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Discovering a love of books at a young age, Ebony now studies Creative Writing in order to pursue her passion for publishing.

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Hi, Just dropping a review to make a request (pretty please?!).
I'd love some short stories from your idea of Fairy Tail.
I found it amazing and I really loved your depictions of our beloved characters.
Would you be willing to write some slice of life things?
Like, Levy and Gajeel actually getting together. When Lucy received her black belt. Intimate moments durng Natsu and Lucy's relationship where Natsu is discovering romance. Gray finally getting with Juvia.
I love your epilogue, but can't help but be curious about the years between defeating Zeref and your

Other than some spelling and grammar mishaps, your writing is great and I really love your take on the Fairy Tail Guild and all our favourite people.

Keep up the great work, this is one of my favourite pieces of fanfiction and I encourage you keep writing :D

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