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In Our Image: Return Of The First Born

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In this follow-up to In Our Image: The Ancient Cursed Ones, time has run out. Prophecy long foretold of the First Born and their return to earth is now at hand but an unprepared world is at the mercy of the First Born. Daylen, Oliver, Serah and most ancient of the vampires Dendera, race to unite the elder sects and clans in an attempt to unify the cursed ones against the First Born. Can they convince ancient rivals to stand as one with humanity or will blood feuds sentence them to die as isolationists? Where are God and Lucifer during the extermination of earth? The last grains of sand are falling through the hourglass as the world burns at the touch of the First Born.

Fantasy / Other


I guess we all assumed it would be us that did each other in, some war or conflict that would no doubt lead to nukes blanketing the earth. Talking heads on the left and right would spout blame and point fingers, experts would analyze and come to conclusions and then well…

It wasn’t us at all, human arrogance at its finest. We assumed that because of our place in the world, the universe… that we were our greatest threat and that we were without equal.

Everything was explained up until now, we knew why the sun would rise, and we knew why there were seasons. We could explain and give reason for the moon and stars; we understood the weather and catalogued every creature that lived and died on the planet we shared. We modified food, ecosystems and even ourselves, we even figured out how to create life.

We created technology that linked us in ways never thought possible only to have it distance us more than any ocean could. Everything became faster, smarter, better and more efficient, we knew what was reality, what was possible and impossible. Somewhere along the way we gave explanation to thought, consciousness, the heavens and our own creation. It was then that wise men and women placed God in the basket of fantasy along with Santa Clause, the tooth fairy and the monster under the bed.

Everything had an explanation until now… until them.

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Weitere Empfehlungen

Anne-Kathrin: Bitte weiter so hoffentlich muss ich nicht lange warten:)

Shaniska: I enjoyed this storyline. Beautiful, short, and sweet.Just what I was looking for. Love the characters, brief expansion of the main characters and the plot.

Shaniska: I enjoyed this storyline. Also loved the brief expansion of the characters.This was a great shifter book without a long and drawn-out storyline.

S_jones_2019: I enjoyed reading this, very few errors and the flow was okay.

Serenity Choi: I know you said that this isn't the end of their story, but man how i wish it was still going. Writer, you did a magnificent job telling this story. Now I'm going to read more of your work and wait for book 14.

Frannette Lungu: This is so sad

Mikayla Cid: Would love to read more of this

Precious Andrew: Wow 👌 👏 such a wonderful engaging story. Winnie, you're good at how you write your stories.Welldone

Weitere Empfehlungen

sharon: I enjoyed the reading. This story could have carried on to bring conclusion of the true King. The princess closure and new beginnings the new beta. Also the arrival or pregnancy of a heir.

allison o'connor: Didn't sleep and now I've got a headache. But I'm loving them! On to book four.

BIN-äres-ICH: Die Autorin hat einen besonderen Ausdrucksstil; sehr spielerisch und poetisch..Auch wenn man dadurch manche Sätze zweimal lesen muss, da sie komplexer und verschlungener formuliert sind, macht es jedoch den Schreibstil besonders bzw. die beschreibende Figur spezieller..Weiter so!

Holly: Can definitely see where the author is going with this. Struggling with some of the grammatical errors but perfectly capable of continuing with the sentence.

Mharms: It is nice that it is a serial of stories, book to book. The storyline is fast moving through history.

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