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Tantalizing Temptations

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Joseph Zane hit it big late in life when Top Modelling Agency Temptations found him. Little did they know how big he was going to get. But when he parties a little too hard, two years of modelling is about to cause the agency problems. For the fear of losing their top model, they decide to hire him a personal assistant, in a bid to save him, and them. Evie Maddox. She is a quick-witted and young spirited woman who lied through her teeth to get the interview. After drowning her sorrows because she thought she blew it, will a drunken kiss she shared with Mr. Zane himself, spoil her chances of getting the job?

Romance / Humor
Arri Stone
4.9 18 Bewertungen

Chapter 1 - Evie

Oh my god! I can’t believe I got an interview. Everything was crazy fast and only a week a go I applied for the job at Temptations modeling agency. Not once did I think I would get it, as I lied through my teeth.

“Evie Maddox.” The voice called out to me.

I took a deep breath and stood, following the lady who called my name. There had been several ladies before me. Now I was nervous as hell.

“Enter.” She opened the door to a room where there were two well-dressed men in suits.

I took my seat opposite the men who seemed to scrutinize me and what I was wearing. I thought the blue fitted shirt and black knee-length pencil skirt were suitable. The blue sneaker I wore as footwear might not have been my best choice, though, but I didn’t do heels.

“You understand what this position is for?” The first man stared at me.

“Yes sir. Personal assistant to a Joseph Zane, sort out his life and keep him out of trouble.” I kept my hands linked in front of me to stop myself from shaking. This was the biggest interview I have ever gone for and lied through my teeth to get me here.

“Do you have any commitments which would stop you from being his personal assistant?” The other guy scanned over my resume.

“No, sir.” The confident girl inside of me was slowly slipping the longer he stared at the piece of paper in front of him. Most of it was an exaggeration of what I had done.

“It says here you worked at the Northern Press Paper. What did you do there?” He glanced up at me.

“Yes sir, I collaborated with the edit team. I helped evaluate the articles which were to publish. I believe this would give me a greater advantage over other candidates as I understand the way the press works. How something so little could be twisted into a greater news flash.” I smiled curtly at him. In reality, I made the teas and coffees, and ran errands around the office. But I listened to the different departments, especially the edit team. I loved how they could twist a simple word to make someone look bad.

He gave me a nod, and we carried on with the interview. I gave him the bullshit answers he wanted to hear, or at least I hoped they were correct. The two men stood, and I shook both their hands before leaving.

“Just one last question, Miss Maddox.”

I almost made it out of there in one piece. My insides were running like a washing machine and I needed the toilet so I could go throw up. “Yes, sir.” I let go of the door handle and faced the two gentlemen.

“Why did you come to an interview wearing sneakers?” He glanced down at my feet.

I beamed a huge smile. “Let me answer that one for you, sir. As a PA, I would be on my feet a lot, and there would be times it may involve running and getting the client moving as fast as possible. This would not be doable in a pair of high heels.” I bounced on my feet as if to prove a point.

“Thank you, Miss Maddox. We will be in touch with you later today with an answer.” They turned and went to sit back down.

I strolled down the corridor briskly, past three more women who were waiting for their turns. Their high heels and low cut top made me smirk. Unless they had an incredible background in PA, I still had my hopes high. But with every stride out of there, my hopes diminished.

By the time I reached the bar across the road, I quickly ordered a whisky and downed in one. It didn’t touch the sides, so I ordered another. “I totally blew it.” I muttered to myself.

“You can blow me.” A voice came from the corner. A hoodie top covered his face so he couldn’t be seen, and he nursed a tumbler of golden liquor.

“Yeah, right?” I laugh at him and ordered another drink.

“Usually it works.” He chuckled, and I rolled my eyes at him. Who does he think he is?

The third drink refreshed every part of my body and the light buzz hit me in ways I didn’t think possible. Normally I wouldn’t drink, so this was a dangerous game I was playing. But I just rocked an interview to be the PA for Joseph Zane, and I lied through my teeth.

I have had job interview after job interview. This was my last attempt to make it big; make something of my life. “Ugh.” I sank down on the seat at the bar and dropped my head against the wood.

“If you come and sit on my lap, I could take all your troubles away, sweetheart.” The same guy purred at me in a deep, sexy voice.

“Same again.” I ordered another whisky, ignoring the stranger. There was no way I was getting the job. Those ladies after me would probably only have to flash their tits at the old men, although they would need some kind of qualification to top it off. “Sling the sex beast at the end one as well. He might need it after I disappoint him.”

A laugh rumbled from his chest, and he came out of the corner and closer to me. “Somehow, I don’t think you will disappoint me.” He slid an arm around my waist and his whisky breath was far too close for my liking. But I was on my fourth whisky and well on my way to not giving a fuck.

Parts of me tingled that shouldn’t have. Maybe it was to do with not been in close contact with a guy for so long. I had kept my head down and worked to make something of my life. The crappy job as a newspaper coffee girl was the insight I needed to want more in the world of glamor and stars.

“So, what is a pretty girl like you doing here?” Sex oozed from his voice, but booze won over on his breath.

