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Just Another Broken Promise - Bk 2 (Complete)

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Emma is struggling under the weight of just another broken promise. Felix is distracted and distant, and she's miserable. When an escape is offered she grabs a hold but is she making the right decision and will their relationship survive as Felix can no longer hide the truth.


Chapter 1


It had been three weeks. She glanced at the clock as she calculated the exact time, plus two hours and twenty-three minutes, since that moment in his office when she’d offered to marry him. In the days immediately afterwards, it dawned on her that despite the fabulous sex that had followed, he’d never actually said yes. He’d told her he loved her but other than that no commitment was accepted, or counter proposed. The marriage contract never arrived.

She might not have been phased by this but for the fact that he also had become extremely preoccupied by work. She looked at the clock again. Another meeting which had run late, she prepared herself for that excuse. It wasn’t the first time he’d broken this promise.

She looked at her cold food. There was no point waiting any longer. He wasn’t coming. She’d requested a date night, and he’d promised to be here, but she’d only half believed him. If she’d learn anything in past few weeks, it was to give up waiting before the food became inedible.

The pregnancy made it essential that she ate with a regularity that surprised her. If she was hungry, it was no fun for anyone as her cravings gave new meaning to the term ‘Hangry’. She couldn’t deny that she became quite unreasonable when her blood sugars dipped, and that didn’t help.

When he had first started being late for meals, she’d tried to wait for him. The only thing this accomplished was some spectacular screaming and hissy fits from her. She’d apologized later, but the damage had been done. When he was late now, he didn’t come home until she was asleep. She figured that he’d decided that this was safer for all concerned.

Much had changed in the last three weeks, two hours and thirty-six minutes. Before her abduction he’d been almost a recluse. If he did go out, he did so discreetly and kept to the shadows. He’d run much of his operation from his office. However, this changed during the days she was held by Bruno. He’d been so desperate to find her that he’d been forced to show himself in public. And he’d used his physical appearance to strike fear into the men of his rivals to help with that goal.

Or at least, that is what he’d told her. And it had seemed reasonable when he’d told her that he’d been lost without her and the pain of that had driven him to reveal his scarred appearance. He told her that the prospect of losing her was greater than his need to hide his grotesque deformities. This rang true with what she knew of him. She felt overwhelmed and grateful at the lengths he’d gone to in order to see her back by his side.

But then nothing changed. She was here, stuck in this house, safe and protected by his watchful guards, and yet he continued to act as if her whereabouts was still unknown. He continued to spend his time out while he left her a prisoner to this house, alone and feeling increasingly miserable. She couldn’t understand what she’d done wrong.

He’d told her that he’d forgiven her for the incident that had left him scared. He’d reassured her that she wasn’t to blame for the abduction that had seen his trusted right-hand man, Bruno, steal her away and torture her for information. And he’d assured her that he loved her and that their future together as a family was all that mattered to him. And yet his actions didn’t match his words.

She had heard all the excuses. She had flung her accusations at him and felt the frustration, as he calmly made light of her fears. Every time they fought, she felt like he loved her less. It was as if he took her insecurities as suggestions as to what to do next. If she told him that she feared he was having an affair, he’d come home reeking of cheap perfume with lipstick smudged on his collar. When she told him that she needed to be more involved with his life, he brought her a computer and book which was a guide to spreadsheeting. And when she had insisted on date nights, he’d not managed to attend a single one despite the effort that she had put into making them a success.

She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t leave but she was feeling increasingly like she couldn’t stay. The house was a fortress and even if she did manage to escape, where would she go? She had no family and no friends. She’d lived on the fringe before, going job to job and squatting in any living abode she could, but that was before she was pregnant. He had kept tabs on her then too. There was no way he’d stand idle while she ran with his child. She wouldn’t last a day.

“I know,” he strode into the room like this was a good apology, “I’m late. Good, I’m glad you ate without me.”

She lifted her head and looked at him. He smelt of nightclub, stale beer, cigar smoke, and something more musky and less like a smell that she could forgive. Did he not know that a pregnant woman had a heightened perception of smell?

