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Art Of A Girl The Falcon Ridge Series Book 4

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Book 4 of The Falcon Ridge Series Six months after the Luna Ceremony in Red Rock. Set in Black Rock. A pack of 4000 on the eastern border of Falcon Ridge. Bastian Cole: I'm the Alpha. I'm the man of this Alliance. My life is perfect. That was until a young, beautiful interior decorator entered my life. That's when the weird things start. While I'm trying to further my career with the best Blue Moon Ball in history, this girl is causing me to lose that focus. She may be talented and gorgeous, but there's something really strange about her. Something the Shifter world has never seen. She needs my protection from not only the Alliance, but now the Dragons want her. I'm not sure why, but I will die before I let any of them take my beautiful artist away from me. Samantha Gale: On the surface, I seem like your average girl. But, far from it. My life was never easy. My entire family was killed in a wolf attack when I was 5. My life took an awful turn. It started to get better when the Gales adopted me. For years, I felt normal. That was until I agreed to decorate the Alphas ballroom. He presence did something to me. Not only did it start a flame, but it woke a beast I had locked up for years. I can't let it out. If I do, people will die.

Scifi / Romance
M. Mctier
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Chapter 1


I open an eyelid. The sun stings my eye. I blink my eyes open to adjust to the morning light pouring into my room.

I reach above my head to the shelf above me and grab my phone. Its just after 8am.

I stretch an arm and the blonde I picked up last night cuddles into it. I give her a kiss on the head as I wrap my arm around her.

I stretch again and smirk and her twin sister that came with her cuddles under my other arm. I drop a kiss on her head.

I lay there with the two naked, identical hotties contemplating if I should get up or play another round of Bastian in the middle.

Nope...I have to get up. Today, I have important things to do.

I slip out from the sexy sandwich and head for the shower. I get dressed in my silk shirt and Italian suit pants. Pulling my shoulder length, textured blonde hair into a man bun and dabbing some cologne. I smile a charming smile in the mirror that makes my blue eyes sparkle a bit. Yes I'm that good looking.

The girls were getting dressed while I was straightening my tie and putting my Rolex on.

"We had fun last night." They say almost in unison.

"Uh, yeah. You had me. Of course you did." I say in a snarky tone, not even looking their way and I leave my room and head for the stairs.

"Nigel!" I yell, bouncing down the stairs.

Nigel Justice. My Beta. Cool looking guy with sharp features and slicked back, black hair. Pretty muscular too. He's a good friend and an even better Beta. I need guys like him if I'm going to make sure I get what I want.

Right now I want coffee. "Nigel! Where the hell are you?" I call through the large foyer heading to the common room.

Nigel finally appears from a hallway. "You're up." He smiles.

"Where's my coffee?" I hold my arms out to the sides.

He thumbs over his shoulder. "Dining hall?"

I smile and grab his shirt at the neck. "Go get it!" I push him and walk to the common room

"Alright. Someone's in a mood." Nigel rolls his eyes.

While I wait for my coffee, I pull out my phone and dial.

After a couple of rings it picks up. "Put Luke on the phone.......I don't give a shit if he's busy, put him on the damn phone." I demand of his Beta.

I hear rustling and then finally he's on the phone. "......Luke. How's our newest hoodlum council member?...........You're threats hilarious, you know that?.........So, I'm calling to make sure you bring that outline for the Enforcers to the meeting today. I need to present it to Fredericks.....Ok.....Good.....See you there..........." I hang up the phone and shove it in my pocket.

"What a dick." I say to myself as Nigel brings my coffee.

"Took you long enough." Taking the cup from him.

He eyes me. "Why are you all stressed today?"

I walk down a hall with construction scaffolding along the walls and construction materials on the floor. I walk through the large double doors into a huge room. The unfinished walls lead up to a moulded 15 foot ceiling. In the center, a crystal moon with a circle skylight around it. Large arched windows allow the view to the forests outside.

"This is why." I take a sip from my cup. "I need this to go good. Alpha Fredericks is retiring and I'm taking his job. I need to impress him to do that."

"It'll happen, Bastian. Just relax." Nigel has his hands in his pockets.

I side eye him as I pull out my phone to check my schedule. "So have you found a decorator?"

Nigel nods. "We're quoting a couple, but I think we have one that's really good. Her references are impeccable."

