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The Origin of F.O.R.C.E. by Sam B Miller II is a smoothly written science fiction novel that reads in a way that reminds me of watching a good movie. The scenes go all the way from Roswell, New Mexico, to Tibet and Germany. The character descriptions and development are very interesting and you can picture them in your head. The author, Sam B Miller II (spoiler alert) has no problem killing one of his lead characters in one particularly exciting fight scene. I really liked the captured Chrysallaman youngster, Whatsit. Over the years as he grows up with humans, he takes on human emotional traits and even uses popular movie quotes when talking to his human friends and Chrysallaman enemies.
All in all a great read. I highly recommend this story to any age group. I think Sam B Miller II should have also included this book in the genre of Thriller and Suspense novels. Science Fiction is too limiting! A sequel is hinted! I can hardly wait!

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