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The Eighth

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Macy Williams' life has been pretty crappy so far. In her sixteen years she has only lived with her drug addict mum. Finally after her mum overdoses Macy thinks her life may be different. What she didn't realise was just how different her life would be...

Romance / Other
Jessica Morel
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I’m the result of a one night stand. Yep, my mum told me that basically from birth. My mum wasn’t the best person or the best parent for that matter. It is not surprising that she overdosed. I know for a girl who just lost her mum I don’t seem that upset but the truth is I’m not.

Ding dong the bitch is dead in my opinion.

What sucks is she overdosed at the club and not at home. If it had been at home I would have hightailed it out of there but instead I’m stuck sitting across from a social worker.

“Macy? Can you hear me?” The woman across from me, I’m pretty sure her name is Trudy waves her hand in front of my face clearly thinking I zoned out.

“I’m stuck right?” I snap at her. She looks confused so I continue, “I was stuck with that bitch for sixteen years and now even in death she is haunting me.”

“Macy, your mother was-”

“A bitch? A druggo? High? Useless?”

“Macy.” Trudy uses her scary tone and I shut my mouth. This woman decides my fate, probably best not to piss her off.

I lower my eyes pulling out my tattered copy of ‘Gone with the Wind’. I ignore the woman sitting in front of me and instead open my book to the dog-eared page.

I hear a knock at the door and Trudy leaves with Officer Peters. Officer Peters was the one who collected me from school and told me about my mum. He had tissues at the ready assuming I’d be a crier. He was a little surprised to find out otherwise.

While most kids my age would have shoved their headphones in their ears by now I had no such luxury. My mum couldn’t afford to buy us food let alone an iPhone, hell, I’ve never even watched TV. According to the great Mandy Williams drugs were more important that food.

I let out a sigh as I lay my tattered book on the table. I take in my surroundings. I am no stranger to the 42nd Street Police Department. Police Chief Rogers and I go way back. I have spent a lot of time in this room. All small misdemeanours of course, nothing worth getting thrown in Juvie for. What else could people expect from Mandy Williams’ daughter?

The door opens revealing Trudy, Officer Peters and Police Chief Rogers.

“So what’s the verdict Chief?” I ask as they step into the room and the Chief chuckles at my forwardness.

“We have good news Macy.” Trudy smiles at me.

“I can go?” I ask excitedly standing from the table.

“Not so fast short stack.” Chief says pushing me back down to sitting.

“Short stack? Really? You are still using that nickname?” I whine crossing my arms over my chest.

I mean he’s not wrong I am only 4"11′ but hey, it could be worse. I may not have the blonde hair, blue eyes, stick thin model worthy look my mum had but my dead straight jet black isn’t unattractive. Paired with my green eyes I think I look ok. Alright who am I kidding? Height would be better.

“We have contacted your father.”

“Come again.” I stare at the three of them with my eyes wide.

“We have contacted your father.” The Chief says again a little slower this time.

“I don’t have a father.”

“The last time I brought you in I took a swab test do you remember that?” Chief Rogers looks at me thoughtfully and I nod. “I have been looking for your father Macy. You deserve a better life.”

“I don’t have a father.” I repeat myself.

“His name is Todd Barrett. He came to New York on a boys weekend seventeen years ago and met your mother.”

“I don’t have a father.” I keep repeating myself shaking my head back and forth hoping this all some crazy dream. I’ll wake up and head home to my mum who will ignore me as she shoots up in the corner. Everything will stay the same.

“He is forty-years old. He lives in California with his wife. He has three step sons and four sons of his own. He is a lawyer and his wife is a magazine editor.” Chief Rogers keeps explaining I still shake my head hoping to wake up.

“He has a life.” I say my voice almost a whisper. “Why would he want me?”

“Macy anyone would be lucky to have you.” Trudy says placing a hand on my shoulder. “You are a straight ‘A’ student and beautiful. Despite the hand you were dealt you have turned out to be an extraordinary young lady.”

“More like just ordinary.” I mutter.

“I have known you ten years Mace.” Chief Rogers says, “nothing about you is ordinary. I knew it the moment a six year old girl was bought into my precinct for pick-pocketing that you were anything but ordinary.”

“Turn a blind eye Chief. Just let me go.” I offer and the Chief chuckles shaking his head.

“Sorry Macy, no can do. I want the best for you. Your father is on the next flight out of San Francisco. He will be here in around six hours.”

“I don’t have a father.” I mutter again and the three people in the room laugh at me.

“Whatever you say Mace.” Chief Rogers leads the other out of the room. “I’ll have Peters bring you a change of clothes and a blanket. You are stuck with us a little while longer I’m afraid.”

With no clock in the room and no phone to speak of I have no idea what the time is. Officer Peters led me to the locker room to shower and change and now I lay on the interrogation room floor in my NYPD sweats. Using my copy of ‘Gone with the Wind’ as a pillow I stare at the ceiling thinking back over my crazy day.

After what could be minutes or hours because I don’t know the difference, I hear yelling outside the room.

“Sir you need to calm down.” Officer Peters says loudly.


“Macy is somewhat of a regular-” Chief Rogers starts and I chuckle to myself.

“SHE IS SIXTEEN!” The male voice cuts him off.

“Please Mr Barrett calm down!” The Chief insists.

“Let me see her!”

The door swings open and I do the only thing I can think of in the moment and pretend to be asleep. Stupid I know but I’m not the best at thinking on my feet.

“Mace you know that doesn’t work on me right?” Chief Rogers chuckles.

“Damn!” I mutter opening my eyes. I sit up slowly looking around the room. Trudy is in the doorway smiling at me, Officer Peters stands beside her, Chief is in front of me and my eye flick to the figure next to him. I gasp at the sight of the man that is apparently my father. “Holy crap.” I murmur.

Todd Barrett is without a doubt my father. The man in front of me has jet black hair and emerald green eyes. He looks in surprisingly good shape for a forty-year old. He is basically the old, male version of me except for his height. I would say he is around 6" maybe taller. I guess I got my mum’s height or lack there of.

“Where do I sign?” Todd asks his eyes leaving mine.

“Well I have all the documents here.” Trudy brings them over to the table. “Would you like to see the DNA tests Chief Rogers had processed.”

“No need.” Todd’s gaze flicks to me again. “She is clearly my daughter.”

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