Was she being paranoid? He wouldn’t dare have an affair. She trusted him, and yet that faith was feeling thread-bare and fragile. She closed her eyes and decided to ignore her suspicion. Her pregnancy had her hormones racing. It was only natural that she was imagining things that weren’t there.

“It was a meeting,” he exhaled as if he could see what she was thinking and was therefore forced to this lie. And that was annoying to him, “We are developing the site in North Harbor.”

“If you say so,” she shrugged not willing to contradict him and be belittled by him for her lack of knowledge on business affairs, “Are you planning on setting a date for the Wedding?”

“We’ve talked about this,” he looked away.

“Yes, but if I had something to occupy my time with,” she threw up her arms, “Like planning a Wedding maybe I wouldn’t mind the fact that you love your ‘business’ more than you do me.”

“That’s not true,” he looked at her with tired eyes, “You know that we can’t get married while the other families are threatening war with me. You’ll become a target and I can’t risk you like that. I need to hide you away and keep you safe.”

“Because I’m your weakness,” she finished off for him, “But how is that going to change if you won’t let me learn the business or at least teach me to defend myself.”

“You don’t need to know that,” he narrowed his eyes at her, “You are mine to protect. I won’t have the mother of my unborn child rolling around in hand-to-hand combat. It isn’t the life I want to give you. You need to trust me that you will never need that sort of skill.”

“What about what I want?” she pleaded.

“Once the baby is born you will have plenty to occupy your time,” he accepted a heated plate of food from the server, “You should enjoy this quiet time while you still have it.”

“Should I also be enjoying the quiet time in our sex life?” she spat back, “You haven’t touched me for weeks.”

“I shouldn’t need to explain this again,” he lifted his eyes to her, “My cock is long. When I penetrate you, I can’t moderate my thrusting, nor can I resist fucking you hard. I have tried and failed. It is simpler to abstain until the child is born.”

“The baby can’t see your cock,” she attempted but knew it wouldn’t work, “Our sex, irrespective of how vigorous it is, will not dislodge the pregnancy. You heard the doctor. Why can’t you accept that?”

“He doesn’t know of my appetite, stamina, nor how thoroughly you to climax when I am fucking you,” Felix spoke with the absolute confidence of a man who was past the point of reasoning with, “I will not put you or our baby at risk, for my own pleasure. I cannot fuck you, no matter how I crave you.”

“And what about me?” I asked, “I’m still months from giving birth. What am I supposed to do while you’re abstaining like a saint? I have needs too. You don’t even sleep in my bed anymore.”

“I can’t,” he growled, “I want you too much. How am I expected to resist you when you touch me so readily?”

“Touch me now,” she lifted her eyes to him. “We used to have sex on this table all the time.”

“No,” he pushed away from the polished mahogany surface like it was infected as she approached him, “Emma, don’t tempt me. I won’t have my decisions questioned in my own house.”

“Then maybe it’s time I left this house,” she spat in frustration.

“No,” he snarled, “You had your chance to leave. You chose to stay. You are mine.”

“I am yours?” she questioned, “Then do something about it. Show me I belong to you. Make me yours.”

“Why do you still persist in teasing me?” he growled, “I don’t need this. I will fuck you senseless once the baby is born. I will fill you with my seed and impregnate you once more.”

“Great,” I exclaimed, “I’ll get one, maybe two months, of your attention, in return for another nine months of being ignored. That’s just fabulous.”

“What would you have me do, Emma?” he yelled at me, “Do you want me to forget how much I love you so that we can fuck like wild animals? Do you want me to suspend my adoration for you and the baby so that my cock can impale you, and prod our child, with its unrelenting desire to be deeper inside you and encased in your convulsing flesh? Do you think our child needs to hear his father demanding his massive cock be satisfied, or his mother begging to be fucked and moaning like a whore? What sort of parent would want their child to experience that?”

“I regret telling you that the child can hear from within the womb,” she exhaled in defeat, “It can’t hear words just tone.”

“And what tone will it hear when I roar as my balls empty their load into you?” he questioned, “And you can’t tell me that the uterus is unaffected when your whole body shatters with the orgasm that my relentless need for satisfaction churns within you. I cannot restrain my needs once my cock tastes your pussy. Even talking about it has me hard. I am only so strong.”

