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A Dream So Dark

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After a rough breakup, Gemma Bird is in need of a new start. When a night out with her new friends leads to a run-in with the mysterious and alluring Kellan Maxwell, she is powerless to resist his charm. As she is drawn deeper into his world, a haunting truth comes to light: monsters exist, and Kellan may be one of them.

Horror / Other
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He could hear the heartbeat of his prey. It rang in his ears like a drumbeat, marking time with his own footsteps. A block’s distance separated them. It was a good thing, he thought. Less chance of being noticed.

His prey abruptly stopped, bent down. Perhaps an untied shoe or a dropped knick-knack. Regardless, the man stood after a moment or so and continued on his way. Even through the hustle and bustle of the city, his quickened pace did not go unnoticed.

The prey ducked into an alley. His heartbeat quickened, the smell of fear rolling off of him. So he was smart enough to notice his pursuer. This would make things interesting.

He glided into the alley, a smile on his foxlike face. He trailed his long fingernails along the grubby brick walls. His prey stood before a chain-link fence. His heartbeat thundered now under the strain of his terror.

“There is no need to run,” he told his prey in a silky voice. The prey, an older balding man in a stained shirt, turned to face his pursuer. The tension eased out of his body as he took in a pale, angelic face framed with fiery red hair. A pair of amber eyes stared back.

“Why are you following me?” the prey rasped. The pursuer stepped closer and ran his fingers down his prey’s cheek. There was an urge to flinch back, though it was drowned out, subdued by adoration and desire. “You…you won’t hurt me.”

“No,” the pursuer said, lips trailing across his prey’s throat, “I won’t.”

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horvathovaromana36: I loved this so much omg 😭 I can’t express how I want dany or Danae to be my own child I mean I’m not the biggest fan of them but god man I love her so much. The whole story is just perfect. The ending as well AHH I want to scream into my pillow just bc of how good this book is!!

Jennifer Leigh Anne Ciliska: Loved it!! Thank you for sharing your story with me

Tiffany: Omg ...if you enjoy reading short hot stories that gets you really needing to bring your toys out and play then this is perfect for you it's amazing!!! I really LOVED reading this!! Ty for letting us read your marvelous amazing story!!!

Zee: So after I read into the cold I couldn’t help it I just knew I had to read more from you … I was enamored by how good you write and I’m so happy I read this one also and I am still going to read more from you cus your books are too good 😊 🔥🔥🔥🔥….. I was hooked and I just wanted to know what next u...

ERICK: the book was so good who ever wanna read he did it so good

Sara: A great story! I look forward to more chapters and updates to this one.

vanja: Nice style, this is the second book that i am reading and i like it.

luckyaktern: loving this story so far..❤️interesting

aanya_sejal: It was indeed a good story.

Weitere Empfehlungen

Liz : I like this story but I like of them. I wish you could do one of the boys as they return and get back to life with mom and Dom. Them falling in love with a special girl or guy. I think with the way you write it would be amazing.

burnt2: Really easy read from start to finish. I was hooked and couldn’t put it down until the end. Looking forward to the second instalment.

suzipuzi: will you continue with the story. very good book

Deleted User: The fact that the book ends before she even goes on the date/dinner is so frustrating. But Even though...I love your story and the rollercoasters it takes me on. 💚🖤🖤⚔☠😁☠⚔🖤🖤💚

lisamariedent: Love this story great characters

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