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Time Lord

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Time Lord. I was born a long time, I, am a peasant to the King and Queen. He worked from when the sun rises up to when the sun sets. I work on the farm with my family. Then one day, he became the Time Lord. Time Holder has one job to keep the timeline of what happened in order. (Zombie) (End of the World)

Horror / Scifi
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(Spring POV)

I look at the earth's destruction. 30.7 million years into the future. "0 people. 0 life anywhere. The earth has been burned like the sun."

It's true; I could go anywhere at any given time. "I miss the people." I walk through the clocks with the corresponding date and event of every person who ever lived despite how long they lived on earth. I was chosen among everybody to be the only Time Lord others may say Time Holder.

I walked away from the current hour and day of the earth to walk past all the clocks mounted on the walls right next to each other that have been ticking since the day the person was born up to the day of their death leading to the beginning of times. It's a very long hallway to the beginning.

There is nothing else much to do besides keeping the timeline in order of what led to the extinction of the human race. It was sad but yet strange that people would live a life of hate and jealousy.

I stop to be interested in a particular life of a little boy named Micheal. He resembles me. He seems nice. It was the year 1245. Micheal has short black curly hair with green eyes. He wears a creamy dirty shirt that matches his dirty pants. He holds a bunch of garlic in both hands as he runs toward his mother. "Mommy, I have the garlic."

"Good boy, Micheal. Now, let us hang them up and dry the garlic." The mother was beautiful, with long black hair with brown eyes. She wears a long blue dress.

I walked away from the era. It was interesting, but I rather not know what happened next since it pains me to see what happens to little Micheal's hour of death. I walked back and forth to keep the timeline in order when my eye caught an interesting timeline of a little girl since she was born at 3:57 am. Her name is Eclipse. She has long brown hair with baby blue eyes.

The year 2003, is not much different from the previous years, but the most attention part of this her story is that she was only 25 years old when it began. Eclipse lived where it began, where the earth took a drastic turn for the worst part of humanity, leading to the point where it all started to fall apart. She was the last standing among the rest of the people as the noise timelord that I am. I took a peak at her lifestyle.

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Nickeejo: Love love love dis book. I could not put it down.

haunter711: I Liked this story was surprising, and I recommend it.

Cyndi: i loved this storyyyyyyyyyyyyVERY EROTIC but wished it had been longerat leasttell more about the main charactersfuture

Ebony: I'm truly enjoying the book. It's very refreshing and direct and I love the directness. Most novels are very indirect. This leaves no room for guessing it's exactly what it says it is

kisses007: Absolutely stifling in its descriptions that leave you deliciously frustrated and both throughly teased and curious

Subo S: Loved the story!!!!! the plot was so compelling!

scarbrough71: Enjoyed reading. Luke and Alexi are still my favorite. Looking forward to reading more of this series 💜💜

scarbrough71: Hope this book will be made into a series. Enjoyed reading 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Weitere Empfehlungen

Prettydaisy1017: In M. McTier's fifth book " The Alpha Deals the Cards" We meet Alpha, Mateo Ortiz he's not a bad guy nor is he a good guy. Mateo is very complex chatacter, he does a lot of very questionable things through out the story. Until he meets Carmin, who has known for quite a long time about Mateo, and...

Majari Atzin: Baek brujito + Yeol lobo= ✨ PERFECCIÓN ✨🥵🔥

Dalila: On a eu des chapitres qui ne faisait absolument pas avancer l’histoire. C’est trop lent. Dommage car l’idée est top!

Patti Biebel: Never got to read the end??????

Zena: Good story, different writing style but not bad. Short chapter, makes a quick read.

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