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His Little Family

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Ari, and the one and only Ren Ito, a Japanese K-pop singer of the Infinity Band, are finally together but it comes with a small price... Time... Time is precious this time around, Ren is going on tour for three months, unaware of Ari battling deportation, a difficult pregnancy, and unstable work because of her newfound stardom. The two find themselves being pulled in different directions and the question one everyone's lips ... "will they last???" Join Ren and Ari and this sweet, emotional, and hilarious journey as they battle and navigate the path of parenthood and family, with a lot of drama and steam worthy moments in between

Romance / Drama
Adhara Rigel
In Arbeit


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I stare longing at the man I have loved my entire life and tried to remember how it got us here... I was rendered speechless every time I came face to face with Ren, he was everything I wanted, everything I needed... but this Ren... this bull-raging Ren that looked at me with little to no clarity.

“I do apologize he has come to this Mr. Lee, and I could have sent my representative to you but that would have been disrespectful,” Ren Said to my father while I stood with simmering teary eyes looking at him

“I am sorry for this Ren.” My father says politely lowering his head in shame at the love of my life. I knew my father felt disgraced but I didn’t care I was more concerned with Ren’s next words “There is no need for that Mr. Lee. Just get your daughter the help she needs. I tell you this with respect sir, I will not take it lightly the next time she comes near my family. My wife...” He pauses clearing his throat “future wife and daughter mean everything to me. I will not be as cordial the next time she goes anyway near them, lays a hand on them, or deliberately puts them in harm’s way.” He snapped as dread pooled in me.

“Ren.” I whimper but he doesn’t acknowledge me, he just continued to ignore me “This is a warning Mr. Lee. My security detail is instructed to take whatever action necessary to keep my family safe. My lawyers will be in touch regarding damages and settlement. I will see myself out.” He says bowing to my father in respect before walking out of the office, leaving me standing there in misery.

I didn’t turn my gaze to my father even when Ren was out of sight, how could I when my emotions felt brittle and bruised...

I did so much for him... for us... yet he tossed it away for her... my thoughts began to boil over as my mind zoomed from thought to thought until I was disrupted by the sound of the office door closing.

I look up gritting my teeth and staring icily at my father who didn’t utter a word. I watched apprehensively as he stiffly poured himself a drink from his decanter. He downed it without tasting which only confirmed his rage or maybe it was his reddening face or maybe that pulsing vein that was threatening to burst. I don’t know, I didn’t care...

He silently motioned me to take a seat which I reluctantly did, as he poured us both a drink and took a seat next to me with a look of resolve “This will stop.” He instructs placing my drink in my hand. I froze clenching the glass, staring at my father in contempt “I was prom-” “THIS WILL STOP.” he roared slamming his glass down on the oak desk causing a hairline crack to form on the perfectly untainted surface. He gripped my face in an unforgiving grip, squeezing until I could feel his nails digging into my skin. “You will not have you ruin my name!.. Not after all the sacrifices I made. Stop looking like a desperate harlot Erica!” He growled as he released my face roughly. “I am not giving up Not after everything.” I say softly “He is not-” “I love him.” I shout as my father loses his patience and began screaming while my mind blocked him out and drifted back in time...

4 years ago

I’ve been watching them for a while they were both completely oblivious to my own existence or my painful screaming heart. I could endure the sight of Ren’s soft smiles, soft tender eyes, and soft kisses all directed at her, but watching them give themselves to each other so feverishly is something my heart couldn’t bare …

I was supposed to be the one he loved and the one that he looked at like that... the one he worshipped!… I knew everything about it… I practically worshipped the ground he walked on... yet… here he was worshipping some mouse that couldn’t even speak his native language, that would never understand him or his culture!!! She was a nobody… some broke divorced bitch with a few thousand’s in her bank account! but here she was fucking the most eligible bachelor in broad daylight!!!

I stormed away from the moaning couple that was completely lost in their passion to even be aware that I was there. I’d been there for the past week! Of course, the guards knew… well at least they thought so… and alerted Ren who became protective, but his dear sweet love was completely unaware that she was being followed every single day when she left the safety of the hotel...

