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Last Hope

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After the events of the year 2854, space colonists have begun replanting humanity's roots amongst the cosmos. Follow Leo Brawns on his first expedition, where he finds space is home to much more than just stars.

Scifi / Thriller
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Mission Log

Terminal on... Message Unread. Read?... Message Corrupted...

Log Start: 13:07

Log Administrator: [CORRUPTED]

Log Title: Dear Reader

Reader, upon listening to this log-you will be subjected to listen to the whole story of Leo Brawns. Please trust everything you read is truthful, as it comes [CORRUPTED] mouth. I write this log in fear I may not return to delete it myself, as I [CORRUPTED] intend to within this record and [CORRUPTED]. Reading this account from Mr. Brawns tends to bring upon feelings of [CORRUPTED]-after reading the side-effects, it is in your best interest [CORRUPTED] this story; as Leo puts it, new hope can only be made after putting one foot in hell to step on the other side of heaven. Good Luck, see you on the other side-reader.


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LiquidGold: Loving this series so much! I just want to keep reading! Onto the next! Thank you so much for sharing! 💕💕💕

gerdagangl: Tolle Szenen, endlich sind sie da gelandet wo sie von Anfang an hin gefiebert haben. Bitte weiter so, ich freue mich schon auf die Fortsetzung

Cyndi: i loved this storyyyyyyyyyyyyVERY EROTIC but wished it had been longerat leasttell more about the main charactersfuture

Connie: I really like how you made it easy to get to know the characters. Even how silly Len is has become end. This is a feel good story so far and I hope it continues.

tracydee3: Love this story so far. Author really draws you in with the 3 brothers. Can’t wait to find out what happens next

Precious Andrew: Wow 👌 👏 such a wonderful engaging story. Winnie, you're good at how you write your stories.Welldone

Mariele: I love it I hope that there will be more chapters or a new book

Maria: It was a really short book, but conveyed all info needed, it was a refreshing read after lots of numerous chapters other had. No need to elaborate, few chapters, fine ending.Loved it.

amullins89: This was just amazing wasn’t expecting that ending its heller cute

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2jlynn: This book started out a bit Rocky. I cringed as I read what Oliver and his pack were doing while "waiting" for their mates. Oliver's drastic change since finding Sabrina has been refreshing... don't know that I could let the past be the past with all of the females being pack members. So eager fo...

rlittle418: I am loving this story and so happy she got s trying with Zion! Beautifully written and I can’t wait for more.❤️❤️❤️

Evelyne: Good amount of adrenaline and romance 🥰

Mariele: Pleas put some more chapters

Sue: Amazing loved it brilliant plot good flow

alejrol21: Es atrapante cada capítulo mejor q otro felicitaciones autora

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