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CJ Fisher Finds Love

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CJ Fisher, the only son of Calvin and Dawn, grew up on a cattle ranch. He was best friends with Parker, more like brothers. CJ was so different than Parker, he was a player, loved the women and never stayed with one longer than a day or two. He became a doctor but still helped his father on the ranch, he loved it but it was his calling to heal the sick. He never thought he would find love until a new girl came into town, he fell hard for her the moment he laid eyes on her. Samantha Cain, a waitress who was not drawn to his good looks and charm. This only made him want her all the more. She was a dark-haired beauty with spunk, he was determined to win her over but also knew it wouldn't be easy. Samantha moved to Texas when her grandparents passed away and left her their small ranch. She was tired of city life and had always loved the ranch and when she had to escape an abusive ex she took this opportunity to start a new life. Meeting CJ she knew he was a player and was determined to stay away from him, but he wasn't making it easy for her.

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

Removing his doctor’s jacket CJ grabbed his cowboy hat and said goodnight to the receptionist and headed to Parker and Dakota’s place for dinner. Every Thursday night that was where he went. Most nights he went to his parent’s place to eat. Last year he finally moved out and built his own home on the piece of land his father gave him. Living at his parent’s place was starting to cramp his lifestyle and his love life.

As was his normal behaviour he walked right into Parker’s home without knocking. He was after all more like family than a friend. Dakota was standing with her back to him in the kitchen, stirring something on the counter when he went over, putting his arms around her waist. “Hey beautiful, what are you cooking for me?”

She jumped and looked over her shoulder giving him a stern look. “Christ CJ, you scared the hell out of me.”

“Let go of my wife,” Parker’s voice came out of nowhere. “Get your own woman.”

CJ, with his arms still around her, turned to look at Parker who was standing there with his arms crossed, shaking his head.

“Now why would I want to get a woman when I have this sweet little thing here?” he asked jokingly. Kissing her cheek he let her go. Walking over to Parker he put him in a headlock and they started wrestling like a couple of little kids.

“Will you two ever grow up?” Dakota asked, trying not to laugh. “Stop now before I call Dawn and have her come here and set you boys straight.”

They both stopped and stared wide-eyed at her.

“You wouldn’t dare call my mom,” CJ said with a smirk on his face and sat down. “Where are the rugrats?”

“Chad is cleaning his room and Ellie is napping. “Chad, Uncle CJ is here,” Parker called up the stairs.

Five-year-old Chad came bouncing down the stairs screaming his name and jumped right onto CJ’s lap. “What did you bring me, Uncle CJ?”

“Well let’s just see what I have in my pocket,” he said, pulling out a bag of sweets.

“Yippy,” the little boy squealed in delight. “Thank you, Uncle CJ”

Dakota turned her head. “Not before dinner young man.”

“Ah Mom,” Chad wined.

“You heard your mother, now go wash up for dinner,” Parker said in a stern voice.

“Oh alright,” Chad said, getting off CJ, sneaking the piece of candy his uncle handed him and took off running.

Parker leaned over and looked at him. “Dakota is going to kill you.”

CJ grinned. “Not if she doesn’t catch me.”

“Catch you doing what?” Dakota asked when she brought over the roast and set it on the table. She never knew what these two were always getting up to, when they were together they acted like a couple of kids.

The men were saved by the bell, or baby in this case when two-year-old Ellie started wailing, waking from her nap. “I’ll go get her,” CJ said, jumping from his seat he went upstairs and brought her down.

Both Dakota and Parker watched him as he held the baby in his arms, so loving and gentle. He kissed her cheek and set her in the highchair he had bought for her. Chad sat next to him.

“You’ll make a good father someday,” Dakota said, sitting down to eat. “You really ought to settle down and get married.”

CJ smiled, showing her his dimples. “I’m waiting for you to leave this bum,” he pointed to Parker, "And come away with me.”

Reaching over she took his chin in her hand. “Oh sweetheart, Parker can hardly handle me, what makes you think you could?” Letting him go she started eating. She knew if Parker for one minute thought CJ was being serious there would be hell to pay. But they knew it was just his way of teasing, he loved them both and respected their marriage. He also didn’t have those feelings for her.

After dinner, while Parker and Dakota washed up CJ gave the kids their baths, put them in their pyjamas and tucked them into bed and read them a bedtime story. Kissing Chad’s cheek he watched as the little boy drifted off to sleep. A part of him wanted to someday be a father but had yet to find that special woman like Parker had. The one who had your heart racing, the one who made your heart ache sadly until you laid eyes on her again. He doubted he would find her, so he settled for playing the field. Kissing Ellie’s cheek he went back downstairs and caught the other two groping each other, kissing passionately. “Save some of that for me you guys,” he said, walking over pulled Dakota from Parker’s grip.

Parker made a face and pushed CJ away when he tried putting his arms around him. “Knock it off CJ,” he barked.

“Come on Parker, you know you want me,” CJ said, laughing.

Dakota was holding her side, it ached from laughing so hard at the antics going on in front of her. CJ never ceased to amuse her. “You boys go sit on the porch and I’ll bring out some beers,” she said, motioning for them to leave.

“You’re a lucky man, Parker, you have a wife and kids who love you. I envy you at times, almost makes me want a family of my own.”

