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The Tattooed Prince

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Adalyn lives a boring life, she has a scheduled routine, rich life, and parents who are barely home. For other teenagers life would be perfect but for her it's too boring, to lonely. Until one day it turns into total choas...her life changes in a blink of an eye. Sebastian Cortez was born in Span's Royal Family all his life he has been prepared to take the throne once his father steps down. But there's a problem..Sebastian isn't your common Prince. There is more to him then anyone could think. What happens when these two are force to get married? Can the deal with each other especailly when one of them is in love with someone else...

Romance / Drama


It all started on a Wednesday afternoon, when my life turned into a crazy roller coaster ride in a blink of an eye. I was in the library working on a pre-exam paper for history, when I was called into the office. Some of the other students glanced at me stunned a bit. I wasn’t the troublemaker type of girl so it was rare when the office called for me.

I closed my textbook and placed it inside my black messenger bag before getting up from my cubicle. I pushed my chair in before quickly walking out of there. I always tried my best to keep people’s attention away from me. It made me feel more relax knowing they weren’t in my business.

The halls were quiet like always, all you could hear were the teacher voices coming out from the classrooms. Haul Prep Academy wasn’t a type of school to have anything interesting going on. It was a huge private school in the center of Madrid. Only rich students could get in unless the school offered middle class students an opportunity to study here.

Unfortunately, I had no choice but to come here. My parents forced me too,because apparently their only daughter had to have the best education out there, and Haul was the school for me. I could care less if this school was meant for me or not, most of these kids were total brats. The only normal students here were the middle class students; you hardly heard them bragging about anything. They were grateful they got an opportunity here.

I postured myself in front of the wooden door fixing my pleated skirt. With my fingers I brushed out my long black hair and positioned it forward letting it shape out my face. I inhaled deeply walking inside. I was greeted by a tall woman in the office; she glances at me quickly from head to toe before speaking.

“You must be Adalyn.” She said.

I nodded. My gaze wandered over to the two suited up men that stood next to her. Who were these people? The lady told me to follow her to the conference room, there she made me sat down, and introduce herself properly.

“I’m Sophia Zavala and I work with the Royal Family Administration,” She said. “I was sent here to talk to you Adalyn; you see you’re needed in the Royal Palace.”

“I’m sorry but I think you have the wrong person. I don’t know anything about any Royal Palace or family.” I replied. I wasn’t sure if she knew that I had no clue what she was talking about? I wasn’t from Madrid. My parents moved from London to Spain when my great-grandfather got sick a few years ago, after he passed we just decided to stay.

She took out an envelope that was sealed up by RF stamp in the front. She hands it over to me, placing it in my hands. I wondered if maybe this was a joke. Maybe the school got bored of its own boring ways that it wanted to pull a prank on me. It was the only explanation I could find, because these people were nuts!

I ripped off the button and took out the letter. “Dear Adalyn...” I wasn’t sure if my heart dropped to the ground when I saw my name in the beginning of the letter or the part where it said “...arranged marriage to The King’s first son” I closed the letter up and just stared into thin air; these people were insane. We lived in the twenty-first century, kings and arrange marriages didn’t exist anymore.

“I know it’s a lot for you to take in but...” I raised my hand up in the air stopping her.

“This is a joke right? There is no way in hell I am arranged to marry someone, especially a Prince!” I laughed. They probably escaped the psychiatric and they were doing these ridiculous scenes.

I stood up sighing heavily. “Well if you excuse me I have to go.” I said trying to hold back my laughter.

Sophia didn’t say anything else to me; she just stood there as I mocked them. Whatever planet they came from they sure needed to understand high school girls don’t fall for the whole getting married to a Prince crap.

Standing outside the hall was one of my close friend Helen, when she heard the door open she quickly hid her cellphone behind her back. Her brown eyes landed on mine and she let out a small growl. She was always texting in school when she really wasn’t supposed to, so every time she would hear a door open she nearly pisses herself thinking it’s a teacher.

“Jesus Christ, can you not scare me to death like that?” She yelled at me.

I smirked at her. “No one tells you to text during school Helen.” I teased her.

She rolls her eyes; taking out her phone again she began to text. Helen and I had been close friends since freshman year, we ended having the same homeroom, at first she seemed a bit off for a girl because her humor and sarcasm were dry and scary. She would find the fun out of the weirdest things ever. But after a while I got used to her and her weird ways.

We walked down the long quiet halls waiting for the bell to ring to go home. I found out that the bells that take forever to ring are the morning and afternoon bells; it was when we’re all anxious to go home.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in Anatomy?” I asked her suddenly.

She lowered down her phone from her face and shrugged. “It got boring so I sneaked out of there. The professor was talking about our body parts; she acts like I don’t know every bone in my body.” She replied annoyed.

I crossed my arms against my chest and stared at her amused. “Do you know all the bones in your body?”

She laughed. “Pssh no,”

“You do know you have to take a final exam to pass right?” I questioned her. She stayed quiet for a moment figuring out if I was telling her the truth or not.

“You act like I’m stupid or something, of course I know I have to take a final exam at the end of the year.” She snapped angrily at me.

I just shook my head at her. She wasn’t as slow as she seemed to be, it takes her time to process everything but she was smart. She could sit down for fifteen minutes read a chapter for a test and the information will stick to her as glue.

Finally the bell rang and in matter of seconds students were already in the halls. Helen said goodbye to me and ran off towards her car, and I made my way towards the front of the school.

