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The Pretty Boys

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Zariah McCalister, has no idea what's she's getting herself into when she transfers to Cambridge Over-Sea's Academy. The only reason why she transferred second quarter of her Senior year was to be with her twin brother Zac. Once she steps foot into the luxuries academy, her perspective of high school changes forever. The Pretty Boys, are five gorgeous bad boy sex gods, who have nothing but the bad boy vibe. These Pretty Boys give the bad boy definition a whole different title. So Welcome to Cambridge Over-Seas Academy, you just entered The Pretty Boys territory.


Chapter 0.0: Airplane Mishap

I always despised airplane rides.

It was something about being so high off the ground, and the jerking of the airplane, which made me want to curl in a ball. Before I even entered the airport I knew this was going to happen. The last two times I rode in an airplane I was stuck in the bathroom vomiting acid, until one of the flight attendants helped me calm down.

I had no idea why my stomach suddenly wanted to act like the victim and spit out the breakfast I had this morning. I was feeling perfectly fine, up to the point when the airplane dropped so many feet from the air. The pilot made us buckle our seatbelts until we passed the storm, but it seemed by each ticking minute we weren’t passing it!

My hand lay on my stomach while my other hand gripped tightly onto the seat. The food was sneakily creeping up to the verge of my throat. I clenched my jaw tightly trying my best to keep down my food.

The guy beside me glanced at me worriedly. “Hey, are you okay?” He took off his ear pods and stuffed them inside his jacket.

I nodded. I would have told him something but I was afraid if I spoke I would end up hurling my breakfast on his lap. My nodding didn’t satisfy him though, he picked up the arm rester, and reclined me forward.

“It’s a bit too late to ask this, but can I touch you?” He said awkwardly.

I gave him a crazy look.

“Okay, not like that obviously!” He rolled his eyes.

Of course not! I wasn’t thinking in a perverted way, but what the hell was he planning to do? The plane shook again and this time my stomach cringed. Quickly, I looked at the guy, and gave him permission to do whatever he was planning.

He placed his hand on my back and began to move it circler motion. I felt a bit confused, in what way was this suppose to help me? Suddenly I heard him call over one of the flight attendants, and he asked her for a barf bag.

“You need to breathe threw your nose and exhale through your mouth, that way you’ll feel less nauseas,” I heard him say.

I shook my head. There was no way in hell I was going to open my mouth. I was riding in first class and if I threw up here, I would feel ashamed. The flight attendant came back with the bag and handed it to him.

“Trust me, you won’t throw up I promise, and if you do I’ll have the bag right in front of you,” He said quietly.

I looked at the blue plastic bag then at the guy. I couldn’t really care what these people thought about me, I would never see them again. If I threw up on the guy he wouldn’t see me ever again either. So what did I have to loose?

I placed my hands on my knees positioning myself to throw up if I had too. The guy placed the barf bag in front of me, keeping his other hand circling my back. Slowly I inhaled through my nose, and exhale with my mouth slightly open. At first I did feel like throwing up, but after a few inhales and exhales, the nausea slowly disappeared.

“Do you still feel like throwing up?” He finally asked when I was breathing normally.

I postured myself nodding. “No, I feel fine now, thanks,” I smiled.

He handed me the barf bag. “I used to get sick every time I would ride an airplane. I had to find a way to keep myself calm, and this is the way I did it,” he explained.

“I don’t know why I get so sick when I ride airplanes,” I confessed. “I think its cause I’m scared of heights?” I questioned.

He chuckled quietly. “Maybe, I’m Aaron by the way,”

I looked straight into his light honey eyes. “Zariah,”

He grabbed his earphones and puts them back on. I looked down at the barf bag, settling it in between my legs. I didn’t want to put it away just in case I actually do throw up; I have somewhere to aim at. I grabbed my iPhone and turned on my music and tried to relax.

The airplane ride wasn’t long two or three hours max, but we hadn’t even been on the plane for thirty-minutes. I pushed the time remaining aside, and without warning I fell asleep.

I don’t know for how long I slept but the nap was well needed. I opened my eyes and I realize I was reclined on someone’s arm. Whoever the person was they had muscles and soft skin.  I pushed myself up and look at Aaron he was still listening to music. He took one of his ear buds and smiles at me.

“Your face has color again!” He exclaimed.

I felt my cheeks turning red from embarrassment. “Sorry about falling asleep on you,” I scratched the back of my neck nervously.

“Oh you didn’t fall asleep on me, I pulled you towards me. You kept bobbing you head from side to side, so I thought it would be best to recline you on me,” He said coolly.

Well that was nice of him. “Oh, thank you,” I looked down at my phone reading the time. We still had another hour to go.

