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Misty Meadows; The Curse

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It's one year after Moth has left Misty Meadows, and Kane is slowly moving forward. But can she really ever get away from Moth or The Curse Book 2 of Misty Meadows. Set a year after the end of book 1. Kane has a few more obstacles to face; but will she face them alone?

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Chapter 1


“Kane; those new CDs need to be moved to the new shelves.”

Kane stopped in the middle of the isle of CD’s and DVD’s and looked at the stack of CD’s in her arms, “Ry, my hands are a bit full at the moment.”

Ry, the owner of Misty Music, looked up from behind the till “Work faster.”

Kane rolled her eyes, “Don’t be lazy just because you’re the boss.”

Ry laughed before getting up and going to the stock room in the back.

The town of Misty Meadows had changed a lot in the year after the asylum; in the year that Kane had not seen Moth.

As soon as Moth had left, the haunting stopped; Kane didn’t see or hear another ghost.

Two months after Moth had left, Ry had come to town and opened the music store; he was Macy’s cousin and Kane had started working for him the moment she left school.

Somehow, Misty Meadows had been awarded the rights to host some big race and they had been busy building the racecourse for almost the whole year.


Kane sighed, “Mace, you’re not scary.”

Ry came over to them, “Mace, help your cousin out; these CD’s need to be unpacked.”

Macy shook her head, “Can’t do, I need to get back to the hospital soon for my next shift; I just came to steal Kane for a quick lunch.”

Ry nodded, “Okay, well, enjoy.”

Kane nodded and put the box she had down and followed Macy out.

“Did you hear that hotshot racer is coming to town soon?”

Kane shrugged, “I’m not really interested in some hotshot racer.”

Macy grinned, “I haven’t seen him, but apparently he’s gorgeous.”

Kane hit her arm playfully as they walked into Cherries, “Macy, you’re a taken woman, stop drooling over some racer.”
Cliff jumped up from a booth, waving them over and hugging Kane before they took their seats.

Macy frowned at them, “What are you two doing out of school?”

Kane rolled her eyes at Macy, Macy herself was in nursing school; Cliff helped out at the school and Collin was in medicine.

Kane tuned out their voices as she focused on something on the TV about one of the racers that were coming to Misty Meadows.

There was a black and red car with flame detailing and the racer's name across the screen: Jixen Star.

Kane turned away, the surname reminding her too much of Moth.

Macy grinned, “I’m so excited; this race is going to put Misty Meadows on the map.”
Kane scoffed, “We’re still going to be the crappy little town no one cares about.”
The waitress brought them their usual lunches and drinks.

Macy bit into her bacon, “So, Kane, how about I hook you up with one of the racers?”
Collin laughed, “What for; she has Kelso and Rick.”
Kane rolled her eyes and threw a piece of toast at him, “Don’t talk rubbish.”
“Oh come on, Rick is still trying to get with you, and you hang out so much you might as well make it official, plus we’ve all seen the chemistry between you and Kelso lately.”
Kane rolled her eyes dramatically, “You’re gossiping like a high school girl, Coll; I’m just friends with them.”

“You just don’t want to admit you have feelings for Kelso because he was Moth’s best friend.”

“Macy!” Hissed Collin.

Macy’s eyes widened, “Oh, Kane I’m sorry.”

Kane shook her head, “Relax, it's fine.”

Her phone rang and she answered quickly, “Kel, what’s up?”
“Alice sent me to get dinner, what do you feel like?”

“Just get some veggies and pork.”

“Got it, see you later, K.”

Kane hung up and frowned at her friends who were all staring at her, “What?”
“Just date one of them already.”

Cliff nodded, “For once I agree with Mace.”
Kane sighed, “No. I’m happy being single; I don’t need the drama of a relationship.”
Macy gave her a sad look, “Kane, it’s been a year now, don’t you think it’s time to move on?”

Kane hit the table, “Macy, I don’t need a man to move on; in case you haven’t noticed I’ve moved on, I do aren't give a shit about Moth.” She stood and walked out.