"Good." I put my phone back in my pocket. "Grab the car and take....." I squint my eyes and snap fingers trying to remember names.

"Melissa and Rachael? " Nigels brow arches.

"Yes." I point to him. "Take them to Feral and drop them off."

Nigel scratches his head. "Shouldn't I take them home?"

I wave him off. "Don't waste the gas. Just get back here. I have a council meeting to get to."

Nigel ticks his head. "Alright." He walks out.

I look around my grand ballroom. This is going to be the best Blue Moon ball ever.

It has to be. I am the Alpha of Black Rock after all. Bastian Cole is the name. I own the largest territory in the Alliance. I have the largest single pack with 4000 pack members and thanks to both the shifter and human populations, I'm filthy, stinking rich. I can buy and sell anything. Except one thing. The Head Alpha position at the Falcon Ridge Security Unit.

I work at the Unit as the Head of the Prison Department. I've been working my ass off trying to upgrade the prison so the Karver break out never happens again. Honestly though, I'm sick of the job. I want more and I don't care who I step on to get it.

They really do have to give it me. I'm Bastian Cole. The most popular member on the council. My pack ranks top in almost every category, thanks to yours truly. Everyone loves me.

This year I'm hosting the Blue Moon Ball. Normally, we hold it at the Black Rock Amphitheater. We still are, but I won't be there.

Nope, I'll be right here. Mingling and impressing the Alliance dignitaries at my own private Ball. Sure, as Alpha, I should be with the pack, but whatever. This ball will get me that Head Alpha position. Once Fredericks sees how successful I am. He'll practically throw the job at me.

Looking around the unfinished ballroom, I just hope I can get this finished in time. I have 6 months to complete it before the next Blue Moon.

I pour over the blueprints of the 15000 square foot room. I look at my watch and realize I've been in here for almost an hour. Whipping out my phone, I call Nigel. "Where are you?"

"I'm just dropping off the girls. They're pretty pissed."

I scoff. "Get your ass back here." I demand and hang up.

I take one last look around and head for the front door of my packhouse. It's not actually a house. More like a white mansion on a hill. Marble floors, decorated walls. Large windows and doors. The most impressive building in Black Rock. My family built it when they realized humans have more money then shifters.

We cashed in on some outside businesses and because we're so close to the borders of human towns, they come and shop here. We're all very careful to not let our secret slip though. We all benefit from humans not knowing what we are.

When Nigel arrives I jump in the back of the black Buick.

Nigel looks back. "You all ready?"

"Yes. Just drive." I don't even look at him.


I enter the council meeting room before a lot of members arrive.

"Good morning, fellow council members." I bellow, flashing a charming smile around the room while I practically float in feeling real good about myself.

Alpha Andrews is the first to greet me. "Bastian, you're looking well today." He shakes my hand.

"I always look good." I chuckle at him.

He puts his hands in his pockets. "How are things at the prison?"

I hold my chin up. "Excellent. With the tech I had installed, there's no way anyone's breaking out unless I let them out." I wink.

"Well, you better hope so, Bastian. Your upgrades put a lot of pressure on the budget." He warns.

"I know so." I say confidently. "My upgrades are the best money can buy. I don't fool around when it comes to the best." I smirk.

"Indeed." He says. "There's Luke. I'll speak to you later." He taps my arm and heads to Luke who just walked in with his new mate, Alexi Torrent. Who's looking damn edible. If they weren't marked, I'd steal her from the criminal jackass.

I walk around the room and see Fredericks.

"Hello, Alpha." I offer my hand.

"Bastian. Nice to see you again. I don't get enough time in the other departments. How's things?" He smiles taking my hand.

"Things couldn't be more perfect." I smile back. "So, all ready to retire?"

He nods. "Yes. The mate can't wait either." He chuckles.

I stuff my hands in my pockets. "Any idea when the position will become available?"

He tilts his head. "Now, Bastian. There's plenty of time. The competition is stiff so don't get too excited."

"Oh I know. I'm sure you'll choose the best Alpha for the job." I smile.

The best Alpha being me of course.

He nods. "Let's bring this meeting to order."

We all take our seats. Luke Jackson is across from me. This is his first meeting as Alpha of his pack. I'm sure he will bring so many good ideas to the table. Like how to start a bar fight or something. I chuckle to myself.

Fredericks brings the meeting to order.

