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Twin Tormentors

I enjoyed the story. Perhaps its because I have a penchant for darkly erotic tales... and yes also for non-consensual themes (I am intelligent and know its FANTASY FICTION and also write in this genre). The story moved along at a fast pace and every chapter ensured its "target reader" of something arousing to chew on.

So yes, I found it quite arousing, perhaps perversely so at times, even if the plot seemed to get progressively unbelievable... especially Elise who simply kept on being the victim when she could have done a dozen things to end the torment (before she was abducted and kept prisoner). The story kept me clicking on the "Next Chapter" button and interested to the rather disappointing, abrupt unfinished "hanging-in-the-air ending. A better ending is needed... a twist in the tail, the worm turns...

Just a little issue... there are many spelling errors that could be corrected to add more value to the overall pleasure of the read.

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