When she got back to Misty Music, Ry came to her, “You okay?”
Kane nodded, “Yeah, your cousin just pissed me off; going on about Moth again.”

Although Ry had never met Moth, he knew the story of him and what had happened.

“Yeah, my cousin does have a big mouth at times, I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay; I just wish she would stop thinking that I’m hung up on moth.”

“She’s just looking out for you.”
“I know.” Kane stopped dead when a guy appeared behind Ry; out of thin air.

“I’m going to go get those other CDs.” She turned and walked into the storeroom quickly, “Why am I seeing spirits again?”
The ghost appeared again and she frowned at him, “You’re not supposed to be here.”

He chuckled, “How can you see me?”

Kane threw her hands in the air, “Your guess is as good as mine.”

He frowned, clearly thinking she would have had a different answer.

“But you can see me.”

“Yeah, I know. So what’s your name?” she asked as she took some CDs from a box.

“I don’t remember.”
Kane looked up just as he vanished.

The pendant she still wore burned hot.

“Kane, what’s taking so long?”

She jumped and went through to the front.

Ry joined her behind the counter, “What’s going on, Kane?”
She shrugged, “I just have this bad feeling in my stomach.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“No, I’m probably just worrying for nothing.”

Ry nodded.

Kane sighed as he walked away; she wasn’t convinced that everything would be fine; in fact, she was sure that things in Misty Meadows were about to get very interesting again, and not in a good way.

She busied herself sorting the shelves for the rest of the day, and closed up five when the place was dead.

On her way home, she had the feeling she was being followed, that didn’t stop her from making a detour up Misty Hill to go to the house Moth used to sleep in.

She hadn’t been there in five months, and not much had changed.

She walked through the house, noting that the mirror was gone, and when she placed her hand on the wall she felt as if she were on fire.

She jumped back and sighed, “How could you do that, Moth?” she shook her head and walked out, saying goodbye to the memory of Moth for the last time.

She hurried towards home, it had started to get dark, and even though there had been no murders since Moth had left, she and the rest of the town still felt uneasy; hardly ever being out alone at night.

When Kane got home, she found the house empty; Alice had left a note saying she had gone out.

She dished herself a plate of food, ate and after taking a bath she went to bed.

“How is this place still running; you’re always dead.”
Kane looked up at Rick, “Care to rephrase that?”

He laughed and shook his head, “Sorry. Anyway, I came to find out if you would mind taking a walk around the racecourse with me; I need to check that everything is okay.”
Kane nodded, “Sure, why not.”

Rickrolled his eyes, “Don’t get too excited.”
Kane shrugged, “Sorry, I’m just bored with this job, all I do is stare at a counter all day.”

“So get a new job.”

Kane stared at him blankly, “Right, because Misty Meadows is so huge, it just has jobs on every corner.”
“It will be huge after this race.”

Kane shook her head, “Like I told Mace, it’s going to take a lot more than a race to put this shitty town on the map.”
Rick laughed, “No faith in us, hey?”

“None at all.”

“So what time will I see you at the course?”
Before Kane could answer the door opened and closed as a blond woman in a short, tight pink dress walked in.

Kane groaned.

“Do you have any soothing yoga sounds?”

Kane shook her head, “Nope.”

The woman made a strangled sound, “Why did this terrible town have to be picked.”
Rick frowned, “Who are you?”

The woman gasped, “I am Vladilena Krasinski. The world’s most famous underwear model.”

Kane clicked her fingers, “Russian, that’s the accent.”

“You cannot tell me that you people do not know who I am.”
Kane shrugged, “You’re clearly not as famous as you thought.”

“I am one of the highest-paid models; I’ve been voted the hottest underwear and swimwear model for three years in a row.”

Kane blinked at her.

The woman turned and walked out.

“I don’t like her.”

Rick grinned, “I could never have guessed.”

