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The Pretty Boys 2

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This is the sequel (continuation) of The Pretty Boys. Zariah is determine to get her revenge on Daniel even if it means putting herself in dangerous territory.

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So you guys wanted a sequel and here it is. This book is going to be a lot more explicit than the first book so READ ON YOUR OWN RISK. There will be a lot of content of violence, drug use, and sexual content. With that being said,

You're back on Pretty Boy Territory.

One Year Later:

I ran my hand over my blonde hair, bringing it to the left side of my face. The sound of my heels clattering on the marble floor were the only sound echoing through the long dark hall. Zane walked beside me with a nonchalant expression. A year ago, walking through unknown territory would have me shaking, now this is what my life consistent of. I go into places a girl like me shouldn't even dare stepping ground on. Problem is, nothing scares me anymore. On the contrary, I scare people.

A tall bald man was standing at the end of the hall, waiting paitently for us. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you." He said shaking my hand firmly.

"Likewise." I simply responded.

"We were surprised when you asked to attend the sale for tonight. Usually, we don't have women attend these things."

A week ago I wouldn't have imagine seeing myself here either, but things change. A unexpected person appeared into my life and my entire strategy to take Daniel down changed completely. It seemed like Daniel had a lot more enemies than I thought. 

I was leaving a coffee shop in London when a women with dark brown hair stopped me. There something in the glare in her eyes it reminded me of myself. It didn't shine like the rest of the people. I could tell she was holding onto a lot of hate and I found it interesting. Instead of walking away from her, I gave her my full attention.

"What can I help you with?" I asked her.

"You knew my daughter Zendaya, I'm her mother."

My heart dropped. I knew Zen had a mother but we were never able to get a hold of her. Everything happened so fast and we had to leave her body behind. The news had mentioned about a female body being found and her family had been contacted. Roxanne father forbid us to get involve with her mother. We weren't going to listen to him and we tried looking for her. She's like a ghost, the same way she claimed Zen's body she disappeared.

I lost my composure for a moment. Zen last moments alive came flashing back into my mind, reopening wounds.

"How did you find me?" I responded. A lot has changed since we lost the boys. We came back to London and started a new life here. I wish I could say we changed our identities and finished high school. That we tried to be normal but the humane part of us had died the night we lost Aaron, Zac, and Zen.

Our life's hasn't been made up by pure revenge towards Daniel. We had to make a living for ourselves and we did it in the only way we knew, dealing drugs. Zane had been the quiet one but his parents were involved in a different world, a place he was familiar with. He had contacts, arrange suppliers, and grew networks. We took down one of Daniel's ports and with that we've been receiving and shipping supply. He hasn't dared fighting for it back, the last time I heard anything about him he moved his family to a different location.

We've learned how to keep ourselves away from the police eye or even making direct contact with any of the people involved in our chain. Whenever things need to be taken care of, I'll show my face but even then they don't know a thing about me. The guys bought a estate outside the skirts of London and shield off from the world. We grew fond of the small world we build.

"It was harder than you can imagine, but I got a hold of Roxanne and she led me to you."

"We tried finding you after her death. I wanted to tell you what happened to her and say we didn't want to leave her there. Everything-" she raised her hand stopping me.

"I know what happened to her. I know the pig of an ex-husband I have.  Also, I heard you lost Aaron and Zac because of him too. So, I didn't come here to hear you tell me what happened to my daughter. Im here to talk business."

I gave her a look. "I don't do business, if you want to get involve with us like that call Zane he'll talk business with you." I placed my sunglasses on and began to walk away from her.

"Not that kind of business, I meant in the business of Daniel. I know you're planning on taking him down and I can help you with destroying him." She spat out.

I stopped walking and turned around to look at her. "How? He's been off the radar for months. I have hold of three of his ports and the son of a bitch is still making money."

"He's not the one running his business anymore, his son is."

I didn't know that. "He makes the deals for his father but he isn't the new owner. Daniel has high hopes for the kid, has him in Harvard. He's dating New York's Mayor Daughter Samantha. He lives a double life."

"So you know where Daniel is?" I questioned her.

"No, but his son does. He takes a new girl to him every few months. I don't know if he still sales them but I know Daniel has him buying girls very often. Actually, Ashton will be here next week for the virgin sale."

I narrowed my eyes, shes been doing her investigation. It's all too good to be true. "How do you know all of this?" I stupidly asked her, a rookie move on my part.

"I'm the ex-wife, I needed to know the double life the pig lived with the bitch. Plus, every human trafficking ring has to have a leader, you're looking at one of those leaders. Daniel doesn't know I also lived a second life. I knew he was going to leave me as soon as the next brunette girl with a big ass walked by. He left my daughter and I with nothing, I had to make a living somehow." She shrugged.

I'm not fond of the human trafficking network, we don't get twisted with them. They're a different cartel and a pretty dangerous one too. They buy drugs from us but that's as close as we get to them. We've never attended their sales or brought girls to get priced to them. It would explain why Zen was there the night we kidnapped her. She might have been staying with Daniel for a brief time, but she was there scouting girls for her mom.

"What are you asking of me? I'm not killing his family. His children have nothing to do with this." I made myself clear. I threaten Daniel with his family life to let him know I was serious, but I refuse to kill his family for another persons satisfaction. The most I'll do is kidnapped them to lure Daniel but I will not shed their blood on my hands.

"I was a mother once. I hate the bitch but not enough to take her kids away. Ashton is the best way to get to Daniel. Betray Ashton, destroy his world and you'll begin to destroy Daniels. Than, you kidnap Ashton and when Daniel comes to save him, you capture him. Together we can kill the son of a bitch." She fumed.

I was hesitant to respond to her.

