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Double Trouble

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Dr. Russo left her town to follow her heart and marry the man she loved leaving behind her friends and loved ones. Throughout the years she learned she should've listened to those who warned her about the man she would marry. What happens when she learned the one she gave her heart to was indeed a monster? Would she able to survive and protect her family? Would her double identity help her hide from the danger lurking?

Action / Romance
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“You can’t be serious about this...what the hell are you thinking?” I continued packing my luggage, ignoring his outburst. The way he kept shouting at me irritated me; It irked me when he treated me like a little girl; he couldn’t see me as the woman I’ve become. I could feel his eyes on me before he released a sigh and ran his hand through his hair. His voice softened, “Bambi… stop this at once and talk to me… you are not being rational right now,” I bite down on my lips, holding back my words as I allow him to vent. It couldn’t be easy for him to see me move out, leaving him alone. But I wasn’t planning on erasing him from my life; I was marrying the man I loved.

I took a picture frame I kept on my nightstand of my family and placed it inside the luggage while his eyes followed me around the room. “You can’t marry that fucking asshole,” he yelled, causing me to turn my body toward him. In contrast, I placed my hand on my hip; the audacity of him calling the man I loved an asshole was the fuse I needed, but turning and looking into his eyes instantly calmed the rage inside me. “I love him, Thumper… why can’t you see that. I don’t understand why can’t you be happy for me. Why can’t you be happy for us.” clenching his fist, he storms toward me; I can see the fury in his eyes, yet I don’t back away; I’m not afraid of him because I know he would never hurt me. I don’t even understand why my favorite person and my boyfriend dislike each other “He’s not good enough for you, Bambi… you deserve so much better… finish medical school, live your life to the fullest, keep racing, do whatever you want but this… you’re too young to be thinking about marriage, especially with a prick like him.” rolling my eyes I turned and continued gathering my things. He will not stop fussing about me eloping to Vegas to marry Tommy, I wanted him to be by my side when I got married, but it was evident he wouldn’t be there for me when he disapproved of us. I placed my jacket inside the luggage before turning to face him again. “Thumper… I’ve made up my mind, just be happy for me. He loves me” I reached up and placed my hand against his cheeks. The way he slapped my hand away stung, but the words that followed stung even more “No!... You walk out of that door, and you can forget about me” He pointed his finger toward the door, and my eyes widened in disbelief. “What!” I yelled, thinking he was overly dramatic. “You heard me.” I stare into his blue eyes, seeing them a little darker than usual; I clench my jaw together before speaking, “Are you seriously making me choose between the man I love and you?” he clenches his fist tightly against his side and nods his head “yes I am… you don’t love him Bambi… You think you’re in love, but you’re too young to know what love is,” he says through gritted teeth” if you walk out of that door you can forget about me… do you understand? If you choose to marry him, you will be dead to me, Bambi, dead… You will no longer exist to me” I tried to be strong, but the tears ran down my cheeks; shaking her head, I swallowed the lump in my throat. “I can’t believe you just said that... you were always supposed to have my back. You are my ride or die, my other half” I choke a sob as I speak and put my hand on my chest; he leans closer, gripping my arm. He shakes his head, lowering his tone again; I can hear the remorse of what he said in his voice. “I will always have your back, Bambi, which is why I’m telling you to stay away from that manwhore” ‘Did he just call Tommy a manwhore?’ I pulled my arms away from his grip and quickly turned to zip my luggage. I didn’t want him to see how much his words affected me, so I easily lifted it off the bed and placed it on the floor. “If I need to choose between him and you, then I choose him… After today consider me dead to you,” I stormed out of the room, dragging my luggage out as fast as I could so he wouldn’t see my hand trembling. “Bambi!” he called after me as I pulled my bags down the stairs without his help. “Bambi!...fuck sake, I’m begging you to stop... don’t be stupid… God damn it… You can’t marry that asshole,” I turn to him, wiping the tears off my face. “Why?... why can’t I marry him? Because you say so?... I’m sorry, Thumper, but you don’t have a say in my life; if you haven’t noticed, I’m an adult... I’ve always listened to you and honored your opinion when I needed advice, but the fact that you could easily turn your back on me hurts. You made your point… After today imagine I died along with them.” I slammed the door behind me while dragging my luggage, stomping toward Tommy’s car. “Ahhhhh!” I heard him yell out, making my heart ache, but his words still hurt, and without looking back, I climbed into the car with Thomas. After fastening my seatbelt, I looked at the door again, hoping he would change his heart and run out after me telling me he was sorry and that, as always, he had my back, but it didn’t happen. Tears slid down my face as Thomas pulled out of the driveway and drove off. My favorite person never came after me, leaving me heartbroken. ‘How could he erase me from his life?’.

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