“Anyway, I’ll meet you at lunchtime.”
Rick smiled and walked out and Kane picked up the pamphlet for the race; she knew that some of the racers were in town as the first race was set to happen in five days time, and she couldn’t help what had entered Misty Meadows along with them.

She sighed and got up to busy herself as she started thinking of Moth, and she couldn’t have that or she would start missing him again.

At lunchtime, she met with Rick at the racecourse and was surprised to see how good it looked.

Rick motioned to the photographers, “They’re starting photo shoots with the racers tomorrow; we were hoping you could keep an eye on things, like a manager.”
Kane frowned, “Why me?”

“Because I put in a good word for you with my brother.”

Kane’s eyes widened, “Brent’s dad owns the track?”

Rick nodded.

“Wow, I had no idea.”
“Be here tomorrow morning.”

Kane grinned; she knew Ry wouldn’t have a problem with it seeing as how dead the music shop was.

Kane stood at the track with Macy as they watched the photographers who were taking pictures of one of the racers; Pierre Jouvert, he was from France with long blond hair tied back in a sleek ponytail, his hazel eyes shining as he smiled into the camera, leaning against his black and yellow Ferrari.

Vladilena stood on one side, while a brunette stood on the other; their skimpy outfits matching the colour of his car.

Kane checked her watch, “Okay, enough of Franc, bring in Spain.”
Pierre winked as he walked passed and Macy giggled.

Kane crossed her arms as she watched them set up for Mateo Hernandez, the Spanish racer with an impressive black and purple Lamborghini.

“Oh wow.”

Kane couldn’t help but agree with Macy this time; Mateo was gorgeous, with his long hair left untidy and his rugged look.

The models took their places and were surprised when Mateo caught her eye and smiled at her in the middle of the shoot.

Simply to annoy Vladilena, Kane smiled back.

Suddenly Mateo held up his hands, “Wait, you in the black, come here.”

Kane frowned, “What? Why?”
“Your style, it goes perfectly with my car; I want a real girl in my shoots, not these fake girls.”

Kane sighed but joined him, watching as Macy did excited little hops behind the photographers.

After the shoot he smiled at her, “I’m new here, would you give me your number and maybe you can show me the town?”

Kane nodded, “Sure.” She had to listen carefully to understand him through his thick accent.

She gave him her number and went over to Macy who was squealing.

“Oh my God! You just gave a famous racer your number!”
Kane went through her checklist to make sure they had done everything that needed doing that day; they had only scheduled two shoots per day.

The photographers took a picture of them for the behind the scenes bit of the article and Macy did another hop, “This is so awesome.”
“Miss London?”

Kane frowned at the small, green-haired man who stood in front of her, “Yes. Who are you?”

“Fabio; Vladilena’s manager; I couldn’t help but notice you in those shoots, and I love you your hair!”
Kane frowned; she had died her long hair a violet colour.

“Anyway, I would like to offer you a modelling position with us.”

“No.” Kane grabbed hold of Macy and dragged her away.

“Oh my god, this race is going to make you famous!”

Kane scoffed, “God, I hope not.”

It was ten a.m and Kane was on her fifth cup of coffee; she had been at the track since five a.m, only getting about two hours sleep after going through all the paperwork.

Macy had a shift, so Cliff and Kelso were joining her for the day.

Alberto Abbiati was late, so they were taking pictures of Ludvik Boven and his blue and white Buggati.

One of the photographers came to Kane, “Where is that damn Italian?”

Kane shrugged, ’No clue; apparently, racers are divas.”

Kelso waited for him to walk away before speaking, “How about we go out tonight?”
“Not tonight, Kel.”

Just then her phone chimed with a message from Mateo telling her she looked nice.

She looked up and smiled at him as he came over.

“Mateo, these are two of my friends, Cliff and Kelso, guys this is-”
Cliff cut her off, “Mateo Hernandez, one of the best racers there is; Wow, Kane, you have famous friends.”

Kelso made a face.

Mateo touched her arm lightly, “Well, here’s to hoping she hasn’t got a famous boyfriend yet.”

