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My Mafia President

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"I didn't say that I would not accept her, Panther. I just meant that after everything that has happed to her, and you go and get her after 5 years of her being held captive she is going to hate you." "You had the money and the power to get her away from them and you didn't do a thing. I know that club. They are the worst men to have a woman in their club. They enjoy hurting women. If she has made it this long, I would place a bet she can't last much longer with them." "Then it is time that I left. I am going to the clubhouse. You know how to reach me if you need me. I have no doubt that you will do just fine."

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Chapter 1: The Office

I looked at my youngest brother from across the desk. "Mom and Dad have been dead for six months. I am handing the business over to you Bobbie. I going to find Precious. They can't keep her from me now."
"Panther, are you sure she is the right girl for you? I know she was the girl you liked in high school. But she may be no longer the girl for you. I think you better read this. I investigated Precious."
As I read the report my hands balled into fists. "I am going for my girl Bobbie, either you accept her or you can get the hell out and go live your life without the family."
"I didn't say that I would not accept her, Panther. I just meant that after everything that has happened to her, and you go and get her after 5 years of her being held captive she is going to hate you."
"You had the money and the power to get her away from them and you didn't do a thing. I know that club. They are the worst men to have a woman in their club. They enjoy hurting women. If she has made it this long, I would place a bet she can't last much longer with them."
"Then it is time that I left. I am going to the clubhouse. You know how to reach me if you need me. I have no doubt that you will do just fine."
I stood up and walked out the door and to the elevators. I took them to the basement and walked out over to the car. Once I sat down, I instructed the driver to take me home. Once home I walked inside and up to my bedroom.
I called my VP, Cage. "Cage, I am coming back to the clubhouse. I want my bedroom cleaned and clean sheets put on the bed. I will be there by 9:00 tonight. Make sure the members know we are having a mandatory meeting."
"It will be good to have you back Panther. We have new whores to choose from."
"I am not interested in those whores. Keep them away from me. I don't want them to touch me or come near me, is that understood?"
"They will be informed of it."
After I got off the phone with Panther, I informed the members he was coming home and that there would be a mandatory meeting tonight at 9:00 pm. I then informed the whores they were to stay away from the president. I told them he was not interested in them and if they broke the rule there would be trouble.
I ordered two whores to clean his bedroom and put clean sheets and blankets on his bed. Everything was ready when he arrived at the clubhouse. I saw the whores licking their lips until he was welcomed home.
Panther walked straight to the meeting room. Once inside he looked around. Is anyone familiar with the Skull MC? Several members are. "Panther why are you interested in them?"
"They have my girlfriend. I have been looking for her for five years. I was informed two days ago she is at their club."
"Panther if they have her and for that long. She is not going to survive much longer. They abuse woman day and night. They like to hear them scream."
"I am going to get her, and any other woman that wants to leave. Get ready for war."
"Hell, we can take them down in one night and burn down their clubhouse. A member said."
"I need a map and pictures of their club. I need to know if they have any cameras and where they are. We are preparing to leave in three days."
I was cleaning the bar when Angel the president walked in the door. "Precious, can you make several apple pies for dinner tonight?"
"Yes, I can do that, Angel."
"Since I have been sold to them, I had not been mistreated. None of the women were. They are not like the rumors say they are."
"One more thang Precious. Panther is back. He is looking for you. And he may bring his men here to take you."
"You can leave if you want to. We will not force you to stay here."
"I looked up as the sound of bikes came into the compound."
I watched as Angel walked to the door. I followed him out the door. I saw Angel leaning against the post. "Hello, Panther."
"Angel, I came for Precious. I just found out you have her."
"I have her she is right here. Did you know your parents sold her to me?"
"I just found that out as well. I want her back."
"That is up to her. We do not force women to stay here. They are always free to leave."
I glared at Panther. "How dare you come here and demand that I be given to you. I have not seen or heard from you in five years. You let them sell me, Panther. For someone that says he loves me you sure have one hell of a way of showing it."
"Go away. I don't want to see you or talk to you. Just leave me alone."
"Looks like she doesn't want to leave with you, Panther."
"She is coming with me."
"No, I am not going with you. I hate you, Panther. I lived a life here. I have my own home on this property. I have a nice cabin and I get paid to cook and clean for Angel and his members."
