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Lighting the Fire

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Sabrina is a healer who is moving to the Fire pack. she hasn’t met her mate yet and she’s not in a rush. She loves her research and time alone so she requests to be housed away from the pack house. her first meeting with Alpha Oliver goes wrong when she walks in on him in an private moment. Oliver hasn’t found his mate yet, but he plays the field to help pass the time. What will happen when the new healer comes to the pack? What will happen with the rogues who plague the pack? Will Sabrina be able to forgive Oliver for all that he has done wrong? Book 1 Of Series Lighting the Embers of Power

Romance / Scifi
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Chapter 1


“Remember to try to be friendly to people, and try to not hide away all the time,” Sebastian says for the fiftieth time today.

“Sebastian, I know all of this. You’re treating me like a child again. I won’t let you down or embarrass you and the pack.” I say, trying to be as reassuring as possible.

Today I am heading to the fire pack, honestly the last place that I want to be. They need a talented healer since their Alpha cannot handle his power still. He injures himself a lot, so the one healer that they have stays busy. He has requested the best healer that can be sent.

“Sabrina, I’m sorry. I still see you as that little pup who wouldn’t talk to anyone. You seem so withdrawn that I fear that you’ll never find your mate and be happy. You remember how you’ll recognize your mate?” He looks at me with worry.

Sebastian took on the role of big brother when we met. My parents were killed in a rogue attack, and I lived in the pack orphanage. When we started school, Sebastian felt the need to protect me. He has spent his life making sure that I wasn’t bullied by the other pack members.

“Of course I remember. You find your mate by touch or through eye connection. One look into your mate’s eyes, and you immediately know who they are. But you know I’m not that concerned about mates.” I huff out as I finish packing my last bag.

“You know I just want you happy, right?” He whispers.

Sebastian is the Alpha of the Restoration pack. He also hasn’t found his mate. Our pack is known for waiting for our mates. Many wolves have chosen to not wait and enjoy themselves with whomever they decide. Here we feel the problems caused by not waiting aren’t worth it.

“I know. If they come along, then I will be more than happy to meet them. I will not spend every waking moment waiting and thinking about it. I want to help people with my talents. Our powers can only do so much. My research has brought about new ways of healing using all kinds of things. I focus on that because I can move forward.” I pat his shoulder in comfort. “You alright? I have a feeling that this conversation isn’t just about me and my mate.”

“It probably isn’t. I don’t know. I’m getting anxious waiting for her. I’m not getting any younger!” He huffs out with a pout on his face”

“She’ll show up when the Goddess is ready for her, too. It doesn’t help that you haven’t gone to any of the other packs to find her.” I try hard to not chuckle at the face he’s making.

“You know as well as I do that with all the rogue attacks none of the alphas have been able to go out. I do not know if any of them or even the King has found their mate.” Sebastian looks annoyed by all this.

The Beta comes into the room and tells us that the van is packed with my stuff and it is time for us to go. Sebastian grabs my last bag, and we head out the door. I look around the pack house as we head downstairs one last time. I never truly felt at home here, but it was still the place I spent the last six years living in.

I walk out the front door and see some of my fellow healers standing waiting to tell me goodbye. The thing about the powers that each pack has is that not everyone is given the power. Each pack member has a chance to have the power passed down from their parents. Each person has different levels of power as well.

Each pack has a different power. It is possible for wolves to be born in the pack with a different power than what the main pack has. Since power is passed down from the parents. It’s rare, but it happens. As far as I know, no one has ever gotten full control of their powers. Most alphas gain control that keeps them from hurting themselves. The king has a power that no one has seen yet. It’s often rumored that he has one type or another, but no one knows the truth.

I take time to talk to each of them, saying goodbye. I turn and see Sebastian standing there waiting for his turn to say goodbye. Sure, we could talk on the phone, but for most of our lives, we have seen each other every day. It will be hard to go through my days without seeing him at least once.

Sebastian has plenty of friends to help him stay busy and not be too depressed. I on the other hand, will be alone in a new pack, trying to figure out where I fit in. The thought of this makes me depressed. Hopefully, my research will keep me busy while I am learning the ropes.

“I’m going to miss you so much, Sebastian.” I give him a hug.

“Me to Sabrina. Call when you get settled. If they give you any problems or aren’t treating you right, let me know. I will come to get you myself.” He says as he hugs me back.

“I’ll be fine. Just don’t forget me too quickly. I’ll still need you to help cheer me up. You know I suck at making friends.” I giggle as I say this.

“Yeah, yeah. Keep telling yourself that. If you will give people a chance, you’ll have tons of friends. You’re smart, kind and funny. Use that to your advantage. Before you know it, you’ll be so overrun with friends you’ll have to be constantly turning down invites to stuff.”

After getting into the van, we set off. I sigh and sink into the seat and put in my earbuds. I’m hoping that listening to some music will help me calm down. The trip is about six hours and I don’t want to sit and worry the whole time. I wake to see we are pulling up to a large packhouse. A man stands out front and smiles as I exit the van.

“Hi, you must be the new healer. My name is Zack and I’m the pack Gamma. I’m supposed to take you to meet Alpha Oliver. If you will follow me ....” He looks lost about what my name is.

“Sabrina. My name is Sabrina.” I chuckle.

We walk into the packhouse, and I see that it’s a little over the top. It seems that this pack is more concerned about appearance than my previous pack. We head upstairs until we come to the Alpha’s floor. There is a set of large oak double doors.

“He told me to just come in when you got here.” He says as he opens the door.

“Harder Alpha. Pound me harder!”

“You like that, Baby? You like me pounding you?”

To my surprise, there are two people having sex on the desk. I quickly look down not wanting to see the wild scene in front of me. I can hear grunting and moaning still going on, so they haven’t even noticed that we are here.

“Oliver!” I hear Zack yell.

“Get out.” I hear a deep voice yell.

My wolf seems agitated and is clawing at my mind. She wants something, but I can’t bring myself to pay her any attention. I turn and head out the door and down the stairs. I head back out to the van and the Beta gives me a look.

“Don’t ask,” I say as my cheeks turn redder and redder.

To think that my first interaction with the alpha and luna is catching them in the middle of sex! I don’t think that I will ever be able to look at the two of them without thinking back to what I saw and heard. I hear someone coming out the door and look up to see an furious Zack. He seems to be someone who is very strict and wants order.

Most alphas are like that, but maybe in this case the gamma is the one who is in control and the alpha is looser. Th look on Zack’s face is almost comical. His ears are red and his brow is scrunched together. I would dare to say that Zack is a little uptight about things. But who am I to judge?

“Sabrina, I am so sorry you had to see that. The idiot had asked me to come straight in without knocking because he was supposed to be working.” Zack says, sighing.

“It’s fine, really. I’m sure that the Alpha and Luna just couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.” I say with a chuckle, trying to cover my embarrassment.

“Um, the thing is that isn’t the Luna. Alpha Oliver hasn’t found his mate yet.”

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