"First, I'd like to welcome our newest member, Alpha Luke Jackson. This is his first council meeting since his father's passing. I trust everyone will help him get in to speed."

The table mumbles.

Fredericks goes on about his retirement and I grin. I know I got this in the bag.

He then introduces the guy I've seen floating around the room.

Brown hair, brown eyes. He's a real stiff and in a cheap suit. He looks athletic, but he comes off as a pussy. He's also wearing fucking glasses. What shifter needs glasses?

He takes the podium. "Good morning. I am as you heard. Dr. Chase Rennet. I'm a doctor of behavioral science. Criminal behavior to be exact. I specialize in rehabilitation. I come to you today to ask that I be allowed to evaluate the current Dragons in the Falcon Ridge facility."

Mumbles again float through the room.

"As you know, during Draco Torrent's attacks, a lot of members joined him reluctantly. It'll be my job to evaluate them and determine who is best suited for rehabilitation and release into society."

"What?! You're crazy." I protest.

"Order, Alpha Cole." Fredericks warns.

I sit straight up in my chair, glaring at the Doctor. "No. You can't possibly believe these people are innocent."

I watch as he adjusts his glasses and listen as he tries to defend the garbage I have locked in my prison. "Not innocent. Just misguided."

"Oh my God. You can't be considering this." I look around the council table. "These people are insane. You let them out, they'll be chaos in our streets."

Alpha Andrews speaks about how some releases could get back some of the money I spent on the upgrades, but I wasn't entertaining the idea at all.

Fredericks nods. "Agreed. Alpha Coles improvements may have been expensive, but they do hold true to there intent. But we really cant afford to house all these Dragons."

I listen as the doctor speaks. "That's why I'm here. I'll interview and evaluate all the prisoners. I'll report which ones I feel would do well in a rehabilitation program to Alpha Cole. He can make the final decisions."

"Are you in agreement, Alpha Cole?" Fredericks asks.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Jackson smirking. I wish I could smash the look right off his face.

They put it to a vote and everyone agreed to hire the good Doctor. I didn't. I don't like him. There's something off about him and it's bugging the shit out of me.

I agree to meet the doctor and set him up in the prison.

After the rest of the council business is finished, I decide to hang back and mingle bit. Of course, I have to meet with our councils newest Alphas. They're all seated on the couches while their new mates talk with the other Lunas. Honestly, I have no idea how these losers land such drop dead gorgeous women.

After congratulating Luke on his mating I can't help but talk about my ballroom and the Blue Moon Ball.

Of course they're just jealous. None of their packhouses would even compare to mine and they know I have the upper hand in impressing Fredericks.

As they go on about how I should be with my pack, I get a text from Nigel saying the decorator is at the house.

"Well, at any rate. I have an appointment with a highly recommended decorator who should be at the house right now. Wouldn't want to keep the young woman waiting." I clap Luke on the back. "Enjoy your mate." I wink and leave them in the meeting.

Outside, I get to the Buick and Nigel starts the car. "Anton sags she's set up in the ballroom already."

He pulls out into traffic. "Great, I'll pop in, say hello and she what she has for me."

Nigels mouth ticks up. "Anton says she's smoking hot too." He looks at me in the rearview mirror.

I chuckle. "Hmph....maybe I'll more then my money's worth out of this project." I shoot the corner of my mouth up and bounce my brow.


I run up the front steps into the house. I straighten myself up before I turn down the hallway to the ballroom

Instantly my smile fades as 'Blue Monday' by Orgy is blasted out of the room.

What kind of professional is this?

I pop my head in the door and look around the room. Then I see her.

She's in sandels. Cut off Jean shorts a tight white tshirt. Her long chocolate brown hair is in a ponytail.

She sticking paint swatches to a wall and swinging her hips seductively to the music.

Although, I appreciate that those shorts are threatening to reveal her exquisite tight ass, I cannot agree that this is the demeanor of a highly respected and expensive interior decorator. There has to be some mistake.

I walk over to her Bluetooth speaker and turn it off.

She jumps with a start, turning around.

I'm trying to not condone her, but holy shit. I thought the back was sexy. Soft baby like features, tanned skin. Huge doe like brown eyes. I'd see her lips, but there's a large pink bubble from bubble gum in front of them.

I shake my head as her bubble deflates.

"Who the hell are you?" I growl.


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