J'mar Tarafa

Los Angeles

Eidolon Atomic: Worlds Most powerful superhero universe.

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This book is an Atomic bomb of scifi.

This book series is Nebula award nominated.
It was written by one man who isconstantly being harassed by his own family and hollywood for it.
Its suppost to be an action pact superhero novel set in a distopian society that revolves around a few morbid facinations.
The technology is powered by the dead. And the world is in chaos becouse of a myterious cercumstance that saw the old world ended.
The first book is nde to set up a desperate struggle. While the second one builds on the plot a bit more completely.
This is the first Superhero Scifi to be Nebula award Nominated in History.
Its like the avengers- the watchmen, and game if throne's mixed together. And dark, graphic, and heavy to the core.

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