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Definitely worth a read.

Beacons chronicles the lives of three vastly different and unrelated people during the events of an alien invasion. We have Ben, the conspiracy theorist, Sloan, the no nonsense marine and High School student Jenny. We witness first hand their confusion as the world around slowly shifts into an altogether unfamiliar landscape.

Science Fiction stories are not my usual read, but I found myself quickly drawn into the story, sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next and what exactly all these shady scientists were up to.

Then came the "Oh My God!" moment and I really resented having to go to my day job. Beacons keep me guessing right until the very end. I laughed, I cried, there was a particular moment where I wanted to toss my tablet across the room because I had become so invested in the characters and stayed up well into the wee hours to finish it.

The story just flows and you can't help but be swept along with it. The one and only qualm I had was the the odd misspelling, but overall, a very interesting and enjoyable read. So if your a fan of sci-fi, I definitely recommend giving Beacons a read.

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