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A new and refreshing take on werewolf.

💪🏾 Strong lead female character that breaks with many cliches form traditional werewolf stories. The plot is well thought and captivating, making it difficult to put the book down, in my case the IPad. The universe this author had created, even when it holds similarities with other werewolf stories is completely different from any other I have read before. Somehow it’s more realistic in terms of the conflicts it presents. There are clashes with different kinds which I usually find distracting but it was presented in a way I didn’t feel overwhelmed with it all. Even when set in a fictional world, the struggles of the oppressed class are so relatable and realistic. Main character reactions and inner conflicts are on point. I love inner struggles and the way characters process emotions and this book offers plenty of this. This is a great read, great job! 👍🏾

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