Damn Fool...

She actually spotted me a few times, and offered me a friendly smile which I returned even though inside I was cursing her very existence...but soon she would be gone, Ren would be back In Seoul and I would go back to my sweet yearning for him to notice me... I remind myself...

Ren would be free of her after he had his fill of her and tossed her away like the others… that thought made me smile, another being Ari in a pool of her own blood...the thought was so beautifully tempting that I wanted to act on it … when another thought came to mind… was Ren paying her? Because he wouldn’t just fuck anyone in public. Ren was controlled and to have his way with someone so openly could only mean he was paying her … It all made sense!

He didn’t love her… no .. he was using her … yes… she was just a plaything… I smile at the thought-feeling better as I sank into my bed with a smile on my face… “just a plaything.” I recite over and over again until I was asleep...

time flew by after that... Ren was back in Seoul ignoring me and I was happily yearning for him, everything was as it should be... everything was right until Three months later ...

I was sipping tea in Japan with my plaything, Tony, when I spotted a familiar passerby with another lady walking arm in arm.

It was Ari… I knew it was her from her shiny dark brown curly hair to the distinguished laugh that always made the guards and Ren chuckle along with her. I gritted my teeth at the sight of her, she looked well, beautiful, almost glowing in happiness, compared to Ren, who seemed and looked happy but he was clearly not.

Her happiness angered me... Seeing her angered me... correction ... Her very existence angered me.

I couldn’t tear my gaze away from her as my anger boiled over and I was ready to march over to her when I paused for a moment spotting something amiss.

I frowned in concentration eyeing her and the friend as they looked through the menu at the restaurant adjacent to mine. I watched her movements and noticed that her clothes were loose… which was weird considering it was chilly and you usually wore tighter clothes.

I narrowed my eyes in concentration while Tony rambled about crap that I was not interested in. “Could you shut the fuck up!” I snapped at him and he arched a brow “what’s going your panty-” “I said shut the fuck up.” I whisper yelled turning my attention back to her as her friend. Ari walked in but then something odd happened... she jumped back holding her tummy protectively when the waiter nearly elbowed her in the tummy unconsciously when he was picking up the dirty dishes from the table.

I felt myself become pale as it dawned on me… the bitch was pregnant!

I stormed off to my apartment leaving Tony there slightly confused but I didn’t care about him, he was just someone who would fuck me while I imagined it was Ren... but now that image was tainted! Now when I closed my eyes all I could think about was Ren fucking Ari, Ren kissing Ari, Ren loving Ari… Ren getting Ari … pregnant and it hurt… It hurt so much... I had to endure so much… but this! This was unforgivable! she’s pregnant with a child that was created out of love!!! And Ren! If Ren found out he would come!!! He would leave me for her!!! … “well you’re not really together…” my brain mocked as I grunted, “we will be!” I screamed out loud as my seething venom flowed out of me!

I hated her! I hated her! I hated Ari! I vowed that day that I would take everything away from her! Everything!

Ari didn’t realize the game she was now playing! She didn’t realize I held all the cards and by the time I was done, she will having nothing but the crumbling remnants of what she called a life… I chuckled at the thought as my mind moved to my trump card deciding to put it into play picking up my phone and smirking at the vow… “Let’s see what you going to now.” I say out loud as I hear a hello on the other end and I smirk as I fake a few sniffles and whimpers “mummy… I need your help…” I whine while smirking at my reflection in the mirror that winked at me proudly as my vow takes root with every second and I finally knew what to do.

First thing was first, mummy said I should destroy her from the inside as I put my new plan into motion with Mummy’s voice ringing into my head “remember she is always as strong as her foundation… her foundation is her work… so destroy that and we weaken her.” she says so that’s what I do.

