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Pulp Syfy Zombified Alien Genius

Beacons is profoundly reminiscent of drive-through pulp science fiction, and I HAD to know how it ended, which earned it a 5-star rating from my nostalgic, Martian-loving heart. It grabbed me from the beginning with its widely varied characters, all bound together by a global phenomenon that starts out creepy and just keeps getting creepier, worthy of a late night Syfy Channel back-to-back double feature premier.

Fellow Syfy nerds, you know what I'm talking about. Yes, I'm looking at you.

True to the genre, the writing style favors pace over character. Are you going to get deep, meaningful commentary on the human condition? No. Are you going to get an epic quest to overcome insurmountable odds and save the world from the depths of evil? Well, kind of... Are you going to get edge-of-your-seat midnight-marathon-worthy zombified body-snatching? Yes. Yes, you are.

Hashtag Syfy. Hashtag nerdlife.

In a nutshell, Beacons reads like the perfect Syfy Channel concept novella. (Sure, the science is a little sketchy here and there, but that didn't stop them from making four Sharknado movies--and making us love them for it.) So if your idea of a fun weekend includes pizza, caffeine, and a 3:00 am screening of SyFy Channel original movies at your favorite SFF convention, don't miss this one. It was written for you.

Okay, fine. It was written for us. Hashtag nerdsrule, people.

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