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The First To Rule The Falcon Ridge Series Book 7

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This book picks up a around the time book 6 ends. Set in Caledon and Falcon Ridge. Eve Jacobs: I may be angry. I may have hurt people on occasion, but I think I have that right. The last three years, my father and brother have been rotting in prison as Dragon Moles. It’s embarrassing and heartbreaking. What makes it worse is no one seemed to care about me and how I feel. That was until a mysterious man explodes out the forest trees in front of my car. He cant remember a thing. Now, I have to help him navigate my world and find out why he believes he’s important to us. There’s something so different about him. I find myself craving to unravel the mysteries of Matthew. Matthew Apollo: I don’t know my name. I don’t know why I’m here. I don’t know where I’m going. I just know I’m looking for something and if I don’t find it, people will die. Meeting Eve was lucky. I trust her, but she’s doing something to me. It’s a form of dark magic. I’m sure of it. I’ve never felt this way around a woman. She’s tricking my mind to weaken me. To stop me from doing whatever is I’m here to do. I’ll fight it. I know I’m here to protect her and everyone. I just need to focus to find out what I’m protecting them from.

Romance / Scifi
M. Mctier
4.9 10 Bewertungen

Chapter 1

Somewhere between fantasy and reality.
“Cymon.” I link as I walk out of the dark. Stuffing my hands into my blue jeans. I look around at the fog covered forests.
“Cymon.” I link again.
“You’re awake, brother.” My brother’s gruff country drawl comes through.
“So are you.” I answer.
“Where are you?” He asks.
“Close.” I answer. “I’m not giving you what you want.”
“You will, Bill or your precious creations will suffer my wrath.” He threatens.
“Cymon. Don’t do this. Your fate was Beta. You have to accept that.” I try to reason.
I stop and look at the moon through the branches.
“I don’t have to accept a goddamn thing. You will give me my fight.” He growls.
I sigh and continue to walk in the dark fog. “I was hoping 5000 years of sleep would change you, but it hasn’t. You can’t be Alpha, Cymon. I won’t allow it. I won’t fight you.”
“Then the blood I spill will be on yer hands. You will accept my challenge or I will tear this planet apart.” His anger came through the link as if he was standing right in front of me.
“I will stop you.” I warn.
“Bring it, brother.” He hisses.
“Goodbye, Cymon.”
“See you soon, brother.”
I cut the link and walk slowly through the dark into the trees. Ever closer to the curtain of reality. I don’t want to do this. I love my brother, but his rampages are deadly and I’m the only one in this world that knows how to stop him.
“What have you idiots done now?” I stomp into the council room, slinging my fur coat over one of the chairs.
The Alphas look at me with confusion on their faces. I flip my jet black hair over my shoulders.
I narrow my brown eyes. “Don’t give me that look. You morons unleash a demon cowboy and you expect Caledon to leave it in your idiotic hands?”
“Hello, Eve.” Grey groans.
I smirk. “Alpha Andrews. What a nice surprise.” He’s leaning on the arm of the couch, rubbing his forehead.
I cross my arms and kick a heel out. “How long has it been, Grey. Too long if you ask me. We should get together and catch up.”
He snorts. “Eve, I wouldn’t go near you, even if you were covered in 10 inch steaks.” He flops his arm on the couch arm.
I scowl. “I didn’t hear one single complaint for the whole six months you were sleeping with me.”
He sits up. “Oh, there were complaints, Eve. You were just too self absorbed to hear them.” He glared at me running his fingers through his light, brown hair.
Luke Jackson is snickering beside him. I shoot him a death glare and he covers his mouth, trying to hide his smile. He avoids eye contact.
I look back at Grey. “If I remember correctly, your high horse was pretty high there, Grey.”
“Eve, I’m not fighting with you, ok.” He’s pointing at me.
“Hi!” I turn to the chipper voice. It’s coming from a tiny, slip of a thing with red streaks in her blonde hair. I eye Grey.
“There’s my foxy lady. What’s up?” He holds his hand out for her. Then I noticed the mark on her shoulder by her yellow sundress strap.
My brow goes up. “Is this your Mate?”
“Yep.” Grey beams. “Mia Masters meet Eve Jacobs ”
I shake her hand. “So I guess you’re the one that’s been driving Grey crazy all year."
“Yeah. I mean, I didn’t mean to. I didn’t know.” Her cheeks turn pink.
I smile. “Oh my God, Grey. She’s adorable.” I laugh.
She flicks her head between the two of us. “How do you two know each other?”
Grey rubs his head. “We sort of dated for awhile.”
My mouth goes small as I bite my cheek. “Sort of?”
He gives a snarky look. “Ok. We had a thing.”
“A good thing before you broke it off.” I snap.
He scoffs. “You can’t be serious. You slept with Wes!”
I wave him down. “An honest mistake.”
He holds up four fingers. “Four times!”
“Oh come on, Grey. You two are really hard to tell apart.” I protest.
He wave his hand at me. “Whatever. It doesn’t even matter anymore. Mia’s all I need now.”
River is trying to stifle a laugh, Luke is still snickering and Jayson is trying to avoid looking at anyone.
I huff at him, scowling and stomp to the conference table.
“Eve. How are you?” Bastian greets as I take my seat.
“I’m fine, Bastian. How’s the little woman?” I smile.
He smiles. “Perfect as always.” He sets down more files. “How about you? Anyone special?”
“I don’t have time for any of that. I’m entirely too busy with the pack and stopping you morons from destroying the planet….again.” I lean back and cross my leg. Bouncing my heel.
He arches his brow. “Really, Eve. We’ve never asked for your help.”
