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Weathersfeild, North Carolina has always been a peaceful place with drama hidden under the wraps-but when some of the inhabitants begin acting weirdly. 5 survivors must find a way to save their quiet town before all their towns secrets are blown up from the world to see.

Thriller / Adventure
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A mix of ashen grey rocks and mud flung from the large wheels of the speeding red truck. Inside, the driver was screaming to the lyrics to some song on the radio. As the rain continued to bear down on the cars windshield, the trucker inside began to head bang. Out of nowhere, the driver stopped his head banging and leaned into the passenger’s side.

“Henry Pickle, where tha’ hell is your sorry ass?” A voice practically screamed from the speaker. The driver grew a shade of red as he yelled in response,

“On my way, woman! Aint no damn reason to call your husband screaming!”

“There is when you promised to take Hunter to that house party!” The woman yelled back. A faint sound of crying could be heard on the woman’s end as she softly cusses.

“Well, I’m on my way Debbie. I cant move any faster in this rain, Hun,” Henry replied. The shade in his cheeks simmered down to his normal sun-burnt skin.

“I know, Henry. It’s just-I’m stressin’ because Daisy’s feeling sick after eating those sausages this morning.” Debbie sighed as the sound of a baby crying grew louder.

“I’ll hurry up then-“Henry started.

“Okay, love you dear,” Debbie replied as the line cut. Letting out a sigh of his own, Henry turned back to the road as something darted across the street-colliding with the truck.

“Shit!” Henry yelled, Slamming the breaks with a screech, he jumped out of the truck; nearly slipping on the muddy road. In front of his truck lay a young boy, his short red hair cast a shadow on his face. Not even 18, panicked Henry as he rushed to the boys side. The boys eyes were wide, pale blue irises stared lifelessly into the moon.

“Hey kid, say something-please, “Henry yelled, looking the child over. Blood streaked his clothes and cradled his head- flowing as Henry’s panic rose.

Shit, shit! I have to call the cops! I’ll explain that the kid ran out in the dark! Complete accident! They cant charge me on anything! It was an accident! Henry rose to his feet-rushing to the car door and grasping for his phone that had fallen under the seat. Behind him, the boys body began to convulse as the once ruby red blood that poured out of his skull mixed with an oily black liquid pouring out of his ears, then his eyes and his nose.

“Found ya’!” Henry exclaimed, turning on his phone as a clash of lightning struck in the distance. The sudden burst of light illuminated the second shadow as it lunged.

The phone cast a warning for low battery as Henry’s bloodied body convulsed next to it-foam turning black as he shook. As the shaking stopped, the boy outstretched his hand; clean of any cuts and bruises. Henry gripped his hand in response and led the boy to the truck then climbed into it himself and flipped the radio back on,

“Lie back and dream of me, Red death to set you free-” the radio blasted as the truck continued pleating down the muddy road.

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BlondeCookie: I love a good falling in love with a billionaire book, and this one certainly delivers! The story is amazing and it takes place in the tropics so the descriptions are stunning and you can just imagine yourself in paradise! The writing is perfection and if you don’t read this book you’re missing o...

deborahjeanstephen: Short and steamy, Good read.

Squid: I wasn't sure how this was gonna turn out in the beginning but I really enjoyed the story it was suspenseful and sweet. I don't usually like story's like this with the twist with Ryan but I'm happy it all worked out

leighannreber1: Super I love it

Kervana: Je découvre le site et en regardant un peu les histoires, je suis tombée sur cette petite pépite. L'histoire est captivante et on se laisse emporter facilement dans les aventures d'Ishta. De plus, c'est vraiment bien écrit. J'ai hâte de pouvoir lire la suite.

just_alicia: Very great story. I guess there are others like this but man!! The writing is slow but not too slow. Its fast when it has to .. Its got all you want from a really hot love story. Very well written in such details you can even "feel" when it evolves.Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.

Adiola: Very captivating and unique take on otherworldly lore!

Tonia: I like the storyline so far, waiting 2 weeks or more, not so much. I wouldn't recommend this story to anyone ever since you do not know how to finish it

scarbrough71: 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Weitere Empfehlungen

shae inkster : absolutely loved this story. definitely a part 2!! please i need more of this book asap.

laurieangrove: Love this story waiting for next part feeling incomplete

sweetromance2: Very engaging story. I can't wait to read more.🌹

Bkprice: It’s not her fault the man wouldn’t take no for an answer

diannatait: Just WOW, I absolutely loved this short story 😍 at first I was thinking it would be a tragic ending for both the filly’s 😉 but what a beautiful ending it turned out to be. Had plenty of drama, cliff hangers and erotica for such a short read. You’ve done a brilliant job in putting your story toget...

Aelin: I love this book. It’s funny, sweet, and has me smiling all the time. While the authors writing and gramma/ punctuation could use some work, they do make the story interesting. There is never a boring moment and I always find myself squealing when I read a cute scene about the main character. The...

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