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Reunited hearts

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10 years ago she left Texas, her brother and Callum Inconeti. it was the hardest decision of her life . Now she's back in her hometown to attend her highschool reunion. What happens when she sees the only man she's ever loved, the first man to set her heart on fire. The man who is now engaged to another woman. What will he do when the love of his life walks into the school gymnasium Seeing her for the first time after she left him heart broken. What will he do when he remembers he's engaged to someone else.

Romance / Drama
Lala 1975
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Chapter 1

Sierra's POV

Rushing out of work I look at the time, fuck I'm going to be late for my flight if I don't get a move on. I tried to get out earlier, but I was cornered by Mrs Carmichael. She has this son she told me. He is very handsome, successful and thought I was absolutely perfect to be the mother of his children when she showed him a photo of me.

I politely declined telling her that I was already seeing someone. In fact, I was catching a flight to go visit him for a couple of weeks. The disappointment on her face made me feel guilty for lying to her. Then I remembered I had met her son at last year's Christmas BBQ.

He's pushing 50, balding and has a very well nurtured beer gut. He also works at the fish market.

I run for the taxi I can see heading my way. My arms waving him down. I breathe a sigh of relief as thankfully he stops for me.

I check the time two hours to get to the airport in peak hour traffic in New York. I just count my blessings I had the sense to bring my luggage to work with me this morning. Otherwise, I'd be in big trouble.

As we crawl through the city my phone starts to ring. I check the caller id; a big smile comes to my face when I see who it is.

ME: hello who's this

Trudi: don't you fucking start with me bitch, you know exactly who this is.

ME: oh of course I do how could I ever forget you

Trudi: yes that's what I thought, so when are you getting here?

ME: my flight is in 1hr 45. The traffic is so bad Hopefully I don't miss it.

Trudi: don't you dare bitch I haven't seen you in nearly 18 months. Do you have any idea how many blowjobs I had to give Tom to agree to look after the kid's so we can have a girl's night.

I start laughing so loud the taxi driver gives me a strange look in his rear-view mirror. I mumble an apology. I can hear Trudi yelling at me. Shit I forgot about her.

Trudi: who were you saying sorry to?

ME: just the taxi driver

Trudi: well, fuck him and fuck you too if you don't get your bony ass here.

With that she hangs up. That girl has been my everything these last ten years. Keeping me updated on Toby, local gossip and of course Callum.

As I think of him my heart aches. Leaving him was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. I mean leaving my brother was no picnic, but I knew he would be supported by Callum's family. Leaving my first love tore me to shreds.

I haven't spoken to him since graduation the day I left. I called him a few times, but he never answered. Then one day his number was disconnected.

Trudi kept me up to date on his life. I felt like a stalker, but I just couldn't let it go. I wanted to know everything about his life. The only thing I didn't want to know if he was dating anyone.

The thought of him kissing someone else, making love to them brought me to tears. I never really dated in college. My focus was to study hard and get a great job, I never had time to date. Well, that's what I told myself. The past few years I have met men who wanted to take me out. I accepted a few times, but it never went past one date.

I look up as I see the airport terminal up ahead, breathing a sigh of relief. Trudi won't have to hunt me down now. When the taxi pulls up, I pay him, grabbing my suitcase and making my way to the checkout counter.

Ready or not here I come

Callum's POV

I'm sitting here impatiently waiting for my fiancée to get a fucking move on. We've been in this florist for an hour now picking flowers for our wedding. They're flowers for fuck's sake how hard can it be. Well apparently, I know shit because picking flowers for a 5-hour event is an art I was told.

I finally see her shaking hands with the lady in charge. Thank fuck we can leave now. My wife to be smiling brightly as she wraps her arms around me. Her beaming face makes my heart twinge with guilt.

When we started dating a couple of years ago, I told her I didn't have a lot to give, my heart was with someone else. She assured me she was a very patient woman and would be waiting for the day my heart was completely Free to love again. She's still waiting 2 years later.

I guide her out of the shop to my car. We get in driving to my mum and dad's house. My sister Amelia has met someone and wants to introduce him to her family.

30 minutes we pull up at my parents' house. I get out of the car walking to go inside; a screeching voice stops me. I look back to see I've left my fiancé in the car. Rolling my eyes I go back, opening her door and helping her out.

She kisses me quickly " thank you my love, you're such a gentleman" we walk to the house going inside with no drama this time. I take a moment to enjoy being back here in this home.

When Sierra left, I moved out the same day, I couldn't bare to be in this house one minute without her. I missed the laughter, the excitement of seeing her every morning and kissing her goodnight. My parents paid for me to travel with Tom and Trudi for a year. I decided to stay in Europe after Tom and Trudi returned to America. Working in one of my dad's international Hotels for a few years. When I finally came back, they had bought me a new house, they knew I was still struggling without my Tesoro.

Once I started working with my dad, I found out I was very good at management, so dad put me in charge of inventory, rostering staff and running the restaurants.

It was actually in that hotel I ran into the woman who I'm now engaged to. The same hotel Sierra and I stayed in for her 18th birthday. We started talking about our lives. What we had been up to etc. One thing led to another, and we ended up in bed together. I regretted it immediately after and vowed to never see her again.

Well fate had other ideas for me, she showed up 6 weeks later pregnant. How could I have been so fucking stupid not to remember to use a condom. One night when I was drunk, I proposed to her. Three weeks later she lost the baby, that was 2 years ago. I haven't had the heart to break it off my guilt eats at me. This is my retribution for all the bad shit I've done in my life.

My mum walks up to us, her face light's up when she sees me, at 46 she's still a beautiful woman. Her eyes narrow slightly when she sees my fiancée, my mum never got over Sierra leaving either. I think she was hoping that one day we would reunite in some grand romantic way. I did too, but it never happened.

" Callum my love, I'm so happy to see you. Have you spoken to your sister yet? This boy she's with is very special according to her".

I kiss my mum on the cheek, " no I haven't lately I'm afraid. Just the quick message from her asking me to come here today." My dad walks in looking at the three of us. He kisses my mum. Making her giggle like a teenage girl.

Looking at them, I can't help feeling that is what Sierra and I would have been like. We would have had the greatest love to end all time. I look at the woman next to me, her sour face says it all.

My mum offers us all a drink and some food while we wait for my sister to arrive with her new boyfriend. I excuse myself from the group, heading upstairs to my old room.

Walking in I look around at the bed I spent many nights dreaming of my girl. The nights we made love. The times we would stay up until all hours talking about the future we would have together. A future neither of us have.

I'm snapped out of my trip down memory lane by voices coming from downstairs. Heading back down I see my sister standing close to a tall man. He has shaggy blond hair, is slim but looks fit. Amelia sees me, squealing she runs over jumping into my arms kissing my cheek.

"Oh, hello big brother it's so good to see you, it's been far too long how have you been? Good, I hope. Well, I'd like to introduce you to my boyfriend". She walks over to the guy gripping his hand.

She whispers something in his ear, he nods turning around. I'm nearly knocked off my feet when I'm face to face with the boy who lived here with his sister 10 years ago. Only he's not a boy anymore. He's a man who's now dating my little sister.

He smiles at me holding his hand out " hello Callum it's been a long time".

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