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The Youtuber's Obsession

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Not fan fiction. All characters are my creation. If there's a youtuber/ streamer named Spencer, I have never heard of them. -- Sam Cromwell is a quiet,  lone human of a three-dog pack. He lives a dull life, working and caring for his dogs while avoiding people when he can. His neighbors leave him alone, are quiet, and respect the thin walls. A new man moves in across the hall and suddenly he has human interaction he isn't certain of at first. His life changes, but is it for the best or the worst? What will happen when his life is turned sideways?  Spencer, a YouTuber, is introduced to his new neighbor by a wayward, hyper dog. Upon meeting the owner, he quickly forms an attraction and will only stop once he achieves his goal. He will say and do anything he could to have Sam where he wants him. Will this unhealthy obsession ruin his chances or give him everything he is working towards? What will he do when someone tries to get in his way? 

Romance / Other
Anxious Coffee Boy

Author Says

Hello! Welcome to The Youtubers Obsession! There are a few things I want to go over before you continue, as there may be scenes in the book that could be labeled as red flags, especially for BDSM. Please read this to avoid commenting on things I’m already aware of, I’m trying to warn those who know well what is good and bad in the lifestyle of BDSM. I’m not trying to play off the red flags and the very real issue of horrible dominants. This is just a fictional story, to show others it’s not always safe and to trust the person you allow power over yourself. I’m very much aware of everything in the book, just want to make sure you know that it is not me being fully uneducated. Though, I admit, I have much more to learn as no one is completely done learning about this topic. There’s always something to learn.

This is not fan fiction. There are no real-life YouTubers /streamers in this, all characters are my own creations. If you're here for smut, I'm sorry to say there's only one scene here- if you could call it that.

Firstly, everything is on purpose. Dominants, and Subs, are not always going to be good. There are people who are bad and use the lifestyle to their advantage.

Any scenes in this book that imply, show, or speak of a bad Dominant are on purpose. This includes red flags. I do not support unhealthy relationships.

Manipulation may play a favor in this book as well, a character knowingly using things to convince someone to do something.

A character is easily forgiving. This could annoy people, I’m aware. It’s how I made their personality, I don’t wanna hear about how stupid they are or anything along those lines. I know this and made them that way. Remember, there are real people in the world that possibly react the same as this character. Not everyone will react as you will, or would.

If there are wording, phrasing, or grammar mistakes, feel free to correct them. Wattpad/Inkitt versions will be unedited, and Patreon gets edited copies of chapters. The manuscript is proofread and edited to the best of my ability before I publish it to it Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Please be kind, there is no need for a rude comment on a simple, honest mistake. It just makes you look like an asshole. No one likes assholes.

This book is full copyright, no using the characters, scenes, or anything of the like elsewhere. I own and created everything with the expectation of YouTube. No permission will be given to translate or do other projects due to this.

That’s all, I think. Continue on, leave feedback and I hope you enjoy the book!

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Weitere Empfehlungen

Liz: Tolle Geschichte und total spannend. Bitte mehrere Kapitel...Mach weiter so👍🏻

Anna: This book was amazing. The mother is a nut

Jennie: Spelling and Grammer, yes, needs fixed, but I understand it, and I am so into it. You said it wasn't perfect, but I'm hoping for more!!! I love it and can't stop reading it!!!!

doreenL: Einfach schön. Ich konnte garnicht aufhören.

Bam.jk8338: Estuvo bien redactado y bien explicito, eso me gustó

annemirl56: Toller Schreibstil wie immer und sehr erotisch 😘😘muss auch dabei sein, sonst istces langweilig 😘

Molly: I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start this one as the characters are a bit younger but I wanted to see if this poor girl would finally be able to be free of abuse and open to accept love (family) and be able to heal. It’s is great so far, minimal spelling errors, I think the Spanish isn’t necessary ...

Shakeicha Young: Really enjoyed this read!!!

Amy: The plot, as usual, is excellent.Author still needs to work on describing people, scenes, buildings, etc (fuller if you will)…. In order to slow down the fast pace & provide a backdrop for the action.For example, the first time she walks around Blake’s pack- her impressions… big, small, beautiful...

Weitere Empfehlungen

nightowl71672: Great book, great Author would’ve liked to have known more about his sister but otherwise it was a really great book And I will be sharing it!!!!

annemirl56: Gefällt mir sehr gut! Gut und zügig zu lesen.. deine Bücher laden zum entspannen ein.Danke dafür 🫶🫶🫶

LaQuiche: Amazing for this slow build up to be so satisfying! Definitely a guilty pleasure!

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