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Reverse Harem Alien Abduction #2

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Santi almost died of a heart attack when she awoke on a strange alien ship, being told she's to have a harem of hot, muscular, alien men, who want more than anything to impregnate her with their babies. Can she get over her anxiety to accept her fate? Or will she be the first to go back to life on Earth?

Scifi / Romance
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Chapter 1 Part 1

Santi Lal felt overwhelmed, as usual. Her mind raced with anxious worries and thoughts as she followed the towering, muscular alien man in front of her, trying her hardest not to have a panic attack.

Santi knew she would never forget that sinking feeling caused by waking up on a spaceship while flying to some unknown place in the expectation to aid in the mating needs of the best-looking, most muscular, race of aliens Santi had ever seen.

And I’ve watched almost every alien movie and show there is to watch.

Feeling herself getting wet at the thoughts of the aliens, specifically the hot, green hunk in front of her, had Santi panicking even more, pushing the feelings as far away as possible, not even close to ready to explore them.

“My Queen, may I hold your hand to bring you to Queen Ruler Yua’s throne?”

The hopeful look in Marx’s eyes made Santi look away quickly, feeling slightly guilty, anxious, and something else she refused to recognize.

Marx and Santi had, only moments before, felt the mate pull, something that signified who would be in Santi’s harem, something she didn’t think would be in the cards for her with her anxiety that way it was. It surprised them both, as they had been around each other most of the day with nothing happening.

“Um... Not now, If that’s ok. I would prefer to just follow you, sorry.”

“You need not be sorry, My queen. I am here to serve you always.”

His face full of the disappointment his sweet words hid, Marx opened the large door in front of them and led Santi to a standing and smiling Yua.


“Um... Hello.”

“We have felt the mate pull, Queen Ruler Yua.”

Marx’s words rushed out proudly as he softly ran his hand down the side of Santi’s arm, causing her skin to prickle in want while her feet attempted to jump away in anxiety.

Yua’s hands clapped together loudly, bringing the room’s attention from the bustling noise of food and laughter, to them.

“Oh, Santi! Marx! That is so wonderful! I knew it would happen to you soon. You just had to be comfortable enough for your brain and body to accept the planet’s gases into your bloodstream and DNA! I’m so excited for you! This means all three of you have found your Head Harem mates, and we can finally proceed with the mating celebration!”

Oh, no.

Santi shuddered at the word celebration, her hermit nature rebelling at the thought of attending such a thing. Yua’s words confused her, as she didn’t feel she was even close to ready to accept her fate on the planet of Kreopore forever. She especially wasn’t ready to be mating with loads of alien muscle men, not when she barely knew her body like that, and was riddled with anxious thoughts controlling her every move.

“We will send out word to Islande and Clara! They’ll be so excited, I’m sure, to hear your wonderful news! After the celebration, we will take you and any other mates you might pull with, to your new home. Oh, this IS exciting! I must call Arianna!”

Walking closer to Santi and moving her face so that her lips were right next to her small ears, Yua whispered, “If you guys need some time and a room, you can use one of the many I have available, Marx knows where they’re located.”

Yua pulled away quickly and winked at Santi’s open mouthed and reddening by the second, face. Santi audibly swallowed, her wet folds more slippery than ever at the thought of claiming her head harem mate, the throbbing of lust attempting to overtake all feelings of anxiety.

“Oh, Um, no. That’s ok.”

Looking surprised, Yua smiled and nodded, finally glancing towards a slightly frowning Marx, but not saying anything.

“Well, please find yourself something delicious to eat from those tables over there, they just stocked them with more snacks than I know what to do with!”

Santi glanced at the large, wooden tables covered in strange, but delicious, looking meats and cheeses and breads, her eyes lingering on some steaming, dark, dessert looking, mounds that had her mouth watering with want. Without a word, she headed towards the left side table, feeling Marx follow closely behind as she walked.

Santi marveled at how small her body felt as she climbed onto the massive, high-backed bench like seats that were made to accommodate the largest of aliens. Marx sat next to her, his warm green skin touching Santi’s, and causing an electric jolt that made her scoot away and grab at the closet thing she could to start eating.

How do I handle all this when I don’t think I’m ready?

Santi’s thoughts stopped for a moment as the flavor of the bread she had grabbed took hold of her tongue with a delicious burst of spices she had never tasted before. It was like fried chicken mixed with some flavor she couldn’t even put her finger on, as it was foreign to her tastebuds, though delicious. The more she ate of the alien’s strange but mouthwatering food, the more amazed she was that they had so many flavors that were new to her, considering the wide array of foods and spices she was used to in her hometown in India.


Her small sound of delight slipped out, and she felt herself redden with embarrassment as she looked up and over at Marx’s face to see if he had heard her embarrassing noise. His eyes drew her in a locked and heated stare, the lust in his face very evident, and causing Santi’s heart to race with excitement. She was on the verge of being unable to control herself, as she felt her hand start to almost reach up and towards Marx’s chiseled face. His darker green, full lips more enticing than any Santi had ever laid eyes on. Her mouth had begun to water again, but this time for a taste of Marx’s tantalizing flavor that she suspected she would want to devour always.

NO. nonononono NO. I just can’t.

Santi broke their electric gaze and brought her roaming hand down to her lap quickly, pinching herself hard on the leg until she had full control of herself again.

Focusing on the bread now smooshed slightly in the clutch of her other hand, Santi ate again, thinking of everything she could that didn’t involve hot aliens, their cocks, and her ever nagging want to have one inside of her.

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Weitere Empfehlungen

Camille Berghmans: Quelle belle histoire fraîche et romantique avec un fond de bonté Ça fait du bien

Robin: Interesting plot so far. I like Ivory, so many girl’s really do feel like this about themselves.

Andrea: Misterio, abrumadora, hermosa es una historia que puedo decir que leeré muchas veces. Y esperaré más como está

valérie: Vivement la suite, on est tellement plongés dans l'histoire que ça défilé trop vite 😔. Bravo

Arista: Ein bisschen durchgeknallt und sehr unterhaltsam. Danke fürs Teilen auf Inkitt! ;)

Tammy L: It was really good. Short and sweet.

Kaytlynn Shamhart: This book had me crying and throwing things around

Gingerhead: Kann einfach nicht aufhören zu lesen

Weitere Empfehlungen

Linda Searle: The humor was amazing. I laughed sooo hard!! The ending was just perfect!! Honestly one of the best books I’ve read!! Well done!!

Mharms: It is nice that it is a serial of stories, book to book. The storyline is fast moving through history.

marilyn: It's awesome to hear about all these shifters finding their fated mates. I can't wait to hear more about them. I also want to hear about the cubs. And for Daryl to find his mate.

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