"I am treated well. They do not abuse me or any other woman here. We are not raped or beaten. We are respected."
"Unlike you. If anyone would try to take us by force, they would protect us."
"Five years, five years you have been gone, Panther. I hate you. You could have come and taken me home anytime. But you didn't do that, did you?"
"She is right you know. She waited for you to come for her. You never did. At least not until after your parents died. You still lose, Panther. If she had been my woman, I would not have let anyone or anything stop me from coming for her."
I glared at Angel and started my bike. I rode out of his compound back to my clubhouse. Once there I walked inside and sat at the table. "I'm sorry, Panther. I tried to warn you. I tried to tell you that his club never hurt a woman."
"I saw the sadness in her eyes. She cares for you. But she doesn't trust you now. You could have gone against your parents' wishes and claimed her. You didn't do that."
"If you really want her and love her, you will have to fight to get her back. Five years she waited for you. I would say after two years she gave up. She moved on with her life, Panther."
"She owns half the tattoo shop in town. Her partner is Donna. Her best friend. I would say you can ask her about how Precious has been doing. However, she hates your guts just as much as Precious does."
"I was wrong. I should never have left her and gone to work for the family."
"Yes, you were wrong. You should have claimed her when you had the chance."
Back at Angel's clubhouse, I was in the kitchen making the pies. I let the tears fall down my face. It has been five years. I am 22 years old now. He thinks he can come back, and I will fall into his arms."
I heard my name from behind me. "Precious, if you still love him, go to him."
"Angel, I can't do that. He left me here. He never called or wrote. I won't fall for his tricks. What if he did it again?"
"He won't, Precious."
"But, how do you know?"
"Because I wouldn't let you go if I had a second chance with you."
"Angle, I will stay here. I am safe here. You have treated me well for the past five years. This is now my home."
I heard him walk away as I put the pies in the oven. I finished baking the pies and walked out and sat on the porch. I didn't see Angel or his VP, Socket watching me.
"She still cares for Panther, Angel. But I don't think she loves him. If she did, she would have left with him."
"I don't know, Socket. She changed when she saw him. She doesn't hate him. She hates that he left her, and she was sold to us by his parents."
"Angel, you and Panther have been friends since you were kids. Not to mention you are half-brothers. His oldest brother to be exact."
"That is why I bought her. I didn't want her being used or hurt."
"You bought her because you love her. You always have."
"When are you going to tell her who you are?"
"What are you talking about, Socket?"
"Angel, it is no secret. Everyone knows. Jesus H. Christ, Angel. Stop pretending you don't know what I am talking about."
"We all know that you are Panther's older brother. That you refused to over the business. That is why his parents sold her to you."
"Socket I am five years old than Precious."
"She wouldn't want to marry me. I am 27 and she is 22."
"I don't think she would care if she loved you. I have seen the way she looks at you sometimes. She started caring about you three years ago."
"We will see."
We cleaned up and closed the garage before washing our hands. We walked into the clubhouse together and went to our rooms to take a shower.
I was putting the clean clothes in the member's rooms and didn't realize that Angel was in the shower. I was putting his clothes away when he walked into the bedroom wearing only a towel.
I looked at him in shock. I stared at his muscled arms, and the tattoos on his arms and chest. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were taking a shower. I will come back later and finish this."
I ran out the door and down the hallway. I looked over at Page and saw her looking at Socket. I knew she was in love with him. Several women they rescued were in love with the members.
I noticed Precious checking my arms and chest out. Then her face turned red. I also knew she was a virgin. She didn't date anyone not even my club members.
I grinned thinking about my conversation with Socket. Maybe he was right. Maybe Precious does have feelings for me. She has lived here for five years now. She could have packed and left to be with Panther. But she told him no.
I walked out of the bedroom and down the hallway. As I entered the bar, I saw her sitting at the small table with Page. I know that Page likes Socket but he doesn't believe me.
After we all ate and Precious cleaned the kitchen she told Cook, me, and Socket good night. She walked out the door and we all knew she was going to her cabin.
I unlocked the door of my cabin and walked inside. I locked it behind me. I made coffee and sat on a chair staring out the window. How could he come back after all these years?
I don't want him anymore. I can never trust him again. I want Angel. I started falling for Angel two years after I came to live at his clubhouse. He has always been good to me. He never dated anyone. I know he is five years older than I am. I don't care about that.
What I know is that he would never do to his girlfriend what Panther did to me. Panther can't love me if he did, he would have never left me. And he would have come back sooner to get me. He didn't do that.

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