"Ashton will be fine, mommy will have him covered." She assured me.

"I get to kill him off." I told her. "Daniel. I get to take his life away."


For the rest of the week I learned about Ashton and every single detail about his life. Amelia, Zen mom, wrote my name down on the list of buyers. This was her sale, I doubt any buyer has ever seen the ring leader of this thing and if they say they have they mention it's a guy.

The guy opened the door for me and led me into the presentation room. There was a total of five people on the room. There was a long row in the middle of the room facing a glass window. Each seat had a small green button you could place your bid. The face expression of the men was priceless. They were surprised to see a girl here. The bald guy sat me on the first seat to the left. Examining the four guys, I notice Ashton on the end of the row. He was as surprised as the men.

I took my seat and asked for a Long Island drink. The men continued to look at me, dumbfounded about what was happening.  I wanted to say something to them, a sarcastic remark, but I kept quiet. Letting them sink in what was before their eyes.

"I'm going to step out for a brief moment, Logan keeps calling." Zane whispered in my ear.

I nodded. "Okay."

The waiter brought my drink back the same moment the curtain opened and the first option for sale was standing in the middle of a platform. Beside the window was a flatscreen television with minor details about her. She was fifteen years old, an american girl. She had flawless skin and a nice curve body. She couldn't see us but our eyes met and I saw how dark her eyes were. This girl was used to this life, she brought herself in here. I relaxed my back on my seat, taking a sip of my drink. From the corner of my eye, Ashton was on his phone, completely ignoring the first candidate.

We are allowed to check all the girls for sale first before making our bid. If there are bids on the same girl the person with the highest bid gets the girl. Six girls were presented and each girl had the same glow in her eye as the first one who was presented to us. I tried to figure out if these girls had already accepted the life they were destined to have or they were hoping these old disgusting guys were going to give them a luxurious life.

Ashton seemed to get more annoyed by each girl being presented. What exactly was he looking for? What type of girl was Daniel craving now? The last girl walked in and just by how she carried herself, she had no hope left in her. My chest tighten as she sobbed uncontrollably begging for someone to get her out of there. None of these girls deserve to be in here, they're not animals, but I can't save them all. I probably can't save not even one.

My stomach turned into a knot as the men laughed in pure entertainment from the girls anguishment. I wish I'd gotten up and killed them all. Ashton was the only one staring at the girl, with the same sick expression as mine. I watched as he pressed the button beside him placing his bid. Without hesitation I pressed the button down, bidding on her too.

Quickly, the laughter of the men seize and they turned to look at me, including Ashton. The bald guy comes back into the room, getting in front of the window.

"It seems like we have to bidders for this girl. What's the starting bid Mr. Divila." He turned to look Ashton.

"25 grand." Ashton low voice caused chills to go down my spine.

The plan was to come to the sale to get a vibe from Ashton, not to purchase a girl, but seeing her in misery I had to do something. I had never done something like this before. These animals were giving a human being a price. God only knows what these beast, including Ashton does with these girls.

"35 grand." I spoke up.

"45 grand" He quickly said.

"55 grand" The money wasn't a problem for me. I had it, all I wanted was for the girl to come home with me. Daniel wasn't going to get a hold of her.

"75 grand." He responded, giving me a small smirk. "So the lady likes her virgin girls." He commented, his blue eyes burning holes in me.

I scoffed. Even with my heart beating against my chest rapidly, I kept a casual composure. "What can I say, a girl likes what she likes." I responded, looking away from his stare.

"90 grand."  The men in the middle began to whisper among themselves. I don't know how much girls usually are sold off for, but if Ashton kept rising his bet so would I.

"110" He simply said.

I took in a deep breathe. Zane wasn't going to be mad about this but I had no choice. "200."

Ashton pressed the button retrieving his bid on the girl. "You win." I heard him muffle to himself.

The bald guy was speechless. "We will have her ready in a bit for you." He was about to leave the room when I asked him to stop. I got up from my seat and went to him.

I pulled out a card from my handbag and hand it over. "Call the number on the card, he'll come pick her up. I have to go. By when do you need the money?" I asked him.

"I have to call my boss. I know it's a lot of money to be carrying around, maybe a compromise can be made." He said. I let him step out the room before I followed behind.

Zane was standing outside texting someone.

"What happened?" He asked me, when he noticed me standing beside him.

"I bought a girl." My mouth went dry.

He turned to look at me confused. "You're kidding right?"

I shook my head. "I bought a girl for 200,000 dollars."

"That wasn't-"

"I know, what the plan was but you had to see the girl, she was sobbing and I-" My voice nearly cracked. I run my fingers through my hair, gathering myself. "We have the money, so it's not a big deal."

"What the hell are we going to do with a girl? We can't just set her free she'll dig our own graves." He hissed.

I glared angrily at him. "I don't know, but she's not staying here." I spat.

My phone began to ring and it was Amelia. Gliding my finger over the screen I placed the phone over my ear.

"She's the type of girls Daniel looks for." Was the first thing she said.

"She has needle marks from where you shot  drugs into her." I hissed.

"How my ladies prepare the girls for presentation isn't my problem. Take her, she's my present to you for helping me out. I like your strategy on out bidding Ashton for the girl. I was watching the whole time. He looked at you when you walked out. You sparked his interest." She said amused. "Good luck."  She hanged up.

I placed my phone back in my bag and looked at Zane. "She's free." I responded.

"This isn't a good idea." He said it again.

"I'll figure something out." The door behind us opened and Ashton walked out.

A small smirk formed on his lips. "You're good competition."


He licked his pink lips, before saying. "Hope to see you around." I watched him walk down the hall, meeting up with his own guard.

"What now?" Zane asked.

"I make him mine." I whispered, biting down on my lip.

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