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The Devil's Lair

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The Devil's Lair is an exclusive club for BDSM practitioners. Some find love, some find pleasure and some, pain. But what will the stern and brooding Theodore William Stone find in Arabella Gallagher? A woman so different than him.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

The story is my first line-up for the year 2020. It is a very different concept with some interesting characters. The book is not getting updated anytime soon but your constant feedback will help me stay motivated!

I have changed Theodore's age to 31!

Dominants, submissives, slaves, masters, sadists and masochists, and everything in between. All found a refuge for their depravities in The Devil’s Lair: an exclusive club for the elite. A membership to the club required over two hundred thousand dollars every month and million dollars in security. The employees were paid well, and every person from the janitor to the most elite of the members was thoroughly vetted.

Consent was mandatory. The abuse was not tolerated. The club had stringent rules.

There were auctions held every two weeks for the purchase of willing submissives and slaves. Only willing. It was not trafficking. Those participating in the auctions were very clear of their intent. They were all looking for a relationship for some time. The Slaves auctioning themselves knew they wanted to be slaves, they craved that sort of a relationship. Same went for the Masters and Dominants purchasing them.

The Dominants and Masters were a thing of mystery in the club. Always hiding behind intricate masks, they prowled about the club, teasing the submissives and slaves with their intimidating gazes.

Auctions weren’t the only ways to have access to the submissives and Slaves. There were rooms all around the club, to spend the night with a slave of choosing. Consent, of course, was necessary, if a slave didn’t kneel or bow, the Dominant had to back away.

It was all about the give and take of the power.

Theodore William Stone had been a member of the club since the past two years. He had, of course, been a Dominant long before. The Devil’s Lair, however, helped him pursue his interests more freely. He didn’t have to go through the hassle of dating and wooing only to find them running out the moment he placed the contract in front of him.

Theodore was a catch. He was one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. He came from old money. But his looks, one couldn’t consider them beautiful because his naturally intimidating personality overshadowed those hauntingly beautiful eyes, a strong square jaw and an aristocratic nose.

And the deep jagged scar running down from the corner of his eye to his lips, his thick and full lips.

At thirty-one, Theodore had started to find himself alone. There were days when he loathed entering his luxurious Manhattan condominium. He had no family, just an empire to run.

It was now when Theodore had started to think about attending an auction. He was a master through and through. He didn’t do submissives. He craved servitude and obedience. He was into the M/S aspect of BDSM. Master and Slave. And today he was here for it. The club auctioned for six months post which the Master and Slave could either go their own ways or rekindle their relationship either under the jurisdiction of the club or outside of it.

Maybe having a Slave for six months would take care of the loneliness.

Theodore adjusted the mask on his face and sat back in his seat. A server brought him his drink, whiskey on the rocks. Nothing too complicated. The curtains were drawn on the stage in front of him, and about fifteen odd dominants were sitting in the area. There were six who were going for auction today: one male, two transgender females and three girls. His eyes ran across their files.

Alexandra Roberts

Chloe Montogomery

Arabella Gallagher

Theodore wanted Alexandra, she had been with two Dominants and came with glowing reviews. Her starting price was two million dollars, and Theodore was sure she would be sold off for no less than five. Was he ready to spend so much on Alexandra? He shook his head and went to the other two options.

Chloe was a submissive and hence out of the window.

Arabella was absolutely new and way too young for him. She was also a virgin. There was no chance in hell that Theodore would bid for her. Although she did seem an attractive candidate. But he didn’t want to go through the hassle of training her.

It had to be Alexandra.

The curtains opened, and Madame Donnatella stepped forward. She was the owner of the club. There was no extra show and pomp. It was a simple auction. Everyone was in a hurry, the Submissives wanted their Masters and vice versa. Theodore himself was in a hurry. He wanted someone to take care of someone to cherish for the next few months.

“So, you are sitting for the auction?”

Theodore turned to Jeremy McQueen, a fellow Dominant. Although Jeremy never chatted, most dominants didn’t, but today he looked very earnest. Theodore felt the irritation flare, he didn’t like interacting. Especially at the club.

“I am,”

“Who are you planning on purchasing?”

“My bid is on Alexandra,” Theodore said.

A male Slave was brought on stage, and the auctions began. Theodore turned to Jeremy.

“I would like you to not bid on her,” Jeremy whispered.

“Why not?” Theodore bit out.

