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Ariel gets tricked into Andromeda; a city full of 3 million human mutants with 0.05% wolf DNA. They're all off the grid from the 3 other Desolate cities of the Earth. Andromeda is a strict place, governed by Earnest Winter and patrolled by Four Zenith Alphas; w/ 3.9% Alpha DNA. Ariel needs to work out how the hell to survive, especially when she finds out the only reason she was brought to the wolf-hybrid city was simply to be a chew toy for the Zenith Patrol; Wade, Irving, Micha and Terrell. Ariel may be able to evade them for a time, and may even work out how to escape back home, but she's a curious leopard-human hybrid, and everyone knows curiosity killed the cat.

Scifi / Erotica
C. Swallow
4.7 26 Bewertungen

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Wade’s POV

“Take a drink and don’t sweat it. I got all these lil’ bitches covered. Please. Relax,” I force on the please when my throat is tight and my veins are widening in excitement, which gets the snarl going unpredictably.

“Can you please get them out of here in the next ten minutes? I have visitors coming, and the clean up too – it needs to be thorough. I don’t know how they got through the gates – ” Earnest is panicking and also hyperventilating on the other end. Fucking pussy.

“Yes of course, sir,” I bark back, amused, “But am I getting that raise?”

“You’ve had twenty raises in the past year, Wade –”

“Do you want the protesters removed or not?” I ask, smirking, “I’ll do it anyway you want. Missing limbs. Missing heads. Maybe just some light bruises, whatever you want.”

“Missing heads, oh, please, kill them all,” Earnest sighs and hesitates, “The raise will be negotiated after the fact –”

“A thousand for each head.”

“You know these wolves trained all summer for a fight?”

Trying to change the subject, Earnest?

"You called them wolves,” I laugh so hard, I can barely contain myself, “Are they Zenith? No. Because only four Zenith exist on the entire planet, Earnest. Calm your titties.”

“Just remove them, please, Wade.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m on it.”

“Thank you, you’re my favourite patrol, you know that?”

“The only reason you’re not dead is because of me, Earnest.”

“Don’t get so cocky, Wade, you know you’ll never be a politician, you’ll never be respected like me – keep your claws for your professionalism. What you’re good at. Which is your very dirty skill set, for your job.”

“I love you Earnest, always so obvious. Do you think I want to sip wine at parties? I drink blood. For breakfast.”

“...that you do, Wade...”

“I like the taste of it, I was breast fed on that shit –”

Earnest hangs up and I grin. He was easy to intimidate.

“We count 50 protestors, Wade,” my new IT assistant speaks facts but with a sass I don’t appreciate.

“50 grand raise for me then,” I hold her defiant eye, she’s new on the job, “Should I add your head to the list, gorgeous –?”

“Just relaying what’s in front of us, Wade – fuck.”

Ha, ha! These bitches always thought being sassy somehow got them into my pants. No.

I grab the back of her head and make her look down at the digital screen she’s observing, “60. Can’t count gorgeous? You’re done. Go home.”

“You didn’t hire me, so you can’t fire me,” she complains... now I’m done.

I grab the gun I never use from my halter.

While she’s looking the other way, one little bullet through her head in front of the team ends it quick without a word of protest. Quick, easy.

I look over my shoulder, at least the rest of the newbs stop bickering and a terrified perfect silence meets my delighted ears as her body slumps off the seat.

“I know you’re all new but don’t... don’t cross me, yeah?” I look down at the digital screen and have a look, “...everyone go home. I don’t need you for this.”

My nostrils flare and I inhale sharply. Mmmmm.... a satisfied growl leaves my throat. The smell of the fresh blood pooling on the floor... fuck yeah... I’m ready.

“But... sir?” one fucking cunt -

I fucking hate questions.

"Go home,” my tone drops, my blood boils and I’m going to kill more than 61 if these pups don’t listen.

I glance up and I see them all wisely turn and head off from the vehicle, scratching their heads.

I shake my own head and I’m left alone, with the dead body at my feet.

I check my watch to see where Micha is at, ‘lucky bitch’ he speaks through, ‘you looking for a 60 grand raise?’

“That’s my business. Tell Terrell and Irving to kill the spies on the edges so they don’t get recordings, I’m heading in front. If they’re done early, tell them to stay out of my way. How’s the meeting with Miss Paws?” I try to keep in my sharp barked laughter, “Has she licked your ass yet begging for it?”

“No but she got something better than free pussy coming for us – she got a real pussy.”

“No idea what you’re talking about, Micha –”

“Would you believe it, a cat cross hybrid exists –”


“It’s true.”

“I wanna see it.”

“It’s not an it. It’s a her, and she’s not a simple mix either, she’s like a Zenith but called something else.”

“You’re kidding me?”

“She’s called... an Ultima or something.”

“...she’s from the desolate cities isn’t she...? There’s no cross overs allowed. Was she -?”

“Yeah - kidnapped. Lexa said she’s a gift.. She doesn’t want anymore unnecessary deaths on your record Wade. She said you’re getting out of control.”

“I’m about to rip off 60 heads, can you let that pass?” I pretend to give a shit and hang up before he replies.

Fuck Lexa, always trying to calm all of us down. Give me a fucking break. I was built to kill so I would kill. No other fucking rules mattered. She bred me for this, it’s what I’d stick to. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and I was old for 29. Most hybrids died early. Not me. Not us.

I step onto the front lawn of the Blue House after exiting the Z-O, basically a massive silent heli built like a bus. Used for any kind of emergency, but in this case, used for my patrol.

Earnest Winter is the President here. He’s home is in the centre of Andromeda. The protestors didn’t like the wealth disparity across the city of 3 million. I agreed with the differential. Work for your money or die trying.

The poor bitches are sitting, arms linked, refusing to move from the property.

Signs everywhere say lethal force will be used if you enter in here without permission.

My tongue is already lolling. Fuck. I spit because I can’t help the drool increasing. I couldn’t wait.

“Run motherfuckers!” I scream out as I start for them. I hear Terror laughing through my watch.

The protestors turn and see me sprinting silently for them. I was a large dude. But I was quiet on my feet, I was trained well for a guard dog. A couple brave pups jump to rush me and I barge right through them, grabbing hair and shoulders while snapping necks. One girl tries to bite my arm, so cute. I kick out her spine. 3 dead.

57 to go.

I see the other protestors scream in defiance and rush me. Yes. All for me. Come to Papa Zenith Wade.

I’ll admit, I get scratched up by a couple of more skilful pups, but no one can be a Zenith Alpha in Andromdea unless you have the DNA.

The entire population here had strengthened human DNA with 0.05% wolf mixed in.

Zeniths had 3.9% wolf DNA, with the worst of the worst traits specifically selected and we were raised since birth for military combat to hone all those skill sets.

It was simple.

You didn’t fuck with me or my brothers and win.

Got a problem?

A challenge?

A bone to pick?

You’d die. Every time. No exceptions.

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