Elsa Benedek

In Elsa's Hardcore Erotica, Randy Guys Meet Gorgeous Girls and Everyone Lives Hornily Ever After!

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An erotic, gaming adventure!

This is a charming, fast-paced novel that will appeal to both fans of Minecraft and fans of erotica featuring non-humans.

The main character, Jenny, is likable, has a good sense of humor and is VERY open to new romantic adventures. We follow her along her erotic journey as she acquires a menagerie of pets and other Minecraft creatures that are also her lovers. Other aspects of Minecraft life are given plenty of attention in the book, such as building, exploring new worlds and potion-making.

Two things that might make the book a smoother read? 1) Shorter paragraphs are easier on the reader. 2) There are some “alternate” chapters that do not contribute to the main story. Rather than sticking them in the middle, maybe it would be best to put them at the end as bonus chapters.

All in all, an imaginative, spicy and explicitly fun novel that adds a new dimension to a popular game!

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