“Because I want to take her home with me,”

“Then try to outbid me,” Theodore shrugged.

“There are men who are ready to raise the stakes to twenty million,”

“Does that scare you?” Theodore asked.

“Ted, it is not about the money. I want Alexandra and I want her fast. I don’t need any competition from anyone,” Jeremy growled.

“Wasn’t Alexandra your submissive up until a few weeks ago? Why is….”

“I know what you are getting at,” Jeremy cut Theodore mid-sentence, “she is just rebellious. We had a fight, and she is acting out by auctioning herself. Alex and I both know how much we love each other.”

Theodore didn’t want someone who already had feelings for another. He craved a Slave utterly loyal to him, someone devoted to him and ready to please him. Theodore reluctantly nodded, and Jeremy sighed with relief. Muttering a small ‘thanks’, Jeremy went back to his seat.

Theodore cursed under his breath. He desperately wanted a slave. His mundane life was getting overbearing, and he didn’t want to come to the club every single day and spend the night with a random slave. Theodore wanted someone who entirely belonged to him. He stared at Arabella’s profile.

How could Theodore even imagine himself with a nineteen-year-old?

Arabella was studying at NYU, an English major. What was so shocking was the publishing deal she had with a major publishing house. There was a list of short stories which she had published with numerous publications and magazines and was one of the ‘authors to look out for’ in 2020. The publishers had offered her a six-figure publishing deal as well. It was definitely not money she was after.

Why did Arabella crave this lifestyle?

The more Theodore peered into her lifestyle, the more interested he got.

Maybe it was wise to wait for Arabella.

An hour passed by, Theodore turned to a delighted Jeremy. Alexandra too looked very happy, giving Jeremy a coy smile. Theodore couldn’t help but feel envious by their relationship. He was sure that Alexandra’s collar would soon be replaced with a ring on her finger.

“Our final, Arabella Gallagher. This is her first auction at our club, Arabella wishes for a Master. She is a virgin, and this is her first foray into an M/S relationship. Arabella’s bid starts at our basic rate of two hundred thousand dollars,” Madame Donnatella whispered into the microphone.

The curtains parted once again, and a tiny and petite girl stepped forward dressed in a sheer and billowy and flowing gown. Her lingerie was visible, and many Dominants sat straight in their seats. Arabella’s eyes were lowered, and Theodore’s gaze went to one of the large plasma TVs where a close-up of her face was visible.

Very minimal makeup was allowed, the club believed in showing the purest form of the submissive/slave so that the dominants didn’t feel cheated. Theodore, hence, knew that her thick and long eyelashes were real. The way they fanned on her full cheeks was awe-worthy. No fillers or plastic surgery was mentioned in her profile.

“Raise your eyes and look at the Dominants, Arabella,” Madame Donnatell gave a gentle command.

Arabella, hesitantly, raised her eyes. Murmurs broke out in the room. Those striking blue eyes with just a tinge of amber in them were enough to wake any saint from his penance. Her pink lips looked bee-stung.

“Twirl,” Madame Donnatella instructed.

Arabella lowered her eyes again and twirled. This girl was a natural submissive. She was so good at following instructions, each Dominant was taking note of it.

“Drop your gown, Arabella,”

Arabella brought her fingers behind her neck and undid the knot that held the gown to her body. The gown fell on the ground and around her feet like she was standing on the clouds. Her petite body was clad in pink lace undergarments, accentuating her features. The lingerie looked so beautiful on her milky skin.

“Twirl again,” Donnatella instructed.

Arabella twirled again, giving a glimpse of her beautiful butt. Theodore would have such a good time turning them pink.

“That is Arabella, gentlemen. The bid starts at two hundred thousand.”

“Three hundred thousand dollars,” a dominant spoke up quickly.

“Five hundred thousand dollars,” Theodore shot back with a higher number.

He wanted Arabella, all the doubts were out of the window. His desire for her was unmatched. Theodore had never felt so strongly about any of his conquests before. He would have a ball moulding Arabella to his needs. He couldn’t wait to be with her, she needed him, she needed his affection and care. Theodore felt connected to Arabella in a way that he had never felt connected before.

“Five hundred and fifty thousand dollars,” a dominant challenged Theodore’s bid.

“Seven hundred thousand dollars,” Theodore raised the stakes.

Arabella looked uncomfortable standing on the stage. Her body was trembling, and her lower lip was between her teeth. She was fumbling with her hands. The moment she became Theodore’s, her hands would be cuffed behind her back. Theodore didn’t like fidgeting, it pointed to a restless mind.