It wasn’t always a good thing to be rich, especially when you have the parents that I do. I couldn’t do anything on my own, if I wanted to go to the mall I had to have the driver take me. If I wanted friends over at the house the cook and the maid had to be there. I was never allowed to pick a finger up in my entire life.

Walter stood by the black Escalade waiting for me to show up. He smiles kindly at me and opens the door. “How was your day today Adalyn?”

“It was alright Walter, just boring like always.” I sighed closing the door. I unstrapped my messenger bag and placed it besides me. From underneath the seat I took out a purple bag and grabbed a hair tie.

I placed my long hair into a high ponytail. I reclined my head on the seat resting my eyes for a bit. Coming from a rich family was boring; my parents had set up a normal routine for me. Get up, go to school, and go home. It was the same thing every day, nothing ever changed, nothing crazy every happened in my life.

We pulled up to the gated community we lived in; my great-grandpa had settled in a huge house here when he was still alive. I always wondered why an old man like him would want to live here. He was never the type of guy to want to live in a neighborhood like this. My Aunt Hannah would always tell me how my great-grandpa used to work for this wealthy family and once the owner died he promised him many things, but the only promise he kept was giving him a roof and money. What more could someone ask for? My mother always said: money makes the world brighter.

Walter pulled up to the two-story brick house; swiftly he turned off the ignition and went to open the door for me. Normally I would do it on my own but today I was exhausted, I had three research papers due, and I still needed to finish the history paper.

I stepped out the car and noticed my parent’s car. On the curve of the driveway, there was an unfamiliar car parked. My parents weren’t supposed to be home yet, they usually came home around midnight.

“Is one of our relatives in town?” I asked Walter as we made our way towards the house.

Walter shook his head. “There is an important person here, I overheard them say they came to pay a debt they owed to your great-grandfather.” He explained to me.

I opened the door and from across the hall I could hear voices. My parents were talking to a woman, they kept laughing about something but I couldn’t make much of what they were saying. I placed my bag on the bin and made my way towards the stairs.

“Adalyn honey, is that you?” I heard my mother say.

“Yeah, mom.”

“Come here please sweetie.” She ordered.

I looked over at Walter and made an aggravating face, all he could do was chuckle quietly. Walter was the only person besides the maids that I could be myself with; he understood my agony living with these people.

He had been working for my parents a little bit before I was born; he became a second father to me. He pushed me slightly forcing me to go into the living room. Sitting on the couch was this lady, she didn’t look over fifty. She had to be somewhere between my parents age. She was wearing a nice blue button up shirt and a blue skirt, with her black hair nicely pinned back.

She looks at me smiling widely. “Well aren’t you gorgeous.” Was the first thing she said to me.

I felt my cheeks flush from embarrassment. “Thank you.” I said nicely.

“Adalyn this is Rachel Cortez.” My mother introduced her. For some reason that name seemed to ring a bell, but I couldn’t remember where I had heard it before. I greeted her and sat on the other side with my parents.

Rachel scoots forward taking a hold of my hands. I just sat there giving her an awkward look. What the hell was she doing?

“You probably don’t know who I am, but I’m someone very important.” She began to say. “I had the privilege to meet your great-grandfather when he was alive. He did many favors for my father, and a little bit before he passed away my father wanted to repay him.”

I nodded. “That’s why your father gave him this house and stacks of money.” I told her quietly.

She flashed me her pearl white teeth. “Yeah, it didn’t happen like that, but that’s not the point. Besides giving him a labor free life my father told him when our family needed a new Princess to fill the throne, his first granddaughter would marry the Prince.”

“Oh okay...wait what!?” I shrieked at her.

“My father, The King, promised your grandfather...”

“No, no I got that part down.” I told her. “Wait, did you send some lady named Sophia to talk to me today?”

Rachel nodded. “Yeah, why did she treat you badly?” She raised her voice.

I waved my hands in front of me disagreeing with her theory. “No, I just thought she was a lunatic” I confessed.

My mother put her hand on top of my shoulder giving it a light squeeze. “I know it’s a lot to take in Adalyn but they’re trying to complete The King’s promise.” She tried to calm me down.

“I don’t know how you guys want me to be okay with all of this!” I exclaimed.

What type of reaction were they expecting from me? A good one? This entire situation is insane.

Rachel giggled. “She’s a drama queen.” She spat out.

“I’m not a drama queen! I’m panicking here!” I cried out to her. “You don’t just come here and tell a highschool girl she’s supposed to get married to a Prince, especially when she didn’t know how her family was tied to Spain’s Royal Family!”

“It’s a very odd arrangement, but you must know that the new Prince and Princess need to take the throne soon. My father last wish was for me to complete this task for him and I will.” She said firmly.

“I’m not going to marry a complete stranger at eighteen.” I argued.

My father puts his hand on my knee and makes me look at him. “The Prince actually goes to your school.” He said.

“What?” I demanded, giving him a shocked look.

“My son goes to your school, Sebastian Cortez.” Rachel added.

Then it hit me; no wonder the last name sounded so familiar. I stood up looking at all of them. There was no way in hell I was going to get married at eighteen, and there was no way I was going to marry Sebastian Cortez.

I walked away from them not speaking another word.

“Where are you going?” My mother screamed at me.

“I’m done. All of you have lost your damn mind!” I shouted back at her. I wasn’t going to do this, they couldn’t make me!


Hi, I am a new writer here on Inkitt, this story is one I wrote when I was a teenager. It needs to be edit but it's worth a read.

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