“Then maybe you should stop being a player, stick with one woman and see where it leads, Parker replied.

CJ leaned towards him. “I’ve been with a lot of women.”

“No kidding,” Parker scoffed.

“What I’m trying to say is not one of them made me feel the way Dakota makes you feel. My heart doesn’t race, there are no butterflies in my stomach. I don’t even care if I see them again, some of them I can’t even remember their names.”

“You just haven’t found her yet man, she’s out there.”

Just then Dakota walked out with the beer, handing them both one and settling next to Parker with her own beer in hand. “What are you two talking about?”

“Just that it’s time for him to stop playing the field and find someone to settle down with,” Parker said, his arm going over her shoulder.

“How do you know when you’ve found the right one?” CJ asked.

“You just know, and it usually happens the moment you lay eyes on her. Something just clicks, it’s chemistry and the sparks fly. CJ, trust me, you’ll know,” Parker said, looking at Dakota. He knew the moment he first saw her that she was special. “Don’t wait too long CJ, you’re not getting any younger.”

“Hell, man, I’m only thirty-one,” he answered back. “Well, guys I think I’ll head home now. I’ve got a busy day tomorrow.” Putting the empty beer bottle down he kissed Dakota’s cheek and left.

It seemed like everyone he knew was married or getting married. He had plenty of chances himself since the women he dated made it clear they’d love to be the wife of a doctor. He wasn’t ready to settle down and never found one he wanted to with.

Feeling a bit down he decided to stop by Donna Payne’s place for a little one-on-one. They had an arrangement where if either one were in need of some company, and with no strings attached they would get together for sex. She was blonde, slender and a beautiful woman, but he had no romantic feelings towards her. But she was great in bed and knew how to satisfy him.

It was close to midnight when he knocked and she answered, wearing a flimsy nightgown. Her hair was tousled and she had obviously been asleep. But when she saw him she pulled him inside and closed the door behind them.

The sun was coming up when CJ woke, looking over at the naked blonde he quietly slipped out of bed, pulling on his pants that lay crumpled on the floor. He had to get home to shower and change for work. Pulling on his boots he grabbed his shirt and puts it on as he sneaked out of Donna’s house. He was glad she hadn’t wakened or she would have wanted a repeat performance.

Before heading home he stopped at the local diner to pick up a coffee. There were only a few men inside, eating platefuls of bacon and eggs. He walked up to the counter and noticed a new waitress behind the counter, her back was to him. His eyes moved down her backside, he could see her soft feminine curves under her uniform which hugged her body. She had a nice round ass and her legs were long and shapely.

He watched as she turned around to face him, tucking a strand of her jet-black hair behind her ear. His breath hitched when he looked into her smoky brown eyes, she was drop-dead gorgeous. He couldn’t help but stare. A weird electricity shot through him and he finally managed to smile, showing off his dimples, one that had all the ladies swooning.

“Do you want something or are you just going to stand there with your mouth wide open?” she asked in a snarky tone.

CJ was dumbfounded. His dimples usually got the lady’s panties wet, but this woman seemed immune to it. Her standoffish way didn’t stop him though. If anything he was more determined to win her over. “You must be new here, I haven’t seen you around before.”

Placing her palms on the counter she shot daggers at him. “If you’re not going to order anything then you’ll have to leave. I have other customers waiting.”

“I’ll take a large coffee to go, milk, no sugar,” he said, his smile never wavered. He kept his eyes on her while she poured his coffee, putting the lid on handed it to him. “My name is CJ. What’s yours?” He heard her sighing.

“That will be two dollars and seventy-five cents,” she said, not bothering to answer his question.

CJ laid a five-dollar bill down on the counter. “Keep the change,” he said. He turned and started walking out, stopping at the door to look back at her. He could have sworn she was watching him but she turned her head when he looked back.

After a quick shower, he changed into dress pants, a white shirt, and black dress shoes and headed out. At his office Maureen, his nurse was already busy getting his files ready. She was a fifty-year-old woman who was a God-sent to him. She was efficient and keep his office running smoothly. He could have hired someone younger, sexy but he took his job as a doctor seriously. It was all business, no horsing around with the female patients. Though some of them made it hard for him when they came in for various reasons. Even the older and married ones came on to him but he didn’t take the bait. At least not in the office, outside of work was another story.

“Mr. Henderson is waiting in room 2,” Maureen said, not looking up as she continued typing into the computer.

Lunchtime rolled around and not being able to get the dark-haired beauty out of his mind decided to go to the diner for a bite to eat. He hoped she was still on duty and was thrilled to find she was there. He went and sat down in her section and tried to hide his smile when she walked towards him carrying a menu.

Handing him the luncheon menu she asked if he wanted a drink to start off with.

“Just a glass of water,” he answered.

“I’ll be right back with it,” she said and turning walked away.

He stared at her ass and the way her hips swayed when she left his table. “I’ll just have the special,” he said when she came back with his water. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

“That’s because I didn’t give it to you,” she said with a smirk on her face. “I’ll be back with your meal in a few minutes.”

She was not only beautiful but feisty as well. This he found to be exciting and a challenge he was looking forward to. He ate his meal and leaving money on the table for the food he left a generous tip. Leaving the diner he knew he was going to find out more about her, she wore no wedding ring so she had to be single. If there was a boyfriend in the picture there wouldn’t be for long.

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