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This is one of those rare stories that manages to grab hold of your attention and then refuses to let it go until the very end. The plot is very clever and well thought out, with twists and turns that leave the reader dying to find out more. One particular shock had me screaming, 'NO!' while another had me yelling, 'I knew it!', it's just that kind of story. There are also a lot of strong philosophical elements to the story that make the reader think without ever coming across as too preachy. This is in part thanks to the rich and detailed world which you have created; a world which feels completely authentic.

The characters feel real and are all very interesting and well written, including the antagonists. It really feels like Hector, the main protagonist is going on a journey - physically, emotionally and spiritually - but it never feels forced or cliched.

On a technical level, there are some spelling and grammatical errors and there are some occasional parts, especially early on, that feel a little clunky. But things like that can easily be polished out.

Overall, it is a fantastic story that starts out with an interesting hook and continues to build towards an amazing climax (Oh and what a thrilling last few chapters, it is!) without ever lagging or dragging.

Mystery, monsters and questions of morality - what else could we want?

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