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When I first started this story I was a little unsettled by all of the information that appears in the prologue, and wasn't sure if I would continue. However, I am very glad I did. The plot was very well thought out and really interesting. There were not any page breaks or markers to acknowledge the change of narrator throughout the story, which took some getting used to, but did not detract from the story overall.

One of the things that stood out to me the most about this story was Andra's thoughts and her struggles with the abuse she went through. The mentality that she had from being a slave stayed with her and she didn't just "get over it", as is seen in many other stories. As a reader, we could see her struggles, and how she slowly overcame the mentality that she was worthless. It was a slow process for her, and really allowed the reader to believe her development as a character. By the end I was really rooting for her to see herself the way that Kael (and the reader) saw her. Overall, the writer's ability to get inside the character's head and really let us see how she understands the world was the highlight of this story for me.

I hope you continue to write characters as well developed as Andra, and look forward to your next piece.

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