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The Abduction of Her Dreams

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Waking up to what she thinks is another of her common lucid dreams, Mindy goes along with the large, bronze, alien male that has invaded her bedroom, following him through his portal to his spaceship. It doesn't take Mindy long to understand the planet she has been taken to as a 'Yuai Mate', is not a dream at all, and her hot, alien intended who resides there, will do anything to convince her to stay

Romance / Scifi
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Lucid Dream

Waking up to a rumble, Mindy’s eyes shot open, the bright light encompassing her room blinding them back shut.

“Who’s there?”

She tried her hardest to sound tough, like someone you shouldn’t mess with, but her heart’s racing was attempting to give her away, pounding loud and hard in her ears as the rumbling finally stopped.

Carefully peeking out of her right eye, she could see that it was much more tolerable to look, still lit up more than 3 am should be, but not blinding.

Opening both eyes and scanning the room, she saw nothing out of the ordinary, except a few things that had fallen from her desk in the shuffle of everything.

Her two windows, however, were lit up, whatever was hovering right outside them lighting up her whole room with a yellow glow.

“Mindy Hulton! Please step to the window!”

The voice rang out from a loudspeaker of sorts, and Mindy knew there was no way her roommate hadn’t heard that. Ginnie would come running to help at any minute.


“We would not want to scare you by coming in to see you, if you could open the window, so we may speak with you, Mindy Hulton.”

The voice was staticky sounding, yet the way the words were spoken made it seem as if English was not their first language.

Mindy waited another minute, the only sound in her room being a light humming that was coming from what she guessed was some sort of helicopter or plane hovering outside her window. She couldn’t quite make out what it was with the light shining in.

“We will come to you Mindy. Please do not be afraid. We come in peace.”

Mindy’s ears perked up and her eyes stared more intently at the mass outside her window. She pondered hard on what they could possibly have meant by them coming in peace. Maybe they were from another country or something?

She felt so baffled, and scared, waiting for the sound of crashing glass that would most likely happen at any moment.

Suddenly, a strange sound, almost whooshing in nature, emanated from in front of her.

A ball of light appeared, small at first, and slowly growing, the whooshing sound getting stronger as the light grew, eventually so large it touched from ceiling to floor. The large oval burnt with yellow light for a few seconds before a bronze-colored leg, with a very odd-looking sandal foot covering, popped out of it, startling Mindy.

Grabbing her nearest stuffed animal, Goopy Giraffe, to muffle her screams of terror, she watched as an at least 7-foot tall, bronze colored being emerged completely from, what she now guessed was, a portal.

Portal to where, she could only imagine.

Taking in the large person in front of her, Mindy could see he was not like any man she had ever seen and she started to realize she was most likely dreaming. His skin was so bronze it shone slightly in the light of her room, and his eyes are a deep purple color that pierced Mindy’s soul as he took her in in equal fascination.

He had two small, curved horns on either side of his head, and they were white with slightly beige tips. His eyebrows were thick and black, his hair the same, falling to just below his broad, bare shoulders. The tank top-looking armor he wore did a phenomenal job at showing off his rippling muscles. His face was so handsome that he ended up having to repeat his first words to her, as she was too busy studying its chiseled lines.

“Hello? Mindy? Can you hear my voice?”

“OH! Yes! Um, what are you doing in my room, in the middle of the night at that?”

Mindy was surprised she felt so calm in the hulking male’s presence, considering he was pretty intimidating in the way he carried himself.

“I have been sent here, among other places, to collect all the Yuai Mates that I can find with our newly approved technology. I am instructed to bring you with me to the planet Nulamore, where you will be matched with your Yuai Mate. It is an honor.”

Crossing one arm over his chest as some sort of salute, he stared at her expectantly in silence.

Mindy’s only reaction was to laugh and rub her eyes, willing this dream to take its course so she could go back to her boring life of taco bell manager by day and karaoke singer by night.

“I am glad you are happy at the prospect. Shall we head out?”

Mindy was now convinced this was a dream, taking the outstretched hand of the alien in front of her.

“Yeah sure, why the hell not, let’s see where this one goes.”

Mindy had always had very lucid dreams from a young age, and decided tonight she would just go along with it.

“Wonderful! You will feel a slight tingling sensation over your entire body as you step into the light, do not worry, it is just the transporter doing its job. Very safe.”

Before Mindy could even think of a good response to the non-safe way he sounded saying very safe, she was pulled into the portal. The tingling sensation she had been warned about started immediately, almost like your foot waking up from being dead asleep. It was slightly uncomfortable, but not too terrible.

She gripped the alien hand that pulled her, his rough, strong grip the only reassurance she had that she would come out the other side.

Walking out of the portal, Mindy was overwhelmed by how foreign everything was. There was not one thing inside the ship that she could recognize, everything alien, including the 5 beings that were starting to crowd around her and her alien dream guide.

“She has agreed to come back with us.”

A cheer broke out from all the aliens which looked eerily similar in size and bronze color to the one who had fetched her. The only differences she could see were the varying shades of their purple eyes, and the way their horns looked, some smaller, some bigger, one not having any horns at all.

As Mindy walked around brazenly touching and taking in all the strange gadgets and lights that surrounded the ship, she marveled at how elaborate her dreams were becoming, resolving to write a book after this one.

Looking back to the huddled group of aliens, Mindy jumped when one stuck out their tongue, licking their upper cheek with the longest, split all the way down the middle, snake tongue she had ever seen.

Another thing that was very different from humans.

“Mindy Hulton.”

Mindy closed her mouth and tore her stare from the alien’s tongue that was still out and just lazily wandering around their face.

“Just Mindy is fine.”

“Mindy, we must all be put into the Kip machines before we can start our journey back home. Judging by the earth technology I have seen so far, you have not reached this level of machinery yet, and may therefore be slightly stressed by the unfamiliar sight of it.”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

Mindy knew if this was real life, she would not be fine, but knowing it was just too ridiculous to be anything but a dream, she had a sense of adventure and daring promoting her decisions.

“If you would follow me.”

The alien with lighter purple eyes and no horns held out his hand, and Mindy grabbed it, his much softer than the other’s as he dragged her towards a wall that opened sideways once they were within 3 feet of it.

Inside the adjourning room it was much emptier, the walls and ceiling full of lights and wires that led down to 8 bathtub looking contraptions spread in 2 lines of 4 on the floor. They were filled with a light blue gel type substance, and Mindy watched as a few of the aliens sunk into it, face, and all, hooking up their arms to the cords running into the gel.

“These are helpful to save us from the radiation effects of traveling such long distances in such a short time period.”

“Like warp speed?”

“I do not know this ‘warp speed’, but it is a speed much faster than any recorded, or even possible, by man.”

“Very Star Trek of you guys.”

“Hmmm... While I do not know of Star Trek, if it is making this easier for you to understand, then yes.”

Mindy giggled, stepping over to the closest goo filled tub and touching it with her right hand. It was a nice warm temperature, and Mindy wasn’t sure if she preferred it that way or cold, as neither sounded particularly appealing when knowing you had to submerge yourself in it.

She climbed in, the feeling of the gel almost like settling into a thick warm mudpuddle as it squished between her toes and all around her body.

Her head stayed above as she watched the alien hook her up to the thick, black wires with large suction cups at the bottom, attaching them to her submerged skin in various places.

“All set Mindy, you should start feeling sleepy very...”

Mindy didn’t hear the rest of the alien’s words as her brain fogged over hazily, pleasure shooting through her body as her head fell back into the goo, nestling slowly in the thick liquid as she fell fast asleep.

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