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She Is Elegant

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Romy's first instinct is to run. What happens if the very thing she is running from catches up to her? Will she survive? Romy did not know her parents while she grew up in her aunt's castle. Images of her parents and what happened that fateful night shows up in her dreams when she decides to leave her aunt's house. Bastien is the son of her aunt's lover. Being told to go find her, he left the comfort of a woman's arms to go look for this girl he has never met or seen before. Travelling through bullets and swords to find her. All blindly following the orders his father gave him. Until he finds out the truth while following her trail. Scotland is in a land of destruction, years has passed since their kingdom has fallen with its king and queen. They are still hopeful to find the little princess and bring the kingdom back up to its full pride. All the while, England and all it's enemies are coming in close to their borders. Will Romy help save Scotland? Will Bastien help Romy or to finally destroy her with his father's orders?

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Chapter 1: Romy's POV

There was a knock at the door, startling the young woman in the bed. “Miss, your aunt Eleonore is wishing you to get up this morning.” The maid said at the door, she opens the door wider, bringing in two more girls. The maid, Marie. Has black hair in a tight bun with the usual maid outfit, black dress with white apron and bonnet. The other girls wore similar clothes, they each have a red arm band on their left arm, signalling that they are the young woman’s personal maids. Both of the maids has blonde hair. One is named Margot, she has freckles sprinkled across her nose and cheeks. The other maid is named Clara, she always has had a smile on her face throughout all these years.

They all entered the young woman’s room, Marie heading towards the simply white Chelsea Armoire. Picking out a beautiful sleeveless blue v neck open back dress. The dress is a deep blue, with silver and black jewels decorating the chest piece. Clara went over to the jewelry table, picking out silver studs with a deep blue gem in the center. Margot found silver flats, with silver ribbons. Marie, ushered the young woman towards the circular platform. The young woman stepped up onto the platform. Clara and Margot quickly ushered the black silk nightgown off of the young woman.
Marie grabbed a deep v lined corset and slipped it around the young woman’s waist, stitching it through the loops. Marie pulled tightly and tied the strings together. The young woman looked up, closing her eyes. Clara brought the dress over to Marie, where they both slipped it over the young woman’s arms and head. Straightening the dress out. Margot placed the shoes in front of the young woman. The young woman slipped her feet into the shoes, Margot laced the silver ribbons around the woman’s ankles and up her calves. Marie lead the woman to the mirror and sat her down, running her fingers through the red locks. She grabbed the comb and started combing through the tangles. Margot washed the woman’s hands and arms. While Clara went and found some deep blue and silver ribbons. Marie switched from the comb to a brush, brushing her hair. Marie let some of her hair down from around her ears, framing the woman’s face. Her hair up in a high ponytail, dangling with perfect red curls. The young woman put the earrings in.
Marie had cleaned the room while Margot and Clara worked on the woman’s make up. When they were done, they each went out with closing the door behind them. The young woman looked at herself in the mirror. Pale creamy skin, stormy blue eyes, red plump lips, skinny in the hips with a perfect chest. She grinded her teeth together and got up. She fished out her favorite perfume, water lily with tropical fruits and berries. She made her way out of her room, walking down the hallway with sunlight streaming in. Her dress swaying slightly against her legs. Her feet fluttered down the winding stairs, dress brushing the stairs. Her elegant long fingers traced the stone walls.
Maids, cooks, soldiers running around, being where they are supposed to be. Some stopped and bowed, others went on their way. Her aunt Eleonore’s voice travelled down from the dining hall. She made her way towards the dining hall, stepping away from workers. She rubbed her hands and she gotten closer to the hall.
“Ah Romy, you’re awake!” Her aunt had squealed while ushering some people away. Her aunt grabbed her arm and whispered in her ear, “if you tell anyone what happened, I will kill you. Do you understand? Good.” She scolded Romy. Romy looked away, “yes ma’am I will not.” “Now shoo, go away. We have company coming over and I don’t want you to be around them otherwise we will have a big problem.” She threatened. She let go of her arm and turned away from her and headed to the high seat. Romy followed and sat at her regular spot, the opposite side of where aunt Eleonore sits. Two sequels were heard down the hall, laughter followed them into the dining room. Two beautiful brunettes with a handsome man on their arm. They each made their way to their seats. Both brunettes ignored Romy and stacked their nose in the air. One brunette is Emma and the other is Adele. They both are identical twins. Button noses, long brown hair, doe eyes with the lightest brown, each are tall and slender. Emma always has her hair curled and loose, while her twin, Adele had hers up in a braided bun.
Cooks and waiters brought it dishes of eggs, bacon, croissants, ham, jelly, fresh fruits, and with fresh squeezed juice. “Let’s say a prayer, ladies and gentlemen, if you will.” We bowed our heads. Aunt Eleonore holding her hands with Emma and Adele. The two men bowed their heads and hold hands with the two girls. Romy sat alone and the end of table. “Dear father, thank you for the food and please bless it...” As aunt Eleonore trailed on, Romy fixes her dress and hair. A little bit of the mark where aunt Eleonore had her hand is still there, but barely. She rubbed the area, hoping it would go away. “Please please please, let Romy find a suitor who would have her, in your name, amen.” Aunt Eleonore finished, while the others said their amens.
Cooks and waiters dished out the food to each person, when they got to Romy, aunt Eleonore spoke, “don’t give her too much, give her some fruit. You need to watch your weight Romy.” She scolded her. The waiter gave her some fruit. Romy ate a piece of fruit slowly. Her stomach turning and face burning from the call out. “Excuse me, I am going to go for a walk,” Romy said quickly and quietly. Her aunt just nodded, cousins ignored her, as usual. Romy made her way out of the dining hall and down the hall towards the gardens. Her dress swishing and swaying as her feet picked up to a run. Tears threatened to fall.
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babydexie325: About the story Its simple,direct and exciting.. twist and turning the story becomes boring like so many novel nowadays...the characters, so real, one would fall in love with almost in an the writer, u did a great job! Looking forward for more of ur stories...

Lydia: Absolute amazing, perfect suspense and build up to the ending. Hope there is a book 2

Ella: I absolutely love this book. If I could, I would recommend this book to everyone. I loved the plot, and the character development. All in all, it was an awesome book, and I can’t wait to read more by the author! This book was so beautifully written and moved me and made me feel so much emotions. ...

Kaari: The return of vega is quite the unforeseen nuisance but I can't wait to find out how this family of misfits takes care of him just hope the baby makes it

M: So far so good, I’m liking where it’s going.

Kaari: Just finishing book 4 of this great series and will read 5 before the night is through

Mancey: Je trouve l'histoire facile à lire. Agréable et romantique à souhait. J'aime beaucoup, hâte de pouvoir lire la suite.

Namugwanya: am eager to finish the book

LoadingLemon: really enjoying the plot right now can’t wait to keep reading

Weitere Empfehlungen

Katie: This book is well written and flows nicely. Very few grammatical errors. I recommend this book as it will really play with all your emotions. Good job author. Keep up the good work. 💜💜

Danny: Me re gustó que digo me encantó...Lamentablemente no me gustó que...hayaterminado 😭100/10

Yohana: Me a parecido demasiado interesante, me gusta que sea una historia que tenga un buen desarrollo y que de alguna manera esté un poco más largas de las que e leído, también me gusta que tenga buenos argumentos y especificaciones pero sin llegar a ser aburrido y sin demasiado drama, es muy buena his...

CROCNOIR: L'intrigue est on ne peut plus original et très bien rédigé, bien détaillé donc on se plonge dedans très facilement ! Perso j'aime beaucoup et j'ai hâte de voir la suite !! 😉

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