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Random one shots

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This book contains random one short stories...

Ankita Sarangi
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Chapter 1

Sitting at the desk, she was continuously writing and rubbing her words. SHe wanted to speak out about all her worries and insecurities. She wanted to tell someone she was suffering but then thought no one would understand her. Slowly and slowly everything was piling inside of her. She wanted to release them but then realized she was not her own master anymore. Her insecurities had taken control of her.The more she erased her words from the paper, the more her will to give up was growing.

Every time she decided to talk to someone, her thoughts would cloud her head and overpower her actions. Her thoughts were making her weaker and weaker by every minute. They were making her feel that she is unpretty, selfish, unworthy, heartless and lonely. She had started to accept the ‘negative her’ as her real self.

Every night she would try to sleep but eventually give up and listen to music. The songs had become her best friends. They were telling her what she wanted to hear. She had started to develop a fear of people. All she wanted to do was to stay cooped up in her own room. She had lost all her energy to face the world.

The pressure to be the best was slowly eating her up. The more time she spent looking at her books, the more she feared of being the worst. The thought of letting her parents down was making her more anxious. She wanted to be the no 1. She wanted to prove herself to others. But nothing was going her way. The only thing she got was a failure. Her worries and anxiety were pulling her down. Her failure was stopping her from trying her best.She had given up on herself and thought to give up on her life also.

Finally writing her thoughts on the paper, she took a knife and pressed it on her skin. Tears were continuously rolling down her cheeks. Her mind had become blank. She pressed the knife on her wrist and tried to cut herself. Her hand was shaking and the knife was slowly slipping out of her hold. She tried more three times but she couldn’t. Pulling her knees closer to her chest, she bowed her head and cried her heart out. The pain was increasing slowly and slowly making it hard for her to live anymore. She once again took the knife and sliced her wrist, setting her free from the world.

Everyone goes through the anxiety problems and depression once a while in their life. But giving up is never the solution. We always think that committing suicide is easy and the best way to set ourself free from all the problems. But then, committing suicide is tough. You need a strong mindset to do it. When life becomes zero and death become 100, a person commits suicide. If you really have a strong mindset, then use it to help yourself and not kill. The ending is never the solution to anything. Rather stand up and fight against it. Make sure to win it over. During this process, if you need help then don’t hesitate to ask. It’s your precious life. LIVE IT!

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Weitere Empfehlungen

Jessica Schaap: Love this book

BlueIvydoll: After reading the introduction, I was unsure if I would be captivated by this story. I was terribly wrong and the author has been really good at capturing the reader and pulling them in. This is definitely a story I will re-read and definitely recommend others to read.

Diane: This is a great sequel to the “Atoned” story line!

Diane: I was really hoping that this book didn’t repeat the themes in the previous. It is the best one so far. Best thing I’ve read in a long time!

Leanne: I give this book five stars I love the entire book there is nothing I don’t like about this bookI 100% recommend this to you if you have to read something with a traumatic storyline

Diane: Another great one I can’t seem to put down.

moonmaid369: So far the story line has been very good. Not your typical MC storyline in that the bad scenes are not overdone

Teresa Sb: You need agreat man to find courage to fight for your dark past

Ilima Garcia: Love love love the romance and drama and how cliche and classic this is.

Weitere Empfehlungen

belindasueturner: Good work on this series 🥰❤️

belindasueturner: Wonderful ❤️❤️

vmathias: Great story. Strong characters 😀

trudivagg: I am so glad you carried in from the first book. Biker here will be a third

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