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True Love at Christmas M/M

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Many can say they've fallen in love at first sight, but not many can say they've fallen in love at first smell. The second Garrett smells Jeremy's scent, however, he knows he's hooked. Can he convince Jeremy his love is true? Will Jeremy be able to accept someone who actually cares, and loves him, and wants to take care of him forever? No matter how unworthy he feels? This is a short true love at Christmas-time story! 18+!

Romance / Other
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The smell was what had gotten Garrett’s attention first, as it smelled of delicious baked goods, sunshine, warmth; like Christmas time at his grandparent’s house in Australia when he was young.

He straightened his short blonde ponytail,as his soft blue eyes closed, a habit he had when mulling over things. He couldn’t explain it, but he had to know where that smell was coming from, and purchase whatever it was.

Opening his eyes again and straightening his suit and tie, Garrett wished he had decided to change out of his work attire before heading to the mall to pick up a gift for his niece for Christmas. It was supposed to be a quick in quick out sort of deal, as he really did have a lot of paperwork needing finishing that evening, and he was easily drawn into the shopping and spirit of Christmas at the mall.

Garrett loved to see the huge Christmas ornaments they hung every year from the ceiling, as well as the three 12-foot trees they brought out and decorated more beautifully every year. Loved to see the children shopping with parents, stars in their eyes. He was determined not to get distracted, to come back when he had the time.


How could he have predicted he would smell the most alluring scent his nose had ever laid smell on, just as he was ready to leave, stuffed giraffe in hand.

Heading towards the food court nearby, Garrett scanned the places he usually skipped over, as they never had the greatest foods, and the prices were always way too high, not that money was a problem for him.

Being the head CFO of his sister Heather’s multimillion dollar cookie company, and a naturally frugal guy, Garrett put a personal price on everything he saw. He would decide the value of an item in his head, and if it was close to what it was priced at in store, he would purchase.

The smell was getting stronger, and as he walked towards the back of the food court, sniffing loud enough to garner a few confused stares, he realized where the smell was coming from, stopping short in his tracks.

It was coming from a person.

The man stood in line about 30 feet away, his back to Garrett. His thin small body type one that instantly attracted him. He caught a glimpse of his super cute face every now and again as he wiggled nervously and did small twirls, looking around him as if he knew Garrett watched from behind.

Breathing in the man’s smell and taking in his small stature and jet black, well-styled hair, Garett found himself wondering what it would be like to run his fingers through it. To tug slightly; to reveal what his neck might possibly look like behind the thin, high collared jacket that covered it. Probably delicious. The front of his pants started to tighten with his growing bulge, and Garrett pushed his naughty thoughts from his mind, taking in this small, overly enticing man.

Garrett watched as the man tugged at his underneath t-shirt lightly, a look of nervousness on his face, as he waited in line for the Japanese noodle place in the back of the semicircular food court.

His nervousness seemed to increase the closer he got to the counter, and looking closer Garrett noticed the very edge of his beautifully pink, full, bottom lip was being brutally gnawed on by a pair of gorgeous pearly whites.

Garrett wanted to walk up to him, wanted to use his own mouth to save the man’s poor, enticing, lips from the nervous brutality. The thought surprised him even as his cock twitched in his pants with more awareness than Garrett had felt in years.

This man, there was something about him. Garrett absentmindedly held the giraffe tighter to himself, imagining he was holding this man he didn’t even know, comforting him, smelling his scent.

Garrett watched as the man wrung his poor, small hands together mercilessly, his perfectly complected face red with nervousness as he looked up to order. He was obviously avoiding eye contact with the cashier, a bubbly, redheaded teen who was desperately trying to do the opposite and stare right into his face.

Her freckled covered face and braces made her look almost cartoonlike, as she tried, unsuccessfully, to flirt with this mystery man who smelled so good Garrett wanted to grab him and bring him home, lock him away from other’s unworthy nostrils.

Amazed by his aggressive thoughts, Garrett decided as soon as the man got his food and picked a spot to sit, he would be going in for the kill. He didn’t know why, but he had to make this man his.

He had to smell him up close, the need for it was driving Garrett and his pulse crazy. The more he stared at the man, the more he felt lust overtake him, a primal need he had never felt before.

He could tell this man was at least 6 inches shorter than Garretts own 6 foot 2, and it enticed him even more thinking of that small body beneath Garrett’s own muscular one, writhing with nervousness as he was doing now waiting in line.

Ever so cute.

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Liz: Tolle Geschichte und total spannend. Bitte mehrere Kapitel...Mach weiter so👍🏻

Anna: This book was amazing. The mother is a nut

Jennie: Spelling and Grammer, yes, needs fixed, but I understand it, and I am so into it. You said it wasn't perfect, but I'm hoping for more!!! I love it and can't stop reading it!!!!

doreenL: Einfach schön. Ich konnte garnicht aufhören.

Bam.jk8338: Estuvo bien redactado y bien explicito, eso me gustó

annemirl56: Toller Schreibstil wie immer und sehr erotisch 😘😘muss auch dabei sein, sonst istces langweilig 😘

Molly: I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start this one as the characters are a bit younger but I wanted to see if this poor girl would finally be able to be free of abuse and open to accept love (family) and be able to heal. It’s is great so far, minimal spelling errors, I think the Spanish isn’t necessary ...

Shakeicha Young: Really enjoyed this read!!!

Amy: The plot, as usual, is excellent.Author still needs to work on describing people, scenes, buildings, etc (fuller if you will)…. In order to slow down the fast pace & provide a backdrop for the action.For example, the first time she walks around Blake’s pack- her impressions… big, small, beautiful...

Weitere Empfehlungen

nightowl71672: Great book, great Author would’ve liked to have known more about his sister but otherwise it was a really great book And I will be sharing it!!!!

annemirl56: Gefällt mir sehr gut! Gut und zügig zu lesen.. deine Bücher laden zum entspannen ein.Danke dafür 🫶🫶🫶

LaQuiche: Amazing for this slow build up to be so satisfying! Definitely a guilty pleasure!

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