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Becoming the Sheikhs Wife

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Annabelle Grace Thompson 22 yrs old on the Run from an Ex Boyfriend lands in the City of Adadar Where she catches the eye of Sheikh Omar Cadence Hussein and his Cousin Habib Carter Hussein Best friend Noor Jayson Khan Annabelle " Belle" as she is known works for the Palace as A Media Consultant became close friends with Neeva Jocelyn Hussein which is The Sheikh's Little Sister Sheikh Omar Cadence " Cade " Hussein sees a 4'11 woman with his Sister as he walks up behind them it wasn't until they turned around did he start to hear his heart in his ears She is beautiful and looks familiar to him then he realizes it's one of the Palaces Media Consultants Annabelle Thompson His Best Friend Carter and Cousin Jayson come up and by the looks in their eyes they want Annabelle as much as he does Could she be the one for them to share

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Annabelle Grace Thompson ran from her Boyfriend of a Year he had become very volatile towards her one night he beat her so bad it was all she could do to call 911

Annabelle " Belle " as she likes to be called landed in the city Adadar over three thousand miles away from her ex

She figures this would be last place he would ever find her she knew she was safe

Belle works at the Palace of the Sheikh as a Media Consultant she helps keep the Sheikh's image to the public clean as in she helped clean up any messes

She had only see the Sheikh a couple of time and from those times she could tell

He was over 6ft tall muscular dark almost black hair cut short but enough to grab hold of

He had a tattoo along his arm that was what she turned a tribal one that dates back to His Great Great Great Grandfather

Belle had become friends with the Sheikh's Sister Neeva who in her own right was gorgeous

Belle who stood 4'11 on a good day had long blonde hair bright green eyes and from what Neeva said a time or two an Ass to die for

Both Neeva and Belle were standing in the hallway at the Palace discussing their Plans for tonight they were going to hang out at the Palace to watch binge watch movies since Belle had the next two days off

Both of us heard the familiar sound of men's shoes walking down the hallway toward us

Neeva turns to see I see her smile

A deep Baritone voice speaks

" Neeva "

" Yes My Brother "

It's the Sheikh, I kept my head down as customary to do so unless he speaks directly to you

" Have you finished the report I gave you this morning " he asked her

God his voice can make any woman's panties wet... well Okay nine

" Yes My Brother I Did it's on your desk is there anything else you need " she asked him

" No Neeva " he responded

My phone went off with loud notification echoed in the hallway

I reached around to my back pocket and brought it around to see it say Mama

" Hello "

" Annabelle are ever going to come home "

" Mama I can't talk right now but to answer that No I will never come home " I say trying not to sound mean but she ask that every time she calls me the answer will never change as long as Gavin Matthews is still alive

She hung up on me

I put the phone back in my pocket

Neeva taps my arm so I look up to see both of them looking at me

" You need to" She started to say before I gave her a look

" Fine we will discuss this later over Ice Cream " She says with a sad smile

We hear more footsteps coming up and I see the Sheikhs Cousin and Best Friend walking up

Now I'm surrounded by sex on two legs and by god they smell delicious

I mean I may have taken a deep breath inhaling them

"Well if it isn't Carter and Jayson " Neeva said

" Hello Neeva , Hello Annabelle " Carter said sounds so fucking sexy his baritone voice is just as sexy as the Sheikh's

" Hello Sir " I responded

" Annabelle you can call me Carter " he says with a smile

" Sorry Sir , I mean Carter" I quickly say

He chuckles and when he does his eyes light up they are a beautiful blue a bright contrast to his tan skin mmm I wonder if he tan everywhere

His hair is Long and Black he keeps it in a pony tail or braided

I couldn't help but smile back at him

" So what are you Beautiful ladies up to " Carter Asked

" We are making plans for tonight Belle is staying her at the Palace for the weekend " Neeva said

" Oh she is " Jayson said his voice not quite as Deep as the others but his a rasp to it

"Yep But first She has to head home to get her bag so Miss Belle I'm telling you that from this point in until Monday you are off so go go go" Neeva said with a laugh

" Neeva you can't do that I still have " I glanced at my watch. " Five hours to go so I will see you later "

" Oh Poo I wanted to start early " she says with a pout

I laugh at her

" Oh My I don't think My Boss would like the idea you know how he is " I tell her

" Yes I do and I'm surprised you have lasted as long as you have " She says

" It's only because we had a meeting of the minds a few months ago and he learned really quickly I don't have time for Assholes especially the ones that don't take no for answer to this day he covers his nuts when ever I come around him " I say forgetting that I'm standing in front of the Sheikh

I hear three distinct growls and I glanced around seeing if there was a dog

" Alright Belle, you head back I'll see you soon enough but let me know when you get home and when you leave to come back here so I know when to have the food brought up " Neeva said

"Yes Mama" I say with a Laugh " Gentlemen have a wonderful afternoon " I say as I leave them

Getting back to the office my asshole of a boss wasn't in which is a relief to me

The next Five hours go by pretty quickly

I had to prepare a press release for the up coming Ball that was in three weeks once I completed that I sent it to my boss then left to head home to get my bag

Riding the Bus to the small apartment complex I live at took an hour with all the stops if I had enough money to buy a car it would have taken 30 minutes but a Car is Luxury not a Necessity for me

Putting my bag down on the table by the door I Kick off my shoes and walk through the room to my bedroom I strip down to my bra and panties and grab my yoga pants and a T-shirt slip on a pair of chucks grab my overnight bag and pack it

Pulling my hair up into a pony tail as I packed

Once done I texted Neeva

Hey I’m done and will be heading back to you now

Change of Plans Carter is out that way and he said he come by and pick you up so you don’t have drive back


Too late he is already there

There was a knock at my door I went back down the hallway to Living room

I hesitated to open the door but then I heard

"Annabelle it's me Carter"

God his voice I swear I'm going to have to change my panties

I unhook the chain then unlock the dead bolt turn the knob

Opening the door to see Habib Carter Hussein standing at my door

He looks down at me his eyes drinking me in from the top of my head to my toes then back up again

" Hello Beautiful "

" Hello Sir "

" I told you to call me Carter"

" Sorry it's habit " I say

" It's okay " he responded

We stood there in silence for a moment until my phone went off

I flipped it over to see

Gavin's name pop up

I growl then hit the ignore button to send it to voice mail

It rings again

" How the hell did he get my new number " I say as I stare at the phone

It beeps saying a message has been left

Clicking on the icon and letting the voice mail play

“ You think you can hide from me , I will find you Annabelle you will regret running from me I will punish you for everyday you are away I will make you my whore “

I hit the delete button

" Annabelle who was that " Carter asked

" No one wrong number " I say to him as I turn from him

" If that was a wrong number then why is it making you shake "

" Don't worry About it , Leta go Neeva is expecting me soon " I say to deflect the situation

He didn't say anything even though his eyes told me he wanted too

We left the apartment he led me to the car opened the back motioned for me to get in so I do

The driver takes off after Carter gets in

The ride was quite the only thing I hear is the clicking of his fingers on his phone

***** See Note Below *******

Cade and Carter are cousins but they are distant cousins like 6th generations as in they would only share about .01% DNA

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