“No, you just take Caledon’s property whenever you feel like. Well, that’s ending today. Falcon Ridge won’t have free access to Caledon without formal request.”
Bastian leans on the table. “You can’t do that. We have an Alliance. It means we have equal ownership of the security units.”
I arch a brow at him. “I can and I will. I’m sick of watching you take our troops and getting them killed without informing us of the reasons.”
“You get our reports.”
“Yeah, Bastian, after our men and women come back in body bags. No longer.” I lean on the table. “We will need a chance to weigh our own options before our troops are deployed to you.”
“Can we start this meeting already before my eggs land in Grey’s lap!” Luke yells from the couch.
The meeting starts and of course everyone is talking about the cowboy and this hero that’s supposed to show up.
I sat forward. “Hold up. You doomed us to Hells Texas Ranger…..for sex?” I point at Mia.
“No? No! No, that’s not what I’m saying at all.” She looks at Grey.
“Eve, back off.” Grey grumbles.
I eye him. “And where were you in all this, Grey? You agreed to this?”
“I was kind of…..dead at the time.”
“Dead.” I scoff.
“As a door nail.” He confirms.
“Someone’s coming to help us.” Mia says.
“Who?” My eyes narrow.
“I don’t know his name or what he looks like, but I know he’s Kay-Os’ brother. He put Kay-Os in the pool. I believe with our help, he can do it again.” Mia looks around the table.
“What if he doesn’t show?” Jayson asks.
Mia looks at us. “Then we all die. I have a feeling this is something we are caught in the middle of. If he doesn’t show, his brother will kill more to force him out.”
“Just fucking awesome.” Luke rakes his fingers through his hair.
I turn to Bastian. “Are we really believing this nonsense?”
“You don’t?” Bastian arches a brow.
“No! It’s ridiculous.” I scoff. “We’re supposed to believe some hero is supposed to fall from the sky and save us! Mobilize the units and blow this cowboy back to hell where he came from.”
Grey turns to me “Eve. We can’t fight him. We have to believe he’ll show.”
I stand. I’m not entertaining this any longer. “Fine. Just so you know, Grey. You’ve killed us all.”
I grab my clutch and my coat and stomp to the door.
I pull out my phone. The other end rang twice and picked up.
“Bryan. Boy, are you lucky you skipped this meeting.” I say chuckling.
Beta Bryan is my father’s beta. He’s been taking care of my pack while my father and brother rot in prison. When he’s busy with pack business, he sends me. “Is it like we thought?”
“Oh god, its worse. Its like some movie or something. A magic pool, evil cowboy and some superhero. Its ridiculous.”
I walk to my Mercedes and get in. Switching my phone to hands free. “I couldn’t stomach anymore so I left.”
“Eve. You can’t just leave council meetings.” Bryan says through the radio.
“I can and I did, Bryan. I’m not sitting there, listening to fairytales. I had important issues to bring to the table and they all wanted to talk about this superhuman wolf that supposed to pop out of the clouds and save us. It took everything I had not to burst into laughter.”
I twist and turn down the forest highway, leaving Falcon Ridge toward the Caledon territory. Heading to my pack house.
“Eve. Look at everything that’s going on. Is it really that far fetched?” Bryan says.
I huff a laugh. “So what? You believe that some big muscle bound cowboy is going to fall from the clouds and stop his supposed brother.”
“Stranger things have happened, Eve.” Bryan says.
“Oh please. This isn’t some movie where lighting explodes everywhere and some god lands on earth…”
Just as I say that there’s a huge explosion.
“Ahhh!” I slam on the brakes as whole and partial tree trunks with brush are forced out of the tree line across the road with the power of dynamite.
My heart is racing a mile a minute as I stop and put my hazard lights on. I just sit and stare at the mess in front of me. My brain is trying to process what just happened.
I look at the forest and the gap of trees. My eyes follow the debris across the road.
I stop my eyes and furrow my brow. I lean forward to get a better look. Is that?.....
I open the door slowly and step out cautiously. My stilettos clicking on the black top.
The dust cloud starts to fall to the ground. The only sound is the ticking of my hazard lights.
I look at the tree line to the path of emptiness. My head turns to the bare back I see in the broken branches. Black hair and blue jeans, he’s laying on the right side of the road, face down.
I walk around my door, sticking close to my car.
“Eve! Eve, what happened! It sounded like an explosion!” Bryan yells from the car radio. I pull my phone from my pocket and hang up on Bryan without taking my eyes off the bare back.
I step to the front of my car. I place my hand on it in case I have to run.
“Hello?” I say quietly. He doesn’t move.
I shake my head “Oh, please don’t be dead.”
Just then his arm flips up and his hand is planted on the road. This made me yelp and jump back. His other arm did the same moments later. I jumped backward into my car. He brings one leg up to his knee. The other, he lifted to his foot and put it on the road.
My eyes are bugging out of their sockets. With a shaky breath out, I watch his large back and arm muscles ripple as he gains his balance and rises to his feet.
My air was gone. He looked around, hands as fists at his side, he looks at the forest.
I am completely taken back. His powerful jawline. Beautiful, dark brown eyes and solid chest muscles. His jeans hug the curve of his perfect ass. My eyes rake his perfect form as he spins in his spot looking around.
A shirtless hunk just fell out the woods in front of my car. I’m the luckiest she wolf in the Alliance.

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