Great. How was I supposed to keep myself entertained for another hour? I didn’t want to go back to sleep because I was afraid I would wake up on Aaron’s arm again. And I didn’t want to just sit here without doing anything either because then I would feel sick again.

For a while I played with the lock screen on phone. I kept unlocking it and locking, until I heard Aaron laughing to himself. I looked up at him seeing him staring at me as I played boringly with my phone.

“I see you’re having fun there,” He said sarcastically.

“Yeah, I’m having loads of fun!” I played along.

He took of his earphones and stuck them back into the pocket of his jacket. “Since you look like any minute now you’re going to die, how about we play twenty-one questions?” He suggested.

I didn’t feel very comfortable playing a game like that with a stranger, especially when a stranger is hot as hell. I know what you’re thinking, how in the hell are you not going to play with someone who’s hot? I’m not the type of girl to play twenty-one questions with a random stranger, since the game gets personal at some point. But I was extremely bored, and I couldn’t see the harm of it, I agreed.

“You start off first though,” I said facing him.

He bit down on his bottom lip thinking. “I don’t want to ask you overly-asked questions,” He muttered. “Why are you Tampa, Florida?”

“I’m going to schools over sea’s, and you?”

“You can’t ask the same question!” He scolded me.

I frowned. Well that’s no fun! I thought about my question for a second, I didn’t want to ask him an overly-ask question either.

“Can you touch your nose with your tongue?” I blurted out.

Yeah Zariah, that’s the best question you could think of? Aaron smirked, he stuck out his pink slimy tongue, which happened to be freaking long, and touched his nose. My jaw dropped a bit when I saw that. Was it normal for a guy to have such a long tongue!

“That answers your question! Why are you going over-seas for school?”

Now the answer to that question was a bit personal. I didn’t want to help the reason why I left my old high school and decided to join my twin brother on Cambridge Over-sea Academy.

I looked down at my hands. “That’s a personal answer,” I admitted.

“It’s cool. Are you a romantic or horror flick type of chick?” He changed the question, not bothering to ask why.

“Neither I love comedy,” Horror was a bit too freaky for me to handle, and sappy love stories make me sick. Comedy has that stupid but love type of vibe, if it makes any sense.

He was a bit taken back. “I could have sworn you were a romance type of chick!” He looked at me suspiciously.

“I’m not!” I laughed. “Romance movies aren’t my thing!”

“Whatever,” He mumbled.

“My turn, what awaits for you in Tampa?”

He narrowed his eyes. “That’s a bit similar to the question I asked you,”

I shook my head. “Nope,” I responded popping the p. “Whole different question,” I grinned.

He rolled his eyes. “Another year of misery awaits for me in Tampa,” He sighed.

“You act like you’re going to be murdered,” I whispered so only him and I could hear it.

He lowered his face down to my level. “I might be murdered,” He teased.

“Lair,” I shot back.

He straightens himself out chuckling. “How old are you Zariah?”

“Seventeen,” I mumbled. He looked way older than me and once he finds out I’m not even legal yet, he’ll stop talking to me.

I was expecting for him to say something, but the pilot came on the intercom, and informed us we would be landing in the next three minutes. So we both straighten ourselves forward and gathered our belongings.

I lowered down the arm recliner and rested my arm. The only thing I hate more than how sick I get on the plane, it’s when the plane lands. As we lowered back onto the ground I closed my eyes, and did the trick Aaron taught me.

The landing wasn’t as bad as I imagined being. Once the airplane was secured, we were able to leave. I unbuckled my belt and stepped into the small pathway. I opened the cabinet pulling out my messenger bag.

“We didn’t get to finish our game,” I heard Aaron say as we entered the airport lobby.

He was walking right beside me; I hadn’t realized earlier in the plane Aaron was extremely tall.  It didn’t bother me if he was a giant, but having him right next to me made me feel like an ant.

“I know, we’ll have arrange our game some other time,” I responded.

We stopped in front of our baggage claim aisle and waited for the bags to start popping out from behind.

“Well while we wait let’s see how far we can go,” He said looking down at me.

“Sure, what college do you go too?”

“I’m not in college, I’m a senior in high school,” He tried to hide the amusement in his voice.

“You’re still in high school!” I shrieked, a little to loudly. Some of the people passing by stared at me.  “How old are you,” I said in my normal tone.

“Eighteen,” He responded.  “Since you asked two questions I get to ask two questions. What over-seas academy are you going too, and what grade are you in?”

I stared at the square shaped whole where our baggage is supposed to come out. I didn’t want to miss my bags. 

“Cambridge Academy, and I’m a senior,” I said not looking at him.

“Well then, I take back what I said earlier.” I heard him say. “Misery doesn’t await me here anymore,”

That surely caught my attention. What was that supposed to mean?


For the past three nights I keep dreaming about this so I thought I would make it into a book:D You'll like it I swear:D






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