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In Our Image: The Hollow

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In Our Image: The Hollow is the fourth story in the In Our Image saga. It takes place during the events of book two and is inspired heavily by Romeo and Juliet. Two star struck lovers belonging to rival vampire sects struggle to find a place and way in which they can be together. Madison of the Quinton sect and Jude of the Tibalts risk loyalties and even their own lives to indulge in a forbidden love. The story of The Hollow dives deep into In Our Image vampire lore and re-imagines the Shakespearean classic as a paranormal tale. Will Madison and Jude find a way to be together or will stubborn rivalries cause a sect war that will cost much more than a broken heart?

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He’s driving fast. I love it when he does that, the top is down on the black mustang convertible and the wind accelerated by speed is causing my hair to flail around wildly. I just sit here resting my head against the passenger door staring at him. He knows, I mean he’s totally aware but he just smiles and gasses it more.

He almost looks like he knows where he’s going; I mean honestly he shouldn’t be smiling and… neither should I. Not with what’s going on and what may come. Shit I don’t even know what will come; no one does but still… here we are.

Father said I could end up living a thousand years, that a little time away from him wouldn’t kill me. Doesn’t feel like we have that anymore, time. One day without him is too long, what is a thousand years without him.

He notices my smile is gone, worry takes its place.

“We’ll be there soon, we’re gonna be ok, I promise.” He says as

he reaches over and places his hand on my thigh. A promise he doesn’t know if he can keep, but I don’t care. Wherever this road may end, if it ends… I’m ok with it as long as he is there.

I know we aren’t in your circle, we don’t belong, but please God, don’t take him from me.
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Leni_ninety: Ich habe die Story geliebt! Den Anfang fand ich kurz schwer, man wurde irgendwie „reingeworfen“ aber es klang so interessant und der Schriebstil war gut, sodass man gern weiterlas. Die Idee und Story finde ich super, die Geschichte nimmt einen mehr und mehr mit, könnte sogar an einigen Punkten no...

Valérie ANNETTE: Histoire envoûtante et captivante. Hâte de lire la suite !

Ulla: Immer wieder würde ich es lesen

Kattaleena: This little gem caught me by surprise. I really enjoyed it. It had just the right amount of sass, sadness, sex and humor. Thanks for a fun read.

kkhatun: It's a good read

Lynn Payne: I have read the first book and it was great. I have also read the first chapters of this book and I think I may like it more. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do to Cassandra and Casean. Ie was written beautifully.

Squid: Great book I wasnt sure what to expect at first but I l loved the writing and the happy ending.

GrammaJay: I love the story line Casey does need Chills help to get the DA charged

Weitere Empfehlungen

nishita: A beautiful werewolf story.

25tllegere: Love! It's wonderful how they all connect with each different story.

mils_28: Storyline was on point!!!Fast pace book and I loved it!A rebound love was exactly what the doctor ordered!Great job Author!!! Simply amazing!!

LadyGlover: Great book with a brilliant plot line, looking forward to reading the whole series

Alexiane: Histoire magnifique ...

Kaari: I'm currently fighting a cold so laying in bed with all these characters to keep me company is perfection

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