Just then Alberto arrived with his maroon SSc Ultimate.

Cliff had to leave after a few hours and so did Kelso.

Mateo was helping Kane make sure all the flyers were in place.

They had just brought in four boxes of T-shirts for the staff when the phone rang.

“Misty Meadows race track, Kane speaking.”

“Hi, this is Deacon Adams, I’m one of the racers, could I speak to someone in charge?”
“I’m in charge, what’s the problem?”

“I was wondering if you could move my photoshoot to another day.”

“No, I can’t.”

Deacon started on a rant and Kane hung up on him, telling Mateo what he had said, just s Vladilena walked in.

“Kane, when will my boyfriend arrive?”

Kane shrugged, “Who is your boyfriend.”

“Jixen Star.”

Kane’s heart jumped at the surname, her mind going to Moth.

She sighed and checked her list, “He will get here at the end of the week.”

“Great, and don’t think you can do what you did with Mateo; Jixen is mine.” She smiled before walking out.

Mateo raised his brows, “Well, isn’t she friendly.”

Kane sighed as Macy walked in and she introduced the two while Macy grinned before turning to Kane, “Your cell is off.”

Kane checked to see her battery was dead, “I better get home before Alice starts to worry; you’re still coming for dinner?”
Macy nodded, “Of course.”
Mateo scratched the back of his neck, “Kane, I was actually hoping to take you out tonight.”
Kane shrugged, “Well you can always join us.”
Mateo nodded, “That will be great.”

The three of them left and for once Kane was happy that Macy didn’t shut up, because her mind was elsewhere as they walked; she felt as if someone was watching her.

When they got to Alice’s, she was ecstatic to have Mateo; Kelso not so much.

They had been at the table for ten minutes when Kane looked up and in the fridge saw the charred girl, Willow’s reflection staring back at her.

Kane jumped to her feet, “Sorry, I don’t feel well, I’m going to sleep. Sorry.”

She all but ran to her room and closed herself in.

Her phone chimed and she jumped; her phone was dead.

With shaking hands, she clutched the phone and read the new text.


Kane dropped the phone; the message was from an unknown number.
But there was only one person who came to mind; Goran Owens.

“I should have made sure he died in that asylum.”

Kane had managed to fall asleep at four o’clock which meant by the time she woke up at twelve she was late, and she was the one with the keys to let everyone in.

When she got there the photographers complained and Malcolm Cooper, the Australian with a green 9FFT GT had told her how unprofessional she was.

Kane stood glaring at everyone as the shoot took place.

Next to her someone cleared their throat, causing her to jump.

A tall man with pale skin, green eyes and dark air smiled back at her, “Are you, Kane?”
She nodded, judging by his English accent, he was Deacon Adams.

He handed her a coffee, “I’m Deacon. The coffee is to make up for how I acted yesterday on the phone.”

Kane took a gulp of coffee, “You gave me coffee, we’re good.”
“Great, I’ll see you later; I’m going to get ready for the shoot.”

Kane nodded, he wasn’t too bad looking, and she briefly wondered if Macy was on to something about getting a famous boyfriend.

Her phone chimed and she checked the message;


Kane sighed and put her phone away.

As she watched Deacon’s shoot, her mind went to Goran and how to flush him out; she wasn’t prepared to play his game of cat and mouse again.

After the shoot, she tidied up and went to Cherries for dinner with her friends.

She sat at the booth where her friends were, “Sorry I’m late, the track was hectic today.”
“Who was there today?”

“Malcolm Cooper and Deacon Adams; the Australian and the Brit.”

“Sounds fun, was Mateo there?”

“No, but Deacon brought me coffee.”

“Hey, there’s Rick,” Cliff waved and Rick came over and sat down.

“Hey. How are you enjoying the track, K?”

“It’s going well; although it would go better without Vladilena.”
Collin leant forward, “The Russian supermodel?”

Macy raised a brow, “And how do you know that?”

