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Roses on Fire ~ The Tale of Roses and Thorns 2.

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During the past four months Ivelle has been looking for the Dark Blade, the only weapon that could stop Merikh from destroying Sanctuary, with her new found and widely unlike allies, Adrastos, the Dark Prince of Nendawin and Delroy a Dark Soldier. Meanwhile the war has already arrived to Abonwan, and the kingdoms of Sanctuary try to prepare themselves to war. Their last but unknown hope is the Dark Blade, which in the right hands would save them, but if it falls into wrong hands it will destroy them.

Fantasy / Romance
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“The lesson of history is that no one learns.”

~ Steven Erikson ~

He stopped for a moment and looked around, his sword still in his hand, blood dripping from its blade. The city was covered in smoke, and some houses were still on fire. The streets were covered in blood and the body of dead men. The air was filled with the smell of blood, and smoke.

“Good.” he thought.

He started walking again towards the city centre where his soldiers were stocking the booties.

“Emperor Merikh.” came one of his pathetic servant. He bowed quickly “All survivors were gathered on the main square. We searched every house and gathered everything we could.” he stood next to him, waiting for orders.

“Good.” he started his way towards the mentioned place “Bring my horse.”

As he reached the square everyone fell silent. He could sense their fear. Children were crying which made him angry. He stood in front of them.

“From now on, this village is part of the Empire of Nendawin. You pay gelde to me. You obey to me. And most important you join my army if necessary.” he sheathed his sword and mounted his horse “You may start now.” he turned to Phobos “Take every child who can lift a sword to Bakkhos. Tell him to take them back to Nendawin and train them. They can be shaped easily and therefore will make perfect soldiers.” Phobos nodded “I’ll join the army under the capital. Join me after you’ve taken care of these children.” Phobos bowed and the emperor spurred his horse.

As he got further from the town, he could still hear the screams of the women, the yell of the men and the crying children.

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Kasey: Honestly at very first I wasn't really into this book. But I kept on going and it turned out to be an amazing book! I'm really glad I kept reading. Great job to the author.

Harmony: Love every part of this so far

Doreen: Loved this storey wish it was much much longer lol. Would recommend this storey , characters were great and funny .

jennarw: It was a lovely short novel

michellecsnelling: I love this book. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Jessie Tate is a fabulous writer and this book so far has been written so well it keeps the reader wanting more.

Kaari: Just finishing book 4 of this great series and will read 5 before the night is through

Kaari: I'm pretty sure I'm going to be reading all of these back to back great stuff

Weitere Empfehlungen

Pournima Ganapathy Raman: Something new and you can never guess what will happen next

Danny: Me re gustó que digo me encantó...Lamentablemente no me gustó que...hayaterminado 😭100/10

Tesorito: Me gustó mucho esta historia...

Susanne Moore: Ugh I hate those bad and selfish people. Can't wait until they all get there butt kicked

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