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Missing Half

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Blade and Rex soon find out that being together is not enough. Forces around them strive to separate them, including Nick, Blade’s former mate, who refuses to go home mateless and humiliated. Optimo continues to be a threat in the north, and although they have yet to find out what he plans, Blade and Rex know his silence does not bode well for them or their packs. And a new threat rises from the east, one that serves Rex and Blade with an ultimatum and forces Blade to return to her old life, one she must now resume without the support of her family or the guidance of her grandfather.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Nightshade Pack

January 1963

Max couldn’t imagine being any happier than he was at that moment. Estrella Del Mar looked at him with as much adoration as he felt for her.

Estrella’s blue multi-layered ball gown swept the dance floor of the old ballroom as he spun her around to a waltz played by one of the two mariachi bands his father had hired for the celebration of Max’s and Estrella’s Pairing.

“How is it that I have been so blessed with a Luna who is the most stunning she-wolf in the entire Azul Valley?”

Estrella laughed. “You would say that to whichever she-wolf happened to be your mate. I just happen to be the lucky one.”

Max put his hand on his heart. “I am offended by your bluntness, Señorita!”

¡Ay, Señor! Get used to it.”

A little while later, they sneaked away from their reception and he stole a kiss behind the door of their room. She kissed him back immediately, but tickled him and got away to the dressing room when he reacted to the tickling and collapsed.

“You play dirty!” he called out to her as he changed into his pajamas.

A silver ice bucket with a bottle of champagne and two crystal-stemmed glasses on his night table caught his eye. Frowning, he picked up one of the stemmed glasses. His name was etched on the glass with cursive letters.

Fancy, his wolf Supremo said. Must have been Mamá.

“I always play dirty,” Estrella said as she appeared in the doorway. She wore a light blue silk nightgown that revealed a generous amount of cleavage. He suddenly felt hot and overdressed in his cotton two-piece pajamas.

Max gulped. He had to figure out how to keep his hands to himself the rest of the evening. He gave her the glass in his hand.

“Oooh! Champagne!”

He popped the cork and filled her glass before he filled the other one.

They raised their glasses, but he couldn’t think of anything to toast to. He had her. That’s all he had ever wanted.

“I love you, Estrella del Mar. I always will.”

“And I love you, Máximo.”

They drank—

—and that was the last thing Max remembered until the next morning.

Max woke up with a blinding headache. He had something wet and slippery in his hand, and he let it go so he could rub the side of his throbbing temple. The stench of blood invaded his nose as whatever he released clanked onto the floor. He opened his eyes only to find both of his hands soaked in blood.

Panic-stricken, he looked over at the other side of his bed and found Estrella Del Mar, bloodied with several stab wounds all over her chest and neck. Her eyes were open and unblinking.


He reached out to touch her, unsure if what he was seeing was real. Her skin was ice cold to the touch, and he pulled his hand back quickly.

“¡Estrella! Wake up! This isn’t funny!

Max started to sob. She wasn't a prankster, but he had no idea what else to say.

This was all so wrong, he willed himself to wake up from this nightmare.

He brought his hand to his mouth to quiet his sobbing, but the taste of his dead mate’s blood on his tongue made him violently nauseated.

Max passed out.

Author's Note:

Dear Readers,

If you're still reading this, thank you for giving this story a chance to live in your mind for a little bit. I appreciate your time and for sharing with me your comments and reviews. I must give you a couple of warnings, however.

First of all, Missing Half is the second book of the Azul Valley series. If you haven't read Book 1: Another Half, you'll be supremely lost. Sorry. That's how series work. That said, I'm happy to have you read my stories regardless of what order you choose to read them in.

For those coming from Another Half: Yes, Max's story is important, but we also pick up a few weeks from where we left Blade and Rex. We're not done with those two.

And if all goes well, you'll love Max as much as I do...


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jennarw: It was a lovely short novel

Kttn25: I love erotica but this story had an excellent plot, very suspenseful. I loved it!

⯌ΑΙΝδ: But it went to fast and we didn't really have enough time to get to know the characters, and witness other major events like for example when she found out she was pregnant.

Deniece: I love this book just wanted more, to him to get his sight, and there first pup.

BlueIvydoll: Great writing. Filled with romance, action, wolfes, slice of life and charathers that you fall in love with.

Kaari: I love the little details that don't make logical sense but seem to bring the story together to complete a circle that can't be broken. Alot of writers don't grasp that books are a freedom of sorts you can literally take it anywhere you want to. It's a real gift when the author is able to break n...

Kaari: I love the fact that these don't have to be long stories to really get involved with the story and the characters.

Kaari: I'm currently fighting a cold so laying in bed with all these characters to keep me company is perfection

Weitere Empfehlungen

odalisanais87: It’s so freaking cute!! Love it

Gordon: I like the flow of the plot and the character development. It keeps you interested and doesn't drag but doesn't jump around either.

magicalbeard916: The book is amazing. I’ve really enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

belu: me gusta mucho la manera en la que relatas todo, haces que uno se meta muchísimo en la historia, encontré en fic de casualidad pero posta que tranquilamente estaría siendo uno de mis favs hasta el momento!!! 🥹🫶🏼

Kaari: The return of vega is quite the unforeseen nuisance but I can't wait to find out how this family of misfits takes care of him just hope the baby makes it

Susanne Moore: Ugh I hate those bad and selfish people. Can't wait until they all get there butt kicked

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