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Roses and Thorns ~ The Tale of Roses and Thorns 1.

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Ivelle Preston had a perfectly normal life. She grew up in a small english town, and she always wished she had a more adventurous life. Her wish came true when she moved to London. Her life changed in a few month. Someone killed her mother, but the police says it was just a robbery. In her last letter her mother asked her to find one of her old friends Margareth Lloyd. After the letter Ivelle finds herself in a whole new world, surrounded by magical creatures, and in the middle of an upcoming war. Will she be able to save, the world she barely know, or will the evil win? ~ "You are possibly the worst apprentice I've ever trained." laughed the man. "Thank you, for the encouragement. " she rolled her eyes and lifted her sword. "Let's get back to work." "That's the spirit!" the man drew out his sword "Ready?" "Ready like hell."

Fantasy / Romance
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"Everyone is necessarily the hero of his own life story."

~John Barth~

It was dark outside. The wind blew and somewhere on a tree an owl was hooting. It was cold. There was a small cottage at the edge of the forest. A little girl was crying and light turned on in one of the rooms.
In the house a woman went to the crib.
"Hey sweatheart. What's wrong?" She whispered. "Everything is okay. Dad will be home soon." she murmured and started to hum a lullaby.
The baby soon fell back asleep. The house became silent. And that night a long journey had begun.

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nereserrano30: No tienes idea mi diosa de lo feliz que estoy x ser parte de esta historia atravesó de la lectura gracias por continuarla.. ni te imaginas la cara de y sonrisa que tengo en estos momentos a leer un nvo capitulo.. sencillamente gracias 🫂 por tanto 😘🥺

floyd1962jodi: Did this 3 times will not let me continue

Sara: So far, everything seems to be well written and keeps my interest. I gave all high marks in hopes to encourage the writer to continue.

Hemanya: There should be interesting twists. Plus more of romance.

dicipulo52: Historia bella con muchos matices y claro sexo gracias por escribir ❤️💕💕💋💋

Abigail: Me gusto mucho 🔥❤️

Rhinz: I love this book! I was hooked and can’t put it down! 😊😍

honeygirlphx: I haven’t been able to put this down! Great writing love the details and makes your mind see the fantasy

honeygirlphx: Loved it can’t stop reading these books! Great writing

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honeygirlphx: I wish your books would be a tv series I can only imagine how amazing these fantasy stories would be!!

honeygirlphx: I was hoping Tate would have a fated mate! Love this book

honeygirlphx: Can’t get enough of your writing! Thanks for sharing spicy and exciting

Bamalady78: Another excellent,intriguing, suspenseful addition to the continuing storyline

Bamalady78: I have absolutely nothing but praise for this story. Each book draws you in to the newest couple while still continuing the past couples storyline. Absolutely brilliant work of art.

Natalee Lindo: I love these books. Just going from one book to another.

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