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Love Bites

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Cory and Kayla are twins living in a small town when they meet Lily. Lily has a secret. Can Cory and Kayla survive it? The twins find out that the supernatural is not just for storybooks, but it all based in reality. At least the parts that reality got right.

Fantasy / Horror
Kris N

Chapter 1

Cory Hudson looked around the second-floor closet, or at least tried to in the pitch blackness.

What the hell am I doing here? He wondered. It’s not like he could hide from what was after him.

The closet had a musty smell, probably because it was mainly used for storage of old clothes and blankets. Cory thought he could also smell the faint odor of old cedar mothballs.

This place could use some new mothballs, he thought as if the thought of moths feeding on old sweaters or blankets could distract him from the danger he was in at this very moment.

Cory wondered if the smell of the stale clothes or mothballs would mask his scent form the thing stalking him. He hoped so but didn’t hold much faith in it. It could probably smell the fear coming from him like a fat man could smell an all-you-can-eat buffet a block away.

To get his mind off the fear, he tried to think of how he could have possibly missed the signs. He didn’t think it could be that hard, but then again, from what he had seen so far, all the signs in movies and books were pure fiction. Make believe to see a story. The truth is, unless they want you to know, you won’t. And once you find out, your choices are limited.

You have three choices. The first is to accept fate and join the ranks. Become one of them. The second option is to reject the offer, which mainly ends with you dying. The third option follows the same line as the second – fight. This option, however, almost always ends in death as well.

The third option is the one Cory would choose. So far, it wasn’t looking hopeful.

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Weitere Empfehlungen

luckybean: Lovely short story with cool characters and fun wolves. Straight and to the point for the most part.

wsandra70: Absolutely 💯 loved it! Would love another book to follow up

Kerri Jones: Can't wait for couple more updates

Jodi Shelton: I'm throughly enjoying this book so far

Crazy_reader: It's a really nice read! !

Majari Atzin: Baek brujito + Yeol lobo= ✨ PERFECCIÓN ✨🥵🔥

Carolyn Russell: Loved this sweet short romance story. It was filled with life's drama, humor and love.

Edward: A lovely and cozy story, I enjoyed it, thank you author for sharing your story.

Weitere Empfehlungen

honeygirlphx: Loved it can’t stop reading these books! Great writing

honeygirlphx: I wish your books would be a tv series I can only imagine how amazing these fantasy stories would be!!

honeygirlphx: I was hoping Tate would have a fated mate! Love this book

iwngiannou: I am speechless ...!!! This book is amazing ,the plot twists are everywhere ....I loved the characters they are well written and so different from each other...The world that the author built is fabulous and magical .. I couldn't stop reading this book,i recommend it with all my heart ...👏👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍

Tenley: I've read both of the books in the series and I love the story lines in both.Thank you for writing an amazing series.I'm still gonna need the rest of the next book tho.

RaineyDayz: 5 🌟 It's so cleverly punny and oh so freakin 🔥🥵 One minute I was laughing and the next I was squirming in my seat. Who knew Santa could be so damned sexy 😋🤤 Can't wait for the rest of Sylas and Melody's story ❤️‍🔥

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