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Hybrids: A New Species

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Humanity has fallen from a virus and the undead have taken over. A survivor named Ben has become infected, but he has another chance at life when he attains a cure to the virus. This cure put him through excruciating pain and was almost killed. Though he lived, it changed him into something different, something not human.

Scifi / Action
Luis A. Amaya
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Peaceful and destructive. Loving and cruel. Trustworthy and betrayers. These are terms that define the human species. They are both predictable, and unpredictable. Humankind destroys everything in their path to achieve what they desire, yet, they strive for peace. They show passion for each other, but, if needed be, would kill each other in an instant. They can come and work together to achieve their goal, or they’ll kill and salvage anything or anyone to survive. They protect the ones they’re are closest to and will kill others who are doing just the same as them. They are the dominant species that exists on Earth. However, this has changed since their downfall.

A fatal virus has spread and wiped out a majority of the human population on the planet. The virus killed many that were already weak from sickness. Everyone has the virus and it stays with them. When humans get sick, their immune system is at its weakest. That’s when the virus takes advantage of the body, and it completely destroys the cells, killing it. After death, whether it’s from natural causes, sickness, or murder, as long as the host is dead, the virus sparks up the brain, causing it to become mobile again. However, they are not the same as they were before, and the moving corpse desires nutrients. These moving corpses favor flesh from humans or any other animals. Everyone was skeptical, many saw this as the end, and the religious began calling the walking corpses, “The Fallen”. It’s a deadly virus, and it put the humans in utter chaos.

Eight years have passed since the end, and humankind’s population is thinning. Guns and ammo are limited, and those who do own these types of weapons have the advantage. People rely mostly on blades and blunt objects to defend themselves now, it’s a war for survival. Humans are becoming hunters, murderers, and cannibals; they’re are becoming what they truly are, monsters. Besides defending themselves from other humans trying to kill them, they must watch out for the Fallen, the dead human corpses that are roaming the world due to the virus. If this continues, humans will become extinct, and their world will be a dead one, unless, humans can adapt to this new world.

When a species truly wants to survive a harsh environment, they evolve, and if humans wish to continue living, they will evolve. It’s only natural.

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dicipulo52: Historia muy ardiente muy buena y entretenida desde amor y pasión lujuria hasta perversión del padre espero tenga su merecido gracias por escribir 💕💕💕

4mysanity: I like the flow. Would recommend it as a fantasy romance. Sexy

vmathias: Great story line and awesome characters. I sometimes find it hard to follow because of misplaced language. I’m loving the story though.

Jenna: The detail and sensitivity both main characters are written in is EVERYTHING. Their connection to eachother is all encompassing and I like that they never feel the need to explain it to anyone. They know and they support eachother and it’s all that matters. Can’t wait to read what the rest of the...

Britt Morgan: Couldn’t stop reading! I stopped at what I thought was close to the end so I wouldn’t finish it so fast only to find out there were only a few paragraphs left. LoL little bummed. I didn’t want it to end.

Tiffany: I absolutely love this story so far. The world building, the characters, how the characters interact with each other and how their inner dialogue plays out....all just lovely. Looking forward to reading the rest!!

hillarysu2021: This is one of the best books I have read so far. The plots in this book are well constructed.

famig03: Excellent story! Couldn't put it dow, read into the early hours. Looking forward to the next book.

Jacinta:,Adelina Jaden. You are the bomb! BOOM! When I start a story, it is till the end, no drinks, no sleep, nuh-thing. Hook, line and sinker I am a fish gasping for more not air. Thank you for the ride!Jacinta

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Jodi Shelton: Captivating and refreshing

dtijsmans: Thank you for another lovely book of yours.

Kristin: What the heavens to Betsy???Why??????I loved it but hated the ending ugh. Poor Monkey 😪😪😪

Sherl Cox: The book is ok but could use some touch up it’s ok to read hope there is more

jogamaspearce: Equally as good if not better 👍. Seriously, you're making me cram- read because I can't wait to see what happens next. Thank you.

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