“Drowning my sorrows for flunking an interview.” They say practice makes perfection; maybe another few hundred interviews and I might just land my dream job. I finished my fourth drink and, that was me, done. “Oh, wow.” I hopped off the stool too quickly and nearly lost my balance. I had to get away from this stranger. My thoughts were becoming impure.

His hands steadied me, stopping me from falling flat on my ass. The way he gripped my waist; perfect amount of balance between being gentle and firm, how I’d expect a man to handle his woman during sex. His hot breath blew across my neck me as he towered above me and goosebumps formed over my skin. The tingling between my legs… Oh my, I had to squeeze them together so I could enjoy the pleasure, which was begging for much more.

A phone buzzed, and I wasn’t sure if it was mine or his. Like a blot of lightning, I panicked and fumbled around for my phone, only to forget I had put it on the bar. I grabbed it and was disappointed when I found out it wasn’t me who had received the message.

My throat was dry again. I had finished my drink, but he had some left in his. He wasn’t paying attention as he was on his phone, so I downed what was in his drink. I bought it anyway, so technically it was mine.

I needed to get out of here. With no messages, I turned to leave and ended up walking into a wall of muscle. He stumbled backwards, but those hands of his grabbed my waist again. “You owe me a drink.” This time he was in front, facing me.

I rolled my eyes and finally looked up to find out who this brash man was. “Technically, I bought it, so it was mine.” Holy shit, I did not say that to him.

“Then I’ll have to make sure that I get some of it back.” He smirked and my mouth parted as I tried to come up with a smart answer. He stared into my eyes, and it was easy how women fell to their knees for him.

He was moving… Or was it me? But his lips came dangerously close to mine. Then he swept off my feet as he kissed me. Joseph fucking Zane was kissing me! I clung to his top as his tongue pushed into my mouth and swirled around mine. The whisky flavors mixed in my mouth with his, oh lord… I was a gonna. One hand held the back of my head and the other slid down my side; his thumb brushed over my perky nipple.

I whimpered… fucking whimpered! The heat in here was becoming unbearable, and my skin was burning up. I had to stop this and get out of here. Now I hope I don’t get the job; I couldn’t face him if I did.

“See, I told you I wouldn’t be disappointed.” He grinned.

“Yeah, well, I am. You are drunk and I am drunk. There is no way that would happen on a normal day.” I patted his chest, took a deep breath and got out of there as fast as I could.

My phone rang as I walked out and I was shaking so much, I nearly dropped it. “Holy crap! No, they are ringing back to say I haven’t got it. Be cool.” After nearly shitting myself, I swiped the green answer button and took a deep breath. “Hello.”

“Good afternoon, Evie. This is Mr. Arnold and I am a representative of Mr. Zane and held the interview you attended earlier on. We would like you to come back for a second interview. Now, this may seem a little rushed, but we are selecting you out of three prospective candidates.”

“Oh, wow. I can only thank you for this fantastic opportunity. Yes, I will come back. When will that be?” Sweat is pouring down my back and down my forehead. I just hope they can’t tell I’ve been drinking.

“Can you return in one hour?”

Oh shit! Coffee. I need lots of coffee. “Yes, one hour will be fine.” I tried not to sound panicked. In reality, I’m about to pass out. He says nothing else and hangs up on me.

“One fucking hour to sober up!” I should not have fucked up like that. A laugh leaves my mouth as I hurried down the sidewalk, those others I’d leave for dust in the wind. Keeping fit was a top priority for me, hence my non ability to not drink much.

Ten minutes later, I’ve got the largest and strongest coffee imaginable in my hands and I drank it as fast as I could. A quick dash to the toilets to pee and freshen up. Mascara is the only makeup I wear usually, today I had a bit more on for the interview. I stand in funny positions under the dryer to air dry my body; I can only hope I don’t smell of booze. A lady came into the bathroom and started touching up her lips.

“You wouldn’t happen to have any body spray on you? Sorry, I know it is a weird request, but I’ve got a second interview and I went and overdid it on the few commiseration drinks before I got the call to say to come back.”

Without a word, she dug into the gigantic handbag and brought out a perfume for me. A few sprays and I thanked her before I hightailed it back to the offices where the first interview was held.

With a good time to spare, I made it back up, interested in who my competition was. Two other well manicured ladies in high heels were seated, with one leg poised over the other. I sat and crossed my legs at my ankles for comfort.

Ten minutes we were all called into the same meeting room, and the same guys.

“Take a seat, ladies.” He directed us to three chairs next to each other. “We called you back here so quickly, as this position is an immediate start. Mr. Zane has a schedule to keep to, and it is in my best interest that you are available to start immediately if you get the position.” He looked sternly over the three of us. I nodded enthusiastically, maybe a little too much, and I had to mentally tell myself off.

“Good. Mr. Zane will meet each one of you personally, as he will be the one working with you. There will be a clause signed in your contract to say you will not engage in any sexual contact with him. Your job is to keep him on his schedules and out of trouble. That means when there are after parties, you attend with him, watch his drinking, and make sure we keep him out of the papers for unruly behavior.”

I wanted to die right at this moment. Too late though, as the doors opened and a sexy as hell looking Joseph Zane walked into the room. The one and only Joseph Zane I was kissing an hour ago. I’m fucked straight away.

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