“She’s famous.”
Rick shrugged, “I’ve never heard of her.”

Collin glared at Rick, “Thanks.”
Macy turned to Kane, “Anyway, I think you should be in more shoots.”

Rick turned, “More shoots?’

Kane waved a hand, “Mateo had me in his shoot.”

“That’s actually a great idea.”
“I’m barely getting through the day as it is,” she took a sip of Cliff’s coffee; “I don’t want to add more to my plate.”

Kane had left after an hour of being at Cherries; too tired for anything, she ran a bath and leant her head back as she enjoyed the hot water.

The tap began to drip.

“Not again.” She sat up and stared at the tap; half expecting it to drip blood.

The tap stopped dripping.

With a sigh, she set her head back again.

Her body ached and she felt exhausted; she could feel herself slipping into sleep.

Suddenly a cold, wet hand wrapped around her neck.

Gasping, Kane jumped up, expecting to see a spirit, but she was met with nothing.

Sighing, she got out of the bath, wrapping the towel around her; she noticed the handprint scar on her thigh from Screaming Sally.

Shaking her head she turned, seeing the writing on the mirror for the first time; HANDS OFF

Kane frowned, “Hands off what?”

She went forward, about to touch the mirror, but before she could, the mirror exploded, causing her to dive back with a yelp.

“Kane, are you okay?”

Kane glanced back at the mirror, but it was intact as if nothing had happened.

“Yeah, Kelso, I’m fine; saw a spider.” She stared at the mirror for a total of five minutes before getting dressed and going to her room; after what had just happened in the bathroom, she didn’t feel safe enough to close her door.

She sat on her bed and stared at the doorway, jumping as her phone pinged, indicating she had a text;


Kane looked around her room; who could have possibly seen she had been frowning?

Her curtains were closed.

He’s back

Kane went cold as the pendant Moth had given her burned hot against her skin.

The ghost from a year ago appeared in front of her; the ghost of Moth’s mother Jasmine.

The curse is back you must stay away

Kane frowned, “Stay away from who?”

Without another word, Jasmine vanished, leaving Kane to confuse, her hand going to the still-hot pendant.

“Who’s back?” she had hoped that the ghost would come back and answer her.

But for once, she was not happy with the silence she was met with.

Kane stood watching as the Scottish driver; Ainsley Cunningham posed with his blood-red Bentley.

She wasn’t paying much attention as all she could think of was how things had suddenly gone back to how they had been a year ago.

There had been not one spirit in the year that Moth had been gone; why were they suddenly back?

She frowned, one of the photographers; Lee had apparently been speaking to her.

“Sorry, what was that?”
“I want you in the next three shoots; O’Connor, Duffin and Star.”

Kane frowned, “I don’t think-”

“Great, you don’t need to think; look at Vladilena, she doesn’t even have a brain.”

Vladilena glared at him and Kane couldn’t help but laugh.

The next shoot was the Irish driver; Brody O’Connor with his white and green Corvette.

He, Mateo and Star was the three best racers.

Brody had not been at all what Kane had expected; he was tall with blue eyes and auburn hair.

After a few minutes of talking with him, she stood with him for the shoot; Vladilena kept giving her glares and Kane was thankful that looks could in fact not kill.

In the middle of the shoot, Kane looked up and almost screamed at the sight; Vladilena stood with a gaping hole in her neck, her eyes sunken sockets, oozing thick black goo down her cheeks.

Kane blinked and everything was back to normal.

As soon as the shoot was over Kane rushed to her office, as she did, a hand snaked around her wrist.

Kane spun to see Vladilena.

The blond model narrowed her eyes, “You better be sick when they do the Star shoot, he is mine and I will not have you near him.”

Kane pulled her hand free, “Don’t touch me, and do not threaten me; now get out before I throw you out.”

When Vladilena didn’t move, Kane shoved her out and slammed the door with a sigh.

The last time she had seen someone dead they had ended up actually finding her dead.

Kane wondered if that was the same with Vladilena and if she really had to save her.



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