I befriended an idiot that worked with her and by some miracle with a similar name. It was easy to bad-mouthed Ari, and told Arianna, Ari slept with my husband and now she was demanding him to leave me, I spewed out lies about how I caught them in passion and how he moved out to stay with her but how I was determined to get my husband back and like an idiot she volunteered her help, saying that she will help me any way she can … and she did, managed to get Ari fired and destroyed her reputation with my false story… it was quite sad I had to get Arianna killed… because Ren decided he wanted to contact Ari ...and we didn’t need really Ari to crying to Ren… so we killed Arianna, got her misidentified, we palmed some hands … and boom Ari Rao was dead!

Ren called. Heard she was dead and bam He broke? That wasn’t supposed to happen... Oh well... mummy wanted to palm a judge but I told her I would sort it out knowing the judge needed a little more encouragement…

I fucked the judge for months to make sure Ari stayed dead… it wasn’t much of a sacrifice on my part, I actually enjoyed it, the judge was 60 but had a body of a 40-year-old and fucked like a 20-year-old… it was fun while it lasted...

I enjoyed riding his cock… his wife didn’t, She walked in on us but instead of stopping I continued bonce on him until his seed sprayed into me... Not the most clever moment I realize now… Let’s just say... Ari was suddenly declared alive a few days later!

That’s when I called mummy again “Mummy we need to do something drastic! If Ren-“ “what do you have in mind because Hector already knows. Ren will follow soon. I will not let that girl-“ “we can kill her and that baby” I plot softly and there’s a pause “… you will NOT touch my grandchild.” Mummy barks and I grit my teeth “Mummy-“ “No. I do not care about Ari but I do care about that child... It is my grandchild.” She snarled as my anger starts to boil

“I was-“ “well you didn’t. Do what you must with the girl. But deliver my grandchild to me... I will make sure you get Ren.” She states and I narrow my eyes at my reflection in the mirror “how do you want to play this?” I ask and she scoffs “if you want to be with Ren you need to be calculating! Do you want me to make all the kill shots? Time for you to prove yourself!” She mocked and I grunted “fine.” “make sure it doesn’t come back to you girl. I will not let you drag our family name down... and I will not protect you from Ren if he finds out” She snapped and I hung up raging Knowing that my trump card was not as bold as she pretended to be. Bitch.

Coming up with a new plan wasn’t hard, I accidentally stumbled on it all thanks to A simple Girl Named Ae-cha, a waitress ... a banned fan of Ren’s, she was actually a stalker I bumped into several times, I knew that this supposed girl was on the banned list, had a restraining order and was arrested for aggravated assault of a few celebs that were rumored to be dating Ren.

This was Fate!!! I remember thinking...

I approached her warily and silently thanked the universe for sending me this perfect killing machine ... I could keep my hands clean! how wonderful... How perfectly wonderful... I smiled almost wickedly holding my hand out to her...

“Hi... I’m Erica Lee... How would you like to meet Ren Ito...” I say as she squeals and she shook my hand remembering me from the many appearances I made with mummy... I mean Eva... after all we-

“ERICA ARE YOU FUCKEN LISTENING!!!” my father’s voice boomed shaking me back to reality. I stared at him defiantly standing up and looking at him with leveled stare “It was Fate that I met Ae-cha... Fate, that I found out about Ari-” “No Erica...” my father.

I chuckled at my father downing my drink and smirked at him...“It is Fate Appa... I am the one that Killed Ae-cha, not Eva... I am the one that framed her... I am the one that owns Eva.. Why do you care about provoking the Ito’s when we are the ones who own them?” I chuckled darkly as my father lowered to his seat eyeing me ... “tell me everything...”

______________*** Author's note***________________

This book is unedited and should only be on two platforms: Inkitt and Lutionary. If it is on any other platform please tell me or report it to me!!! (Thank you) This is part of a series and offers Early Access on Patreon. It is a work of fiction and my original work! Updates will be as per my schedule on my profile or my public profile on Patreon. If you enjoy listening to music while you read there is a dedicated playlist for chapters on my youtube page: . I look forward to your engagement and thank you for your support!!! For now... Enjoy Much love ... Adhara... Ⓒ 2022 All Rights Reserved

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