“Which is why you lock your office door,” she looked away, “To prevent me from tempting you.”

“Yes,” he exhaled, “I can’t have you straddling me in my sleep again. I learnt from that mistake. I must safeguard our child even if you cannot resist.”

“I’m at fault?” she queried, “I’m the weak one who can’t resist sex?”

“You are a woman,” he shrugged, “And I am your man. It is natural for you to want your scent on me. You need reassurance that I am satisfied by your sex and therefore not interested in wandering.”

“And are you interested in wandering?” she laughed coldly, “Because you sure as hell aren’t satisfied by my sex.”

“You underestimate my love for you,” he leveled his eyes at her, “The love I have for you is deeper than sex. I will wait to that pleasure until our baby is safely born.”

There was no point arguing with the man. He had become even more determined since she had made use of his erection that morning. She had woken to find him hard and lying on his back. At that point in time they were still sleeping together, although he had decided that their sex wasn’t in the best interest of the child, he still held her at night. So, when the opportunity arose, she took advantage of his rise.

The resulting sex had been worth it, until that moment when he withdrew and discovered the small amount of blood. He had panicked. The ultrasound and the heart monitors had proven that there was no need to worry, but that had sealed the deal for him. He had not slept with her since.

“I don’t want to argue with you,” he stood and turned as if he could hide the outline of his erection, “I will be in my office.”

She watched him leave. Why was this happening? She was miserable and, despite his claims that he loved her, he seemed equally as unhappy. He was a prisoner in his own house and was clearly avoiding the place in an effort not to be around her. It wasn’t healthy. Nothing about this was good.

She went to her room and pulled out the computer he’d given her. It was the only window she had on the outside world. She used it to shop and to discover what was happening in the news and on social media.

And to alleviate her boredom she’d discovered one of those ancestry sites which you used to compile your family tree. It was fairly simple. She put in her father’s name, date and place of birth. The system found his birth certificate and from there you could link to your grandparents and great-grandparents. She found this exciting, maybe she was related to someone famous or perhaps she still had living cousins, or the like, that her father failed to mention. It gave her a life beyond this house and allowed her to dream.

This evening though there was an email waiting for her. Yesterday she’d tried to reach out to a woman who was listed as her grandfather’s second wife. She’d thought the woman might be able to tell her a little about her husband and it was also her hope that she’d know about what her father might have been like as a child. She’d written an email explaining who she was, but she did not expect a response, and certainly not so promptly. But here it was.

She clicked on the email and found two short sentences.

‘Dear Miss Watson, please verify your claim by describing the shape of the scar on Carlos’ right shoulder and sharing his favorite recipe for guacamole? My apology for requiring proof but it has been my understanding that my son died childless. Best regards, Juan Gomez.’

Juan Gomez was her paternal grandfather. He was still alive, and he had written to her. She immediately answered.

‘My dearest grandfather, my father had no scar on his right shoulder. However, on his left side he carried a star shaped burn that had scorched over an old tattoo. When I asked about this, he told me that the tattoo it was a silly thing he’d got as a teenager and the burn had been the result of a branding iron that had been kicked by a defensive bull and he’d ended up with the mark instead of the animal. As for the Guacamole, my father hated avocado and insisted that it tasted like snot. I hope that this is accurate enough to alleviate your concerns as my father was not very talkative about his childhood. I have attached a photo of myself, as my father always claimed that I resembled his mother Angela who I understand was your first wife. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Emma Watson (aka Esta Gomez)’

She closed the computer and hugged it in bed. She had a grandfather. This was something she had not expected. Family. It made the world seem so much larger. She wanted to tell Felix but couldn’t. He was locked in his office and wouldn’t appreciate the disruption. And this was her news.

She was enough of a burden to him without her having family to consider. It was best that she found out more before she told him any of this. He wouldn’t see the excitement of the discovery but would more likely see it as another threat to his claim over her.

She tightened her hold over the laptop and curled up on the bed. This was hers. She might be trapped in a world created by him and forced to comply with his rules, but this belonged to her. She had family that he couldn’t take from her.

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