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The Truth Behind The Mask

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Delilah Duckling sacrificed her life to save the man she loved without thinking how it would affect those she left behind. After years of mourning her death Mason learned that the most feared assassin who had come into his life to protect him was the same girl he never stopped loving. Would Mason be able to survive mourning Delilah again? What will happen when truth and betrayal are revealed?

Action / Romance
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The following story contains explicit language, which may be offensive, as well as adult themes, violence, abuse, and suicidal thought, which may not be suitable for some readers and inappropriate for youths. Therefore, the content in this story is intended for mature readers only.

Some moments will forever mark your life, and then there are moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same. Those moments are divided into two parts, the before and the after.

I was the abused, broken girl everyone knew as the Ugly Duckling until I fell in love with a warrior prince that showed me how to be strong. The love we shared changed my life, and for a moment, I learned how it felt to be loved. But I was left Broken once he left my side, forgetting me. But somehow, I needed this; I needed to lose him to learn to love myself. Leaving the young girl behind, I knew I didn’t need a warrior prince to protect me. I gained enough strength to pull myself out of the darkness and become a fearless assassin.

But destiny had a funny way of playing games with my life putting my path in front of the one I once called my warrior prince. I never imagined crawling out of the grave and living again until my world crashed into his. Then, at his side, I realized I was never alone; I was never forgotten; I was just lost and needed to find my way home to him. But, unfortunately, coming home meant sacrificing my life for his and falling back into the darkness.

But as I said before, destiny had a funny way of playing games with my life.

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