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Overall I am drawn in by the story, and by how it compels me to read on despite the few grammatical errors i've seen.

I was thrown off by the sudden change from the in-depth look at Brevis to our young heroine Nelumbella, which I think might need a little refining to more gently slide us into her story. Because despite the name I, at first, thought the story would be almost entirely of Brevis. It all clicked after I read on though, and I enjoyed what I've managed to read.

Life has prevented me from entirely finishing it but I do indeed enjoy the tale overall.

I think this is overall a good read because of the high-fantasy setting, and it seems very child friendly from what I've read so far, so that is a plus for families looking for new stories for their children!

If you're a fantasy lover, be sure to give this story a read!

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