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A New Breed of Werewolf

Werewolves, a subject of many stories dating back hundreds of years. At first glance one may believe this territory has been trodden into the ground, leaving only stereotypes and clichés in its footprints. Thankfully author M. Howalt has come along to unstitch the stereotypes and wove a fresh story into a beloved mythos.

How does she do this? Whereas many writers set their tales around the horror of a man or woman ravaged by lycanthropy—a person who ransacks towns in the dead of night—Howalt centers on something much more important: the human side. Aconitum looks at humanity in an uneasy time, and an unlikely friendship. The genre may draw you in, but you will stay for the wonderfully written characters, vivid world, and addictive storytelling. This is a must read—an overused statement but nevertheless true for fantasy fans.

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