“Eight hundred thousand dollars,” one announced.

Fuck this.

“One million dollars,” Theodore snarled.

“Anyone for one million and five hundred thousand?” Donnatella teased.

“Two million,”

Theodore turned to his arch-enemy, Apollo Kingston. Apollo had an evil smile on his face, and his gaze was directly pointed towards Theodore. Apollo sauntered in the club and took a seat.

“Three million dollars,” Theodore bit out.

Apollo raised a perfect brow.

“Four million,” Apollo challenged.

Theodore gritted his teeth and raised to five million dollars. He turned to Apollo.

“What’s next, Apollo?” Theodore snapped, “ten million? Twenty?”

Apollo grinned and backed away. Theodore released a sigh of relief. He desperately wanted this to be over.

“Sold to Theodore William Stone for five million dollars,” Donnatella announced.

A victorious grin appeared on Theodore’s face. He felt a sense of ownership flooding him. He couldn’t wait to take her home and make her completely his. To think of a beauty to be with him filled him with immense joy. Now, whenever he would return, Theodore would find his pretty little Arabella waiting for him on her knees and his collar.

Theodore had to buy her collars as well and maybe those thick ankle bracelets. There was so much to purchase. Theodore wanted to spoil her silly. He was so unprepared, there had to be a set of rules too that were to be delegated. Arabella’s soft and hard limits were to be discussed as well. Although an M/S relationship didn’t require hard and soft limits, Theodore could do anything that pleased him, but for some reason he wanted to know Arabella’s choices too. If she had any.

Theodore walked to a conference room. They would be discussing contracts over there. He entered the room and sat beside Madame Donnatella, who passed him the contract. He looked over the NDAs, the checklist of all approved activities and an M/S contract. Arabella had already signed the NDA and filled in her list. She had also signed the M/S contract describing the basic rules of the relationship.

“If you have any other personal rules then you can create another contract for between the two of you. Please, do send a copy of that to the club, however,” Madame Donnatella politely whispered.

“I will be doing that. I have a few specific rules that I will be discussing with my Kitten.”

“Is that your choice of endearment for Slave Arabella?”

“It suits her personality, what do you think of her attitude?”

“She is a submissive through and through although…” Donnatella trailed away.

“Although… what?” Theodore prodded.

“Kittens are innocent, but I have seen a naughty streak in Arabella. It comes in later, you probably wouldn’t see it for the first few days. But she will be a difficult but adorable slave.”

“Naughty?” Theodore snapped, “I didn’t want naughty!”

“Now, you are overreacting, why don’t you meet her? And naughty can be very fun,”

“I wanted compliant, she looked such a complaint slave on stage,”

“I am getting her here, why don’t you just give Arabella a chance. I am sure you will love her.”

With that, Donnatella left the room. Theodore snarled and sat back in his chair. He was tense, he hated disobedience and defiance. He hated naughty submissives who like to tease their Masters. He didn’t want to be teased. He was as severe and brooding as one could get. Was bidding for Arabella a mistake? Or should he be open for new experiences?

Theodore didn’t get time to think about the questions swimming in his mind when the door opened again, and Arabella walked in. Theodore felt soft and warm energy surround him. Somehow he felt all his fears and tensions and negativities leave his body. His eyes swept across her body and he didn’t feel like himself. There was a part in him that wanted to collect her in his arms and never let her go.

Theodore cleared his throat and stared straight into her. Arabella’s beautiful eyes were slightly lowered, but he knew that she itched to see him. With one hand he untied his mask and let it fall onto the table.

“Look at me,” Theodore said, and his velvety timbre engulfed the room.

Arabella raised her eyes and looked into his grey ones. Apprehension seeped into her eyes upon grazing her sight on his scar, but he could also see intrigue in them. She fiddled with her hands.

“You will not fiddle or fumble. Cross your hands behind your back,” Theodore commanded, and Arabella acquiesced.

“Will we need a councillor here or you are comfortable with the negotiations of our personal contracts by yourself?”

Arabella nodded.

“Speak when I ask a question,”

“Yes I am comfortable in negotiating the terms myself,” Arabella said.

“Yes, I am comfortable in negotiating the terms myself, Master,” Theodore corrected her.

Arabella narrowed her eyes but nodded.

“Well then, my Kitten, let the negotiations begin.”

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