wife, but he never found her. 400 years later, after accepting that he was not going to find the love of his life, he moved on.

500 years after Aquamaria disappeared, a basket appeared on Emil’s doorstep. In the basket was a baby girl, with hair the darkest shade of black and the largest purple eyes that reminded Emil of his past. Wrapped in her blanket was a note, with the words that would haunt Emil for the rest of eternity.

It only takes one to leave

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robyn gaines: Love all the characters in this book.

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Kaari: OMG the drama! Twists turn and plots seasoned with well written steamy scenes between multiple couples. I'm seriously obsessed

Kaari: I'm pretty sure I'm going to be reading all of these back to back great stuff

odalisanais87: It’s so freaking cute!! Love it

LFranklin: There are some good bones here. It’s starts into it pretty fast and then is over just as quickly. Is it a short story? If so well done. Would love if it was stretched out a bit more.

Weitere Empfehlungen

RUHI: I loved this, amazing 🤩🤩🤩Thank you author for another wonderful story 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Christina: I like it. Very compelling story. Great writing and easy to read

Kaari: The return of vega is quite the unforeseen nuisance but I can't wait to find out how this family of misfits takes care of him just hope the baby makes it

Marie julie: Jolie histoire un peu triste au début mais agréable et légère tout